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11 Best Crossword Apps for Android and iOS


Nowadays, every single person owns a smartphone and many of them spend their time using many different apps and games. There are plenty of apps available for iOS and android that contain a logic in them which helps you to train your memory and increase your intelligence. You can use these applications on your mobile phone or tablet. Some of these apps are online while some are for offline use.

Crossword games and applications are among those apps which help you to increase your intelligence up to a certain level. In this article, we will discuss some of the best crossword games and applications for Android as well as iOS users. By playing crossword games you can increase your word power. These games can be played easily on a smartphone.

Best Crossword Apps for Android and iOS

Crossword apps help you to create crosswords from different topics of your choice and you can solve them easily. Also, you can select the difficulty level of these apps. It is up to you if you select easy or hard mode. So, if you want to improve your word power than these games are the best option for you. Following is a list of some best crossword apps that you should give a chance.

1. Little Crossword Puzzles

Little Crossword Puzzles is commonly known as a 5-minute crossword puzzle. If you don’t have much time to play a large crossword puzzle then you can give a try to this game. Little Crossword Puzzles was developed by second gear games. This game contains a large selection of puzzles so that you can choose any of them.


  • This game comes with difficulty levels ranging from easy, medium, and hard.
  • This game also supports three languages that are English, French, and Russian.
  • One of the best features of Little Crossword Puzzles is that it provides a skip option in case if you are not able to solve the puzzle.

Compatible Devices: This app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

2. Shortyz Crosswords

If you are a fan of newspaper crosswords then this game will prove as a perfect choice for you. Shortyz crosswords keep a record of crosswords published in the major US publications and it sets them up in a digital-friendly format.

All the current day’s crosswords are downloaded automatically whenever you open the app, thus offering you a better selection of word puzzles to choose from. You are allowed to go back and download crosswords from the past as well. This game makes a great daily source of crosswords to play in your free time.

Compatible Devices: This game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

3. Fill-in Crossword

This crossword app is a bit different from others. In this game, you will be provided directly with a word instead of a clue. A list will be given and you have to choose a word from the list available, rather than picking up a letter in order to complete a specific word. That is why this game is somehow different from typical crossword apps.

There are four types of difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert). You can choose anyone from them according to your ease.

Compatible Devices: You can play this game on Android and iOS devices.

4. New York Times Crossword

New York Times crossword is one of the most famous and best-known crossword games available for iOS and Android users developed by The New York Times Company. This game is available for free use and also you can buy a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you buy a monthly subscription then you will get unlimited access to puzzles on your mobile phone anywhere anytime. This game is a popular offline game app.

Compatible Devices: You can play New York Times Crossword on both iOS and Android devices.

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5. Cody Cross

This app contains a user-friendly interface that will surely grab your attention. When you open this game for the first time then you will be provided with an informative tutorial based on how you can play this game. The graphics of this game are very attractive and they will enrich your experience for sure.

There are various topics available for the puzzle, like Great Inventions, Ancient Greece, Fashion Items, Famous Rulers, Classic Literature, Philosophy, and other outdoor activities. You can select any category that matches your interest.

Though this app is free and it contains a countless number of puzzles in Adventure free mode. But, there is a monthly based subscription too that grants access to other special adventures. You can save your progress in all devices by connecting the game to your Facebook account.

Compatible Devices: You can play this game on Android and iOS devices.

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6. Codeword Unlimited

The main difference between Codeword and other crossword apps is that there will be no clue provided in this game. You will have to find out the correct answer with the help of a few initial words provided. Codeword Unlimited was developed by Havos and is available in 26 different languages. Till now, this game has maintained a 5-stars rating.


  • This app contains a huge number of codewords.
  • Players are allowed to specify the size of the puzzle from 3 to 20 rows and columns.
  • You can also select the level of difficulty.
  • Early learner mode is designed for children.
  • There are a total of 9 levels of difficulty.

Compatible Devices: Codeword Unlimited is available for iOS devices only.

7. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is an engaging and newly emerging modern game for Android and iOS device users. It is quite simple to play this game. You start with different and advanced challenging stages to play on your smartphone.

This game has the best combination of word searching and crosswords that enables its users to enjoy the word puzzle on their mobile phones. This game contains more than 3700 crossword puzzles which are provided by the makers of word chums, MixTwo, and spell blits. You can play this game online on your mobile phone.

Compatible Devices: This game is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

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8. Crossword Jewels

Crossword Jewels is another good choice for you. While playing this game you must have to search for the patterns among the letters in order to find out the hidden words. Besides, crossword puzzles this app also.offers you to play cryptogram. In this app, you will be provided with 100,000 crosswords.

Compatible Devices: This game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

I hope that you will find this article helpful in killing your idle time. Don’t forget to drop your questions and suggestions in the comments.


Q1. What are the best crossword apps for Android and iOS?

A1. Some of the best crossword apps for Android and iOS include The New York Times Crossword, Crosswords With Friends, Word Connect, Word Crossy, and Word Cookies.

Q2. Are there any free crossword apps available?

A2. Yes, many crossword apps are available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. Some popular free options include Crosswords With Friends, Word Connect, and Word Crossy.

Q3. Can you play crossword apps offline?

A3. Yes, many crossword apps offer offline play options. Some examples include The New York Times Crossword, Word Connect, and Word Cookies.

Q4. Do crossword apps provide hints or cheats?

A4. Yes, most crossword apps provide hints or cheats for users who may be stuck on a particular clue. However, these features may require a subscription or in-app purchase.

Q5. Can I create my own crossword puzzles in these apps?

A5. Yes, many crossword apps allow users to create and share their own puzzles. Some examples include Crosswords With Friends and Word Connect.


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