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In the modern days where everything is digitized and centralized, insurance services also have taken a step in providing these services online. As such one of these portals is “”.


The portal offers different functionalities that include

  • creating a new account
  • update the certificates/portfolios
  • insurance details
  • view their account status
  • get a claim form, print of claim form
  • get a copy of your certificate and make changes e.g. making beneficiaries in collateral assignments and absolute assignments.

Services Of provides on stop solution to select and manage your insurance with one click and simplify your life. Here few services are enlisted which we provide:

Manage account info:

You can update your personal information using this option.

Manage your policy or certificate portfolio:

It allows users to search or view for the suitable policies and certificates according to user portfolio. User active insurance policy details can be seen. User can also add new certificates and policies to the user portfolio.

View account status:

Account status provides the user with the one-click access to the insurance information, billing and summary of the account. All the insurance policies even multiple policies against the same users can be seen here on this portal. Account status also allows users to change their billing methods.

Claim Form:

claim form searched through here. The claim form can be filled online and submitted with additional options to take the print of the claim form for future usage.

Policy/Certificate Copy:

For a limited number of policies, users can inquire for the copy of your Policy/Certificate on the portal of ““. You can print the copy of the specified certificate within 24-48 hours.

Make beneficiary and assignment changes: The logged-in user at “” can make some changes in the policy. All users need to do is, fill out the service form online and submit it. Doing so, allow a user to make Beneficiary, Collateral Assignment and Absolute Assignment changes through this feature.

Login in “

insuranceservicenow customer care

To log in and use the services of the”” portal, you need a registered account, if you haven’t made one follow the Registration process at “”. If you are already a member, then proceed with the following steps.

  • Check the connectivity of your device with internet service.
  • Open any browser and go to”
  • On the homepage of the”“, you can see the login button
  • Enter your email in place of user name and password in Password field and Press login.
  • When authenticated information check provided, you directed to the corresponding account at Insurance

Registration on “”

To get started on the”” portal, you need a user account. If you aren’t registered already, you have to go through the following steps to attain a user account.

  • Firstly, ensure device connectivity with internet service provider.
  • Open any browser and go to””
  • On the homepage of the” www.insurancecom”, you can see “First Time User?”.
  • In “First Time User?” block you can see “Register” Button of red color press it.
  • when clicked you’ll be redirected to a new page on this page a form will appear.
  • Fill in the details on the form which are like name (first and last name) address, city, state, zip code, phone number, date of birth, create/confirm password, policy/certificate number, email address and also set up a security question and confirm the answer to protect your account for account verification for security check
  • You need to read the Terms and Condition of the portal and check the agree box to go further.
  • Recheck the information filled in the form
  • Press the “submit” option to confirm your account creation.
  • The account based on the information provided will be created after completing the registration process.

*Note: The email and password filled in the form, required for the login process. So don’t forget either of them.

Main Keywords To Understand at insuranceservicenow:

Policy owner: The one who owns an insurance contract called policyholder or policy owner

Certificate: insurance certificate is a document which provides information related to detailed insurance coverage.

Beneficiary: In the insurance policy beneficiary is a person who receives benefits from insurance policy at the time of its execution.

Assignment: When a policyholder lends policy benefits to an assignee, it is called assignment. It can be a collateral assignment or an absolute assignment.

Collateral assignment: it is a conditional assignment in which if the assignee is unable to pay the debt, the lender can cash in the benefits

Absolute assignment: the unconditional transfer of ownership by the policyholder to the assignee.

Alse Check:


Q: Can I register my insurance policy online?

A: To register policy online click on the login page of the policyholder, being a first time user, first click on register, and follow the instructions to register your policy.

Q: What are my options to pay my insurance premiums?

A: You can pay with your Debit/credit card including visa, MasterCard, American express and discover or can pay directly from your account.

Q: Can I get my billing statement in the mail?

A: Yes, you can get billing details via email. You need to change billing options from customer service feature list.

Q: Can I view my billing statement online?

A: Yes, by clicking E-bill option in the list of customer service features, select view my bill and you can see if you have any due bill.

Q: How can I contact if have any questions regarding my policy?

A: To contact us simply click on the “Contact Us” button. You can email us or fill out the form with your question and send us. Within 24 hours (excluding working days), you will receive a response.

Q: How do beneficiary to my certificate can be changed?

A: You can change the beneficiary by following these steps:

  • Open your account.
  • Choose the certificate in which you want to change the beneficiary.
  • From customer services featured list click form of beneficiary
  • Change selected beneficiary and click on printable or submit an online form.

In both, the cases read thorough and fill the information. If you are submitting online click on submit. In the case of the printable form, you need to mail or fax the copy to the company.



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