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How to Install a Nest Thermostat?


Smart home devices gadgets that enable you to control your home appliances through the internet, and it can’t be represented better than a nest thermostat. A Nest thermostat is a great tool to have; it not only adjust your home temperature from your phone but also saves money from your utility expenses. The device will not cool or heat your home when you aren’t at home.

How to Install a Nest Thermostat
How to Install a Nest Thermostat

In this article, we will know how it works, and how you can install a nest thermostat at your home.

How Does a Nest Thermostat Works?

How Does a Nest Thermostat Works
How Does a Nest Thermostat Works

The household temperature setting has long been a source of discussion between cohabitators and recycles air between the rooms make up the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for your home.

You control it through a nest thermostat, and all you have to do is to select your heating and cooling options and to set it as per your preferences. The nest thermostat takes care of the other things, switching systems off and on based on the temperature it detects in the room.

A nest thermostat goes beyond this straightforward temperature detection to make an impact in an HVAC energy consumption.

May thermostat depends wholly on you to set the temperature. Though in the last few years, manufactures have designed programmable thermostats that can assist in saving energy. These types of thermostats enable you to program certain temperatures for certain times of a day, as well as let you control the temperature when you aren’t at home.

However, because of the complexity of these thermostats, the majority of people don’t always program them correctly, which can negate most of their energy-saving features.

The nest thermostat focused on solving this issue. It programs itself by observing your behavior patterns and desired temperatures for particular times and days during a week, and then build a schedule for HVAC.

Nest Thermostat Features

Nest Thermostat Features
Nest Thermostat Features

Some of its best features include;

  • Use sunblock
  • You can control it with your voice
  • Save money with airwave
  • Turn auto-scheduling off
  • Control humidity

How to Install a Nest Thermostat?

How to Install a Nest Thermostat
How to Install a Nest Thermostat

Installing a nest thermostat is not as easy as you think, as well as not as hard as you think. However, it can be straightforward by following the easy and quick steps that we will mention below. Before installing, you will need a screwdriver to remove the wires from your old thermostat.

First of all, ensure that your system can work with nest thermostat. You can check this by using the nest’s Compatibility Checker. The nest thermostat can function with standard HVAC systems and cannot work with high-voltage systems.

  • Turn off the power of your HVAC system:

Look for the circuit breaker and switch it off. It is essential because you need to protect both yourself and your system. If possible, then turn off the main power at the breaker box.

  • Label the wires leading into your previous thermostat

Each wire popping out of the wall should go into a particular labeled port on your previous thermostat. Attach the blue stickers in the nest thermostat installation guide to the corresponding wire. Sometimes the cables themselves will be using color-coding as stated earlier; a nest thermostat will not work if it is labeled 110V to 240V and has thick wires. It means you have a high voltage and do not connect these wire to nest thermostat.

  • Remove your previous thermostat.

Be careful while removing the wires leading from the wall into the nest thermostat and then remove the device from the wall using a screwdriver.

  • Setting the position of the nest thermostat by marking.

Thread wires through the center of the base plate of the nest and use the tiny bubble level to ensure that the nest thermostat is leveled. Use a pencil and mark the two screw holes.

  • Installing trim plate

It is not necessary, but if you want to cover the screw holes from your previous thermostat, then attach the trim plate in the bottom of the nest box and to the base plate.

  • Attach the nest thermostat base to the wall

To attach the nest thermostat to the wall, you can use the screwdriver and screws to locate the base to the wall. Before tightening the screws, use the level to ensure that the base is leveled.

  • Connecting wire to the nest thermostat

Place the labeled wires into the corresponding ports on the Nest thermostat. A little tab will depress the cord after it has been appropriately placed.

  • Attaching nest thermostat display

Align the small rectangular connectors on the backside of the display with the port on the base plate.

  • Turning the power back on

Switch the circuit breaker to the on point.

  • Connecting nest thermostat to the Wi-fi network

Follow the steps on the nest thermostat display to find a wireless network and type the password to connect to it.

  • Follow on-screen installation instructions.

These additional instructions will ensure that the nest thermostat firmware is updated, and you are connected to the wires right, as well as enables the nest thermostat to figure out the type of power used for heating system, and where it is located.

  • Adjusting the temperature

Adjust the temperature according to your preferences by turning it when you are not at home.

  • Downloading the nest thermostat mobile app

Nest thermostat mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, which will enable you to control and monitor the nest remotely.

After a few days, the nest thermostat will automatically learn your behavior and automatically adjust the temperature regardless of you are at home or not. You can switch it off and on remotely or locally by using its app.

  • Connecting nest thermostat to other smart devices

The nest thermostat can work with a range of smart devices and home products, ranging from smart hubs, including Samsung SmartThings and Wink to Logitech Harmony remote control to Google Home and Amazon Alexa, as well as to smart locks.


Nest thermostat is a smart thermostat, which depends on a Wi-fi connection to achieve its full functionality. It is the best accessory to save energy, save your money, and control your home temperature both locally and remotely or adjust it to auto-schedule.

Since it is a smart thermostat, it will observe your behavior for a few days, and then it will automatically set the temperatures of your home in a day. You don’t need to worry about adjusting its temperature over and over again.

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Some most aksed questions by multiple users are given below;

Q: Do I have to pay a monthly fee for my Nest thermostat?

Ans: No, there is no monthly fee for a Nest thermostat. You can enjoy its comfort and core energy-saving features for free.

Q: Is nest thermostat worth it?

Ans: Nest thermostat has the ability to program itself, and its smart home compatibility makes it one of the best thermostats you can buy, and its price is worth the investment.


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