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Best Spelling Apps for Android and iOS


When you are writing a relevant text or email, you need to ensure that you are spelling the words right. Spelling is a learned activity that requires both formal and informal practice and teaching. It is also useful to learn a language and help you to figure out your mistakes right away and correct them.

You may pick the oral part of a language relatively quickly, but when we talk about how to spell, write, and read, things get a bit slower and require much more attention and careful practice. The extensive range of web technologies and mobile apps has incredibly facilitated language learning.

Best Spelling Apps for Android and iOS
Best Spelling Apps for Android and iOS

You can now learn a language from your home without paying any money. However, below we will focus on one of the language learning aspect spelling. We have created some of the best spelling apps for android and iOS devices to use with students, kids, and anyone else keen on learning and enhancing their spelling abilities.

These apps will provide you guided practice, lessons, engaging games, puzzles, quizzes, and much more to make your spelling learning fun and a pleasant task. We are inviting you to check out these apps and share your suggestions with us to add to the list.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard
Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard is one of the best spelling apps for Android and iOS that you can have as your assistant in writing text. One of the great benefits of this app is that if you install an extra extension, it can function with any app on your smartphone.

The app will check the text that you have written, whether it be your social media messages, articles, and various other things. The app icon will show in the text window of your smartphone device when you start typing text. It will instantly emphasize the errors that it will find in your written text.

Grammarly app icon is in the shape of a circle located in the text box and will underline a word red if an error is found. Once you complete your text, you can click on any selected part of the text and can learn about why it marked the word as an error. The app also suggests better words that you can use in your text and make your text more transparent and easily readable.


Some of its best features include;

  • Sophisticated grammar checker
  • Contextual grammar checker
  • Advanced punctuation
  • Convenient and fast
  • Get short and clear explanations for each error
  • Dark and light themes
  • Personal dictionary
  • Available on Android, iOS, and desktops

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant
WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant

Another best spelling apps for Android and iOS is WhiteSmoke, which will allow its users to check the quality of their text for uniqueness and spelling errors. The source is being utilized by representatives of numerous professions to make high-quality content.

The verification time of WhiteSmoke depends on the length of the text, and after the error check process completed, it will display the errors that it found in another window. Similarly to Grammarly, it will also underline the misspelled words with a red underline, and when a user clicks on the world that is emphasized as red, the app will suggest correcting it.

Moreover, the app also checks punctuation and follow the vocabulary and the logic of a created text. The app can be installed on smartphones and can be used on social media while typing messages. It features a simple algorithm, and the check of the text performed instantly. At the end of your text, it will detect all the errors and highlight them. A user can see those errors detail by clicking on them, as well as with the options of replacement.


Some of its best features include;

  • Check grammar text, spelling, and sentence structure
  • Suggested corrections to apply them to the text
  • Writing style suggestions to make the text more clear
  • Can be used on social media platforms
  • Available on Android, iOS, and desktop devices

AI.Type Keyboard

AI.Type Keyboard
AI.Type Keyboard

Another one of the best spelling apps is AI. Type Keyboard, which has a whole lot of functions. Among various other features, the app includes an in-built module to check the literacy of the text. The app includes an automatic highlighting feature of detected errors, which allows users to correct them straight away and make adjustments in the typed text.

Similar to Grammarly and WhiteSmoke apps, this also underlines the detected errors with a red underline, while grammatical errors with a green underline. Upon clicking on the detected errors, users can see the details of errors.

Another best functionality of the app is that you can add your personal dictionary as well and add words to it. After that, the app will not detect your added words as an error. Users also have an option to skip a sentence or a particular word if it is repeated. You can customize the auto-replace as per your preferences, and the app will automatically adjust errors in a text as per the selected parameters.


Some of its best features include;

  • Design keyboard layout, colors, change themes, and emojis
  • Auto-correction and next-word prediction
  • Suggested emojis
  • Voice narration
  • On-keyboard search
  • Available on Android, iOS, and desktop devices.

Speller English Pronunciation

Speller English Pronunciation
Speller English Pronunciation

Speller English Pronunciation is another best spelling apps, and because of its multi-platform functionality, it can be used on any device. The app is basically a keyboard that supports multiple languages, as well as a separate contextual proofreader is attached to it, which makes it easy to switch between the two components smoothly.

Speller English Pronunciation utilizes revolutionary technology to highlight errors and correct them right away. Users can also improve the structure of a sentence and the tool known as Paraphrasing Sentences used for it. It also offers deep reworking and depends on its users to decide whether they want them or not.

The app’s in-built translator can support up to forty languages using an internet connection. The dictionary of the app is fun, and you can learn the meanings of the words and can find synonyms and antonyms. These features assist you in improving your vocabulary and enhancing your written language by preventing repetitions.


Some of its best features include;

  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Tap the speaker option
  • Hear a word instantly
  • Minimal battery consumption
  • Tiny size app
  • Synonyms, antonyms, and meanings of the words
  • Punctuation and spelling
  • Available on Android and iOS devices

Spelling Grammar Checker

Spelling Grammar Checker
Spelling Grammar Checker

Another best spelling app is spelling Grammar Checker, which is a multi-functioned app and proved itself a convenient tool. Users can use the app by registering themselves using a social media account. After the registration process is completed, the app will offer them multiple authorization options.

A great functionality of the app is that you can not only check the spelling but also translate a sentence in other languages. After the detecting is completed, the app offers suggestions for the detected errors.

The app offers excellent functionality with simplicity. The text should be typed in one of its tabs that include Beauty, Literacy, and Quality.

After the typing is completed, you can start the checking, and when the checking is completed, it will display all the detected errors with the suggestion options. The app will highlight all the errors, including punctuation, spelling, and grammar, in multiple colors.


Some of its best features include;

  • Simple to use and easy to understand
  • Multi-functionality
  • Translate a sentence in another language
  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar check
  • Available for Android and iOS devices


Spelling grammar is the most crucial part when you are typing a text or letter because it provides essential information that helps the readers comprehension. Grammar describes the structure and forms of words and how they are arranged in syntax. It also provides the rules for the general use of writing and speaking so we can more clearly understand each other.

Above are some of the best selling apps that can be used on both Android and iOS devices and make your text or messages more clear. These apps help you to learn new words, punctuation and improve your vocabulary as well. Most of these apps are free, and you can experience them before deciding whether you want to buy a full version.

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Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Which is the best spelling app?

Ans: Some of the best spelling apps that are highly recommended include Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, and Spell Checker.

Q: How can you improve your spelling in middle school?

Ans: One of the best ways to improve middle grades students spelling skills is to provide direct and explicit spelling instruction.


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