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Top 8 Best Voice Chat Apps


Voice chat apps help you to communicate better and easier with other people around the world.

Voice Chat Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best voice chat apps that you can get for your phone.

Voice Chat Apps
Voice Chat Apps


Skype is one of the most established and most well-known applications for voice calls and video calls. There are legitimate Skype applications for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire Phone. Likewise, it’s also accessible for PC platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux, and even keen TVs, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and different gadgets.

  • Aside from voice and video calling, it permits sharing documents and sending messages between the gadgets utilizing Skype.
  • It additionally offers minimal effort calling and messaging to mobiles or landlines.
  • The one of a kind Skype highlight is the capacity to make online gathering video calls.
  • Simply make a gathering out of your Skype contacts and tap the Camera sign to dispatch a video talk.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another free application for voice calls and video calls for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone to make calls on the go.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger
  • Click on contact from Messenger application rundown and hit the call catch to begin a voice call.
  • You can make a video call on Facebook to arrange the world over, including video calls from iPhone to Android and bad habit section.
  • All calls are free, and you only need to pay for Internet information. The application lets utilize both front and back cameras for video recording.
  • Sadly, in Facebook Messenger, there are no gathering video calls like Skype or Google Hangouts. So in case you need to converse with a few companions one after another, you would do well to pick a Microsoft or Google application.


Viber is a famous voice all app that is picked up as consideration worldwide because of its inherent errand person application that permits you to keep in contact with your companions and contacts by means of video calls, audio calls, etc.

  • Viber additionally permits you to take an interest out in the open visits or talk rooms effectively.
  • You can look and discover the visit rooms with the subject of your enthusiasm from around the globe.
  • Utilizing this application, you can discover inclining points utilizing the Discover talk button
  • What’s more is that you can share, trade info and become familiar with a great deal about others’ assessments on the important subject of your enthusiasm utilizing these Public Chat rooms.

Apple FaceTime

Apple Facetime is a default-free video call and audio call application for all iOS clients. You can speak with any individual who has an Apple gadget from your Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

  • Because of new Continuity include in iOS 9+, you can begin video approach one iDevice and proceed with it on your second Apple contraption without interferences.
  • Remember that you can generally record iPhone calls and pack the recorded recordings for sending by means of Whatsapp.


While WeChat is basically a texting application accessible for every single portable stage, it likewise gives a few inventive approaches to voice/video calling.

  • Live Chat highlight contains gathering calling highlight, and it guarantees that just a single individual talks one after another.
  • Video Call, as the name proposes, is for talking in the video mode.
  • It additionally has a Voice Chat include which streams voice messages; this last thing is valuable, especially when the other individual isn’t on the web.


Twitch is an application that is made for computer game lovers to meet, talk, and gamers contending with one another. Twitch is claimed by Amazon that is a video stage, and it has ventured into different classes. It was presented in June 2011 as an auxiliary of Amazon.

  • Twitch offers an extremely extraordinary encounter, empowering the client to visit by means of a simple to-utilize voice and video chatting interface with different watchers.
  • It’s an incredible spot to watch the experts sharpening their abilities.
  • Twitch is a free source that has talk spaces for you to utilize and furthermore, worldwide visits from where you can keep in contact with your fans around the world.
  • Twitch is a stage that is accessible online just as on cell phones, and you can download and utilize it for your own talk rooms.


Line is a very famous talk application for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and PC. It has an eye to eye video call alternative.

  • The application work process is like Facebook: tap an individual name from Line rundown and hit the Camera icon.
  • Like in Facebook Messenger, all video calls between Line clients are 100% free.
  • There are no group video calls.
  • But in case that you can pay additional cash, Line empowers you to make sound calls to landline telephones and mobile phones off the mark arrange.


Nimbuzz is a moment emissary that can be utilized to talk with individuals that you know, and can likewise be utilized to anonymous visit with the individuals that you don’t have a clue.

  • This application shares a typical common interest of two individuals and proposes them to converse with one another alongside audio or video talk calling alternatives.
  • It is another application, so it may not be mainstream, like the different applications. However, it has all the arrangements of apparatuses and highlights to contend with those applications.


In this discussion, we discussed the voice chat apps available to download from the internet. We shared data on every alternative website with authentic details. If you have questions, you can leave a comment below.

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What is voice call on mobile?

Voice Calling lets you call your contacts utilizing WhatsApp for nothing, regardless of whether they’re in another nation. Voice considering utilizes your telephone’s Internet association as opposed to your phone plan’s voice minutes. Information charges may apply.


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