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MyMedicalMe [Register, Login, Online Medical Bills]

Time is precious, and in modern days, each second counts for saving a dear life. As such, the need arises to centralize our transaction in the hospital billings. The time that lost during the process of paying off the bill to get started with the treatment, or any related issue. To overcome this, a portal to help with online payment has been introduced. The hassle of paying the bills and due charges have covered with this method.

More About MyMedicalMe

A MyMedicalMe feature doesn’t end there. It provides the management of billing or due charges. It’s easy to pinpoint these functionalities. One of them offers the tracking of billing payment. After the information provided, it is visible on the hospital bill. The payment method can be through online banking, credit cards & debit cards and there is an auto payment feature embedded.

Additionally, we can find the details related to MyMedicalMe. This detail contains contact details, feature, services offered and choices available at the MyMedicalMe portal pay bill payment facility, registration a new account, and logging in to user account at portal performing the task accordingly.

MyMedicalMe Services and Options:

As stated earlier, MyMedicalMe performs more than just as an online payment portal for your hospital and treatment bills. The services provided by the portal can be accessed quickly. The only requirement is that you have already logged in, or know how to get logged in, using your registered account for MyMedicalMe. The services provided by the portal are elaborate below:

Managing Billing Statement:

Billing Statement on electronic devices can easily be viewed. The statement can also be able to get print of it.

Manage charge and payment history:

user can easily find an option to view and search the charge payment. The expense and payment history can also get printed.

Update Insurance information:

Users who have insurance policies can add their insurance plan in there profile to facilitate the bill payment through your insurance policy.

Payment arrangements:

User is given a choice to set a payment plan on the portal with the agreement to pay the amount in different installments depending on the amount on hand at the moment.

Manage Payments:

The bill payments can be paid online through the MyMedicalMe portal for the hospital bill.

Manage Contact Information:

The information on MyMedicalMe for contact information can be updated or Modified for contact information for billing contact.

Manage Notification:

Notification feature is added in the MyMedicalMe to work as a reminder to keep you aware of the due amount so that you not be delayed in paying.

Auto-debit Payment Method:

This feature of MyMedicalMe provides the user with the benefit of automatically paying the payments. For this process, credit or debit card is linked to the MyMedicalMe account and set to auto-debit payment facility. The fee deducted will be proportional to the amount of billing we have to pay for the hospital bill.

“” Registration

  • To fully utilize the MyMedicalMe portal, we need to create the account for MyMedicalMe. The account creation consists of the following steps.
  • You must have functional internet access with your device connected to it.
  • Go to the link using any browser you have on your device.
  • Select the “Register” button, which can be found on the homepage next to the “New to MyMedicalMe?”
  • It will redirect you to the page of registration.
  • At the registration page, you will be needed to fill the form with information like the name (first and last), last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth, last digit of registered mobile phone number and ID number.
  • This information needs to be filled according to your bill statement or receipt.
  • Press “Validate” you will be redirected to the profile creation page once the information provided is authentication.
  • Fill the personal details on the profile creation page with checking the portal’s terms & conditions.
  • Then click on the “Submit” or “Register” option to complete the process of registering your account.

Log in Processes for MyMedicalMe:

MymedicalMe login

Following steps are needed to login to MyMedicalMe.

  • You must have internet access with your device connected to it.
  • Go to the link using any browser you have on your device.
  • Enter username and password which requires to be entering carefully.
  • Then process log in button.
  • After authentication, you will be redirected, and all the functionalities of MyMedicalMe portal will be unlocked.

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Q: what is MyMedicalMe?

A: MyMedicalMe is an online payment service provider for hospital billing payments.

Q: how you can recover username on MyMedicalMe?

A: User name on MyMedicalMe can recover by calling on the Helpline service provided by MyMedicalMe. The helpline service number is 1-866-770-2116.

Q Can we get additional information from MyMedicalMe helpline except recovering user name?

A: Yes, you can get contacted to the associate with MyMedicalMe through Helpline Contact number.

Q: Is MyMedicalMe portal secure?

A: Yes, MyMedicalMe portal is encrypted to handle the transaction sensitive data. It prevents the miss-use of the transaction data related to payments.

Q: What payment options I have to pay me medical bills?

A: You can pay through either credit or debit card online which can be MasterCard, Visa Card etc. You can also take the bill receipt and make payment with cash.

Q: What services are there on MyMedicalMe accept payments?

A: MyMedicalMe provides many other features except billing payment. The features on the portal of MyMedicalMe are view, print your charge and payment history, add or update insurance information, set up payment arrangements, make a paymentedit your contact information, edit your notification preferences and add, update, or change auto-debit payment methods which can be accessed by registered users only by logging on to their accounts.

Q: How automatic payment works on MyMedicalMe portal?

A: Automatic payments method of online payment on MyMedicalMe, by saving user credit, debit card details. Saving this info and enabling auto-debit, allowing the system to deduct the appropriate billing amount directly from their account whenever required based on the billing amounts.


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