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5 Crazy Bluestacks Alternatives

Bluestacks is a well-known Android emulator available for Windows and Mac Computers. Bluestacks has some amazing set of cool features but besides these features, there are some major cons as well. The major con noticed by many bluestacks users is that it gets stuck or slow in case if you have a less ram. In such type of situation, you may get very irritated and it is recommended to use bluestacks alternatives in order to get a fast and no lag experience.

The five Bluestacks alternatives that we will be discussing in this article are KO player, Memu, Nox , Genymotion, and Andy. These Android emulators offer a wide range of features and capabilities that can enhance your Android app and gaming experience on your computer. From improved performance to advanced customization options, these Bluestacks alternatives have something for everyone.

Following is a list of some popular bluestacks alternatives, that you must give a try. I have also used some of them and most of them possess good speed.

Best Bluestacks Alternatives

Now let’s take a look at the following android alternatives.

1. KO Player

KO Player

KO Player is one of the best alternatives to Bluestacks which is designed by keeping gaming in mind. KO Player basically runs on two modes which are Speed and Compatibility. This android app player makes sense to try the Speed option in order to maximize the game performance, but in case if you face any problems while using this emulator then you still have the compatibility mode left to use.

The prime focus of KO Player is to enhance mobile gaming. This android app player uses a Kit Kat version of 4.4 and its installation features are much simple as compared to Bluestacks.

Apart from these features, KO Player has some cons as well. It crashes even if you try the compatibility mode. Moreover, this android emulator has not updated from a year. If you use it on your hardware, then you are in for a treat. The KO Player mainly focuses on the games.

2. AndY

AndY is another excellent and lightweight Android emulator for Windows. You can use AndY to use android apps on your computer. This app provides you with some great features which are very helpful as well.

This emulator is capable of cloud saving items, app sync to mobile phone, camera and mic integration, Xbox, and Playstation controller support.

Whenever you try to connect your mobile device to the AndY emulator then you are also allowed to use your mobile phone as a touch screen controller.

This emulator is free to use but unfortunately, it is only available for Windows 7 and 8. This limitation is because this emulator was specially designed for Windows 7 usage.

If you are using an older version of Windows then you can use this Android app emulator otherwise it is not made for you.

3. MeMU


MeMU is one of the newly launched Android app emulators but in this short time, this Android app player has gained a huge amount of fame due to its features and compatibility provided to the users. The main focus of this Android App Player is gaming so if you want to experience android games on your low-end PC smoothly then you should use MeMU player.

If you want to experience the gaming performance on your PC then keep in mind the below graphic settings for MeMU Player.

To get the best performance to enable the virtualization for your CPU. You can also use the keyboard mapping options in order to enhance your gaming experience. You can also use the keyboard mapping options in order to modify your gaming experience. You can also install apps and games directly from Google Play Store or else you can drag the APK files from your storage and then drop them inside your player.

4. Nox


Nox is another best and superb alternative to Bluestacks android emulator. Nox comes with a wide range of features that help users in several ways. Nox App Player permits you to install and use your favorite Android applications and games on your computer without facing any sort of problems. Luckily, the Nox app player is also available for Mac as well as for Windows.

One of the best and amazing features of this app is that it supports your computer’s keyboard, mouse and the gamepad as well so that you can get the best gaming experience on your computer.

The user-interface of the Nox app player is also very simple and easy to understand. All the applications are displayed in a vertical manner. This emulator is based on Android version 4.4.2 which is, of course, a bit old but that is not the main problem for any app to run.

Nox App Player provides its consumers with a stock version of Android and it is designed especially for gamers. This App Player is completely free to use and some extra bucks are also available with it. You can directly install applications from Google Play Store or you can drag and drop them from your computer’s storage to the App Player.

Some users reported that it lags and sometimes crashes as well. But, overall it is a good app to use.

5. Genymotion

Genymotion is another great android emulator which proves to be a good alternative to bluestacks. Genymotion provides you with a set of different plugins that can be used for eclipse and Android studio. You can download and play android games from Google Play Store. Apart from that, you can create your own games and test them with Genymotion. There are more than 3000 android configurations in this emulator which help you to check your own apps.

Another amazing feature of this Android App emulator is that you can customize its environment according to your taste. Genymotion is free to use and it works much better on low-end computers as well.

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Q1. Which Android emulator is best for 2GB RAM?

Following is a list of some best Android emulators for 2GB RAM device:

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Andyroid
  3. AMIDuOS
  4. Jar of Beans
  5. YouWave
  6. Genymotion
  7. AMD AppZone
  8. Nox

Q2. Is AndY better than bluestacks?

Maybe it is. AndY runs a better version of Android as compared to bluestacks. Also, the users face lag problems on BlueStacks while AndY is a bit faster and there is hardly any lag in it. These factors make Andy App emulator much better than bluestacks.

Q3. How does MEmu Play compare to Bluestacks in terms of performance?

MEmu Play is another powerful Android emulator that offers superior performance compared to Bluestacks. It is more lightweight, consumes fewer resources, and provides better gaming experience.

Q4. Can you run multiple instances of Android on your PC using Genymotion?

Yes, Genymotion allows users to run multiple instances of Android on their PC simultaneously. It also provides advanced features such as hardware acceleration, ADB integration, and cloud-based emulation.

Q5. What are the unique features of KOPlayer that make it stand out from other Bluestacks alternatives?

KOPlayer is a free Android emulator that provides a unique feature called video recording. This feature allows users to record their gameplay or screen activity with just a click of a button. Additionally, it supports multiple languages, gamepad integration, and offers great performance.

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