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Best Travel Apps for Europe That You Should Download


Nowadays, smartphones sitting in our pockets have become our own travel agents. From finding flights to accessing translations to find the best food places, they have become a one-stop destination for everything we search for. Through the utilization of various useful apps out there, we can comfortably plan our trips all around the world like a pro.

Although the usefulness of an app might be regional, as a brilliant app to plan our trip to Australia, it might not be as effective in Europe. When planning a trip for Europe, you are encountered with a range of transportation options, languages, hotel options, currency conversion, etc.

Best Travel Apps for Europe
Best Travel Apps for Europe

So it is essential to know what apps are best to help you with your trip to enjoy a smooth travel experience. If you are planning a trip to Europe. Below, we have bucketed some of the best travel apps for Europe that you can use and enjoy your trip.

Trip Case

Trip Case
Trip Case

Trip Case is one of the best travel apps for Europe. The app allows its users to comfortably plan and organize all of their trip details in one place. Users can easily link their flights, cars, hotel booking, and much more and then view them all in one itinerary in the app.

Users can view airline maps and get access to helpful contact directory. The app also sends alerts to users through sending notifications, such as flight schedules, gate changes, and more. Users can also search for alternative flights if they change their plan and can see real-time seat availability.

Moreover, users can also get directions to their accommodation after they arrive at their destination, as well as can book a ride directly from the app. Another great function of the app is that when you share your trip with others, the app keeps them updated on your behalf. Some of its best features include;

  • Manage flight itineraries, rental car reservations, and hotel bookings
  • Airport terminal and gate information
  • Get notified for flight changes on your smartwatch, phone, or tablet.
  • Best for frequent fliers and business travelers

Omio – GoEuro

Omio – GoEuro
Omio – GoEuro

Omio is another best travel app for Europe and was formerly known as GoEuro. The app is a well-recognized travel app designed to help travelers explore Europe without any worries. The app can be used for flight bookings, train, or bus for any destination all around Europe. If you are planning a trip to Europe on a backpacker’s budget, then Omio is an excellent option for you.

Once you have purchased your tickets, you can discover your route on your smartphone, web, or through the app. Omio’s real-time comparison gives its users direct access to about 600 trains, flight partners, and buses, as well as they can compare all three modes of transportation next to one another to find an affordable and quickest journey.

Additionally, the app allows its users to instantly compare numerous routes for flights, trains, and buses anywhere in Europe. Users can select the best route in just a few clicks according to their preferences, get the best price, and have their paperless e-tickets available within the app without using an internet connection.

The app is especially handy for those who want to contemplate the convenience of a flight over the cost of the ticket for a train or bus. Some of its best features include;

  • Easily book flights, train, or bus
  • Discover best routes
  • Get price comparisons
  • Paperless e-tickets without internet

Flix Bus

Flix Bus
Flix Bus

Flix Buse is a german bus firm and well recognized all across Europe for having direct and affordable bus fares than any other bus company. Users can use the app to track busses in real-time and know precisely what time they will arrive and what the stops will be prior to arriving at their final destination.

It also notifies users through sending texts and emails, if any, delays. The app is currently operating in 29 countries and recently launches the Flix Train offering train passes for 10 Euros. Some of its best features include;

  • Lane departure warning system
  • Extra comfortable seating
  • The advanced emergency braking system
  • USB charging ports.

Free Now – My Taxi

Free Now – My Taxi
Free Now – My Taxi

Probably it is the largest taxi app in Europe, which has a network of about 45,000 taxis around forty cities. It is the first taxi service that enables you to book, pay for, and rate a cab.

Users can straightforwardly book a taxi via the app, add payment method through PayPal or credit card, and pay for your trip with the app, arrive in real-time and on the map, as well as get notified when your car arrives at your location.

If you think the drive was good and you enjoy your ride, save their name as a regular driver, and they will be displayed at the top of the list when next time you book a ride. The app is useful for businesses as it allows employees to book a ride without paying themselves. The app will send a single bill to the company for all the journeys once a month.

Moreover, the app equipping affiliated taxis with tablets that enables passengers to view the latest news and weather forecasts during the ride. Some of its best features include;

  • Book on the spot and get picked from the current or any other location
  • Choose the taxi as per your preferences, such as with extra seats and wheelchair access
  • Track your ride until it arrives
  • Pay within the app

BlaBla Car

BlaBla Car
BlaBla Car

Another best travel app for Europe is BlaBla Car, which is suitable for both long and short distance travel. The service operates across Europe and saves travelers money by paying only the cost of travel. The majority of drivers use BlaBla Car to provide free space in their car in exchange for help with the cost of gas, which makes it an excellent environment-friendly way to travel.

Sometimes users find a ride cheaper than a train ticket or bus. Additionally, there are other travelers in the same car, and it is an excellent opportunity to meet other people sharing your interests and make new friends while traveling. Another useful function of the app is that if you can’t find a perfect ride, you can set an alert to get notified as soon as there’s a route that is according to your preferences.

Some of its best features include;

  • Carpooling
  • Find the nearest rides
  • Request a seat or book a seat
  • Decide who can go with you
  • Organize your next gateway in advance

Culture Trip

Culture Trip
Culture Trip

Yet another best travel app for Europe is Culture Trip. The app is like a travel adviser on steroids. The app gives its users top recommendations when it comes to their destination’s attractions and food places along with information regarding its music, art, history, and much more.

Users can explore articles concentration on their destination written by locals. Users can also bookmark posts they want to come back to and share stories with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Culture Trip covers multiple locations all over the world. It caters to the individual users, viewing recommendations based on personal preferences and recognizes your current location to give you inspiration for what can be experienced. Some of its best features include;

  • Go from inspiration to planning to book all in one spot
  • Book handpicked hotels
  • Inspiration on the go
  • Local tips for authentic trips
  • Access travel guides and articles offline
  • Share trip experience through social media

The Fork

The Fork
The Fork

The Fork is one of the best travel apps for Europe for food lovers, which allows them to search from about 40,000 food places to find the European dish you eager to want to try. Users can read restaurant reviews, browse menus, be tempted by mouth-watering photos, and find directions to their chosen food place.

The app allows its users to book a food place for free and send their booking confirmations by text and email. Users can get the benefit of a loyalty program and discounts of up to 50% at chosen food places, including a 10 Euro discount after the first booking with the app.

Some of its best features include;

  • Discount on the meal
  • Book your table for free
  • Enjoy exclusive offers discount up to 50 percent
  • Find the best food places around you


Europe is one of the top travel destinations in the world, and if you are planning a trip to Europ, above are some of the best travel apps for Europe that can help you through your trip, and you can make your trip more memorable. These apps will help you to find the cheapest rides to roam around, find the best places, book cheapest and best-routed flights, and much more.

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Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Which is the best transportation in Europe?

Ans: Some of the best transportation app in Europe include FlixBus, BlaBlaCar, Dudget Airline, etc.

Q: Which is the best country to pay visit in Europe?

Ans: Europe is one of the top travel destinations, and some of the best travel places include Florence, Italy, Barcelona, Italy, Rome, Italy, etc.


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