YouTube 500 Internal server error [Solved]

In this article, I am going to solve the issue of YouTube 500 Internal server error. So please read the article till the end. This article is going to be very interesting and helpful for you. I also tell you that how you can finish or fix YouTube Internal server error. You must see this error in your daily life on your YouTube main page.

Many of the YouTube users face the 500 Internal server error for one or two hours, which stop YouTube users from accessing their favorite videos of games, technology, news update or other countries news, etc. In fact, users get annoyed by this error and they start tweeting about 500 Internal server error at a rate of two tweets in a minute. All are asking about 500 Internal server error.

Some experts say that this error occurred once because YouTube was trying to implement some new security features to stop privacy and threats to the sites.

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YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

The 500 Internal server error which annoys the YouTube users, is a general response error which appears when any request thrown off the server is not being able to find its right path or not able to perform the particular task. When the root occurs for the problem cannot be identified.

The Web server (running the website) unexpected condition that prevented it from full filling the request by the client e.g. your website browser for access to the requested URL.

This is a “catch-all” error generated by the Web server. The server is not more specific about the error condition in its response to the client, In addition to the 500 error notified back to the client, the Web server can generate some kind of internal error log which gives more detail of what went wrong. Operators of the Web server site can locate and analyze these logs.

What is meant by YouTube 500 Internal server error?

Now I am telling you the meaning of the YouTube 500 Internal server. If you happen to experience the YouTube 500 Internal server error while you are trying to play your favorite YouTube videos, if your video is not working or opening then there is no need to worry.

If you think that problem or issue is with your computer, perhaps or with your Internet connection, then you are absolutely wrong. The problem is not with your computer, perhaps an Internet connection. Actually, this error appears on the server-side of YouTube and its hosting servers.

In most of the cases, it might occur because their servers are being hacked. In this case, you can not do anything. The only one thing you can do is wait for the YouTube team to fix this error.

Hundreds of thousands of YouTube users experience or face the same problem, and they also reported this issue on the YouTube support team in hopes for an positive answer. Another way, that you can also perform some quick fixes by yourself before you even proceed to send a ticket to their customer support.

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How to Fix YouTube 500 Internal server error

Now I am talking about how you can fix this error. I am telling you the best 6 methods to fix YouTube 500 Internal server error.

  1. Patiently wait for the YouTube team to fix it.
  2. Try to refresh YouTube
  3. Clear your cache or browsing history
  4. Contact YouTube support group

Patiently wait for the YouTube team to fix it

If you have encountered a YouTube 500 Internal server error while watching your favorite videos or shows on YouTube, you can receive a message stating that they are already sorting out the problem and looking for a fix.

If you have seen and experienced this error, one thing that you need to perform is to wait for a few seconds or even a minute. After waiting, try to re-open the YouTube sites as what iMobie recommended. In this case, you will have to leave it to the YouTube team to locate, analyze, and fix the error quickly.

Try to refresh the YouTube

In many cases, the error might only last temporarily. In this scenario, refreshing the YouTube page will help as suggested by Driver Easy. Here’s how:

  • Press either f5 or CTRL+f5 on your keyboard.
  • Another option, you could also click the refresh icon which is situated on the top left corner of your browsers right next to YouTube’s website address to attempt to re-load it.
  • In last, you also try clicking the Back/forward buttons. So, you can hopefully get rid of the YouTube 500 Internal server error.

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Clear your cache or browsing history

This method is very depending on the browser that you are using. In this method, we are covering Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. This method is provided by the user in the Quora community, includes the following steps:

On Google Chrome:
  • Click settings.
  • Now go to advanced settings.
  • Go to the clear browsing data.
  • Check and clear the all browsing histories, cookies, other sites, and plugins, save passwords, cached images, and files.
  • After that, go back to the YouTube website and see if the problem is fixed or not
On firefox:
  • First Go to the Firefox settings.
  • Go to the clear private data section.
  • Go to cookies/cache
  • Press the Clear Private Data button.
  • Press OK
  • Now go back to YouTube and try to revisit it.
On Microsoft edge:
  • Go to settings
  • Head to the clear data browsing section then click the “choose what to do clear” option.
  • In here, you can choose which you want to delete. The most important ones include the browsing history, cookies cache, and your recently closed tabs. To choose, simply click the checkbox right next to each of them.

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Contact YouTube Support Group

If you have tried all the above methods and 500 error is not fixing. Then please follow this method. I hope that this method will solve the YouTube 500 Internal server error. This method is contact with YouTube support group. You can contact them with via phone at 1(650)253-0000. You can also connect to via their YouTube, Facebook or Twitter pages. I hope after following this method your problem is solved







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