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[Quick Method] Download Youtube Videos on Computer Free

Sometimes, you want to save your favorite youtube videos from being downloaded so that you can watch them later on, or you can share them with friends even when there is no internet access. But the issue is you cant download youtube videos by default because Google doesn’t allow the video downloading from youtube. So the question is raised that how can you download youtube videos easily without having any trouble with your computer or device?

Downloading YouTube videos on your computer has never been easier. With the quick method we’re about to show you, you can download any YouTube video for free in just a few clicks. You can  install  software or use any online video downloader. You need not worry about this because there is always a solution to the problem.

How to Download Youtube Videos to Your Computer. Easily!

Paid Tools for Downloading

There are apps like All my Tube, which allows you to access youtube and lets you download some videos as a demo in the free version. This app gives an option of a paid version that you can upgrade as pro version having all the functions unlocked. It can download any media available on youtube once you upgrade it to the pro.

Free Tools for Downloading

There are several online tools available as free for downloading youtube media over both windows as well as android systems too. For windows following are the tools

  1. YTD downloader: Free Youtube Downloader

YTD downloader: Free Youtube Downloader

It is one of the quickest downloaders with a straightforward interface to use for downloading videos from youtube. Even if you are new to computer use, you can understand its functions and can download the videos very easily. It requires a youtube media URL which you copy and pastes in the URL section of YTD downloader. It also provides a convert option that lets you convert the video type either to other formats or in mp3 as well. And, keeps a record of your downloads and recent activities just in case, if you want to access those links again later on. You simply have to select the drive where you want the media to be downloaded and paste the URL and press the download button. Wait for it to download, and it is done.

  1. VLC media player: Free Downloader

VLC media player: Free Downloader

It is also an open-source tool for video downloading and playing those videos. It is a bit tricky but not hard to use to download videos from youtube. You can follow these steps.

  • Right-click on the screen of vlc player and select open network
  • Copy and paste the URL of the selected media from youtube that you want to download. Click play to continue downloading
  • Then right-click on the video and select tools, then codec info
  • In the box which says location, copy that block of the box on your clipboard of all the content.
  • Then go to a browser and paste that link in the address bar. When the video starts playing, right-click on the screen and press save video as, then choose the location where you want to save that video.
  • Click on ok, and your download begins in no moment. And it does have a good download speed as well.

     3. Snap tube

Snap tube

It is free downloading software for any social app or website. You have to load the URL or the link that you want to download, and it shows you download now button below. When you click it, the download begins. This is the best downloading app for youtube as well as for other apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. The download option also provides the video resolution in which you want to download the video as well as mp3 formats, too, if you’re going to download just audio of that video. It’s a multi-tasking app that is very easy to be used without any paid versions or privacy issues. It is available as an APK file on the websites.

  1. Vid Mate

Vid Mate

It is a general video downloading app available on the android store for downloading youtube and daily motion videos. It has a simple interface in which you can open youtube to play videos and press the download button below the video available to download that video. Or you can add URL from youtube and download the video via that URL link. It downloads the video in the same quality as it was uploaded on the youtube server, and it also deletes those files if you want to remove the downloaded content.

Providers for download links

Softonic is an online site that provides all the software which is free in the market as well as the paid versions too. But, it only provides software for windows and not for Android. So for Android, you can either use the play store or the APK store to download a snap tube and vid mate. There are several other apps available on the APK store too, but the purest and most accessible of them is the snap tube.

Other than Softonic for pc users, there are pirated versions of many paid downloaders that you can use to download your content. You can search for them through torrents or such websites that provide pirated content.

Download YouTube Videos On Computer Through Y2mate

Download YouTube Videos On Computer Through Y2mate

Download YouTube Videos On Computer Through Y2mate

You can download YouTube videos in just a few clicks, and for this, there are numerous methods. One of the most popular and simple methods is to download YouTube videos through Y2mate. Y2mate is an online website that lets users download their favorite videos from youtube. Not just that, you can also convert videos to MP3 format.

Moreover, the site also allows you to change the video quality that you want to download. The process is simple; you need to open YouTube, play a video, and right-click on the screen to select the Copy URL option. The paste the URL in the Y2mate search and click on the Search option. The website will let you access the video options, where you can select the video quality from HD to 3GP. Moreover, you can also download a video in MP3 format if you want.

The website is simple, and you don’t need to pay anything to download your favorite Youtube videos.


Nowadays, paid promotions and paid products are being spread widely over the internet. Apps like youtube have limited the content according to the user’s condition like country restriction for the uploaded video or the copyright issue for the audio or the material being used in the video. That data can be reported immediately, and youtube removes it off from the website. To avoid this, people use licensed accounts and mostly upload their content for online earning through views and likes on those videos.

This creates privacy for those users, and they protect their content but making the download option unavailable for random users so that nobody can misuse their content or video. But people sometimes need free videos for motivation purposes or entertainment purposes. That’s why we are providing this article to help you in this matter

All these applications have easy interface and direct sources to download youtube videos. You can use any of them when needed for a secure and accessible environment. Downloading youtube videos was never easy before like it is now with these apps. Snap tube and YTD are the most frequently used apps for downloading youtube videos.

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Q1. How to download youtube videos to computer?

Some people who use smartphones a lot, may not have a good idea about downloading videos from the computer browser. For that purpose, YTD downloader and VLC player can be used for fast and easy download of desired videos.

Q2. What is a URL when you are downloading a video?

A URL is a uniform resource locator that locates the link of any media and searches it throughout the internet. It is a web address that specifies the right location of a computer network. It provides a secure link for the user to access the world wide web. Each item of the internet today has a URL source location.

Q3. Which are the best websites to download YouTube videos for free on a computer?

Some of the best websites to download YouTube videos for free on a computer are, Y2Mate, and These websites allow you to download YouTube videos in various formats and resolutions.

Q4. Can I download only the audio from a YouTube video on my computer for free?

Yes, you can download only the audio from a YouTube video on your computer for free using various online tools like Y2Mate, Convertio, and Online Video Converter. These tools allow you to convert YouTube videos to audio files in various formats.

Q5. Are there any risks associated with downloading YouTube videos for free on my computer?

Yes, there are some risks associated with downloading YouTube videos for free on your computer. You may be downloading malware or viruses along with the video, and you may also be violating copyright laws. It is recommended that you use trusted websites and tools to download YouTube videos and use them for personal use only.

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