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Top 5 Best Video Sharing Sites


Videos are the most exceptional content form that makes the marketer more excited, and whenever someone wants to share a video on the internet, the very first thing that crosses their mind is YouTube. But because YouTube has very strict policies for content sharing, such as it doesn’t allow us to upload third-party content without the owner’s permission, explicit, duplicated uploads, and more.

So, If you have a video that you want to upload on YouTube, but YouTube doesn’t accept it, you have the option to upload it on your own website in HTML5 formats or use other video sharing sites to upload your videos.

If you are promoting a brand or want to reach your video to a wider audience, you should consider the best video sharing sites as there are many of them. Below, we have listed some best video sharing sites that you can use to make your video popular or effectively market your brand. To know more about the best video sharing sites, read on this article.

5 Best Video Sharing Sites

5 Best Video Sharing Sites
5 Best Video Sharing Sites

1-      Vimeo – Best Video Sharing Sites

Vimeo - Best Video Sharing Sites
Vimeo – Best Video Sharing Sites

Vimeo is one of the best video sharing sites and works similarly, but it is slightly different from YouTube. The site allows users to upload and share their videos. As YouTube has ads on videos, Vimeo doesn’t allow ads and asks users to pay for the privilege to upload their videos. If you want to use Vimeo to market your brand or to make your video popular, you can use its free basic plan or go for its paid plan starting from $5 with 5GB of uploads per week. Although the website is not as bigger as YouTube and has a user base of around 80 million, still the majority of users like it for its incredible control options over videos.

Highlights and Features

  • Host your content in the highest possible quality.
  • Stream content in 4K ultra-high definition.
  • Tons of fo storage, as well as video management.
  • Upload your content from anywhere.
  • Immersive 360 video feature.

2-      Dailymotion – Best Video Sharing Sites

Dailymotion - Best Video Sharing Sites
Dailymotion – Best Video Sharing Sites

Another best video sharing website is Dailymotion. The website is based in France but has a massive global audience of more than 300 million people around the globe to watch and upload their videos each month. As with Vimeo and YouTube, Dailymotion offers a diverse selection of TV shows, videos, music videos, news content, etc. as compared to various other video sharing sites, Dailymotion concentrates on media content, including TV channels and music acts.

Highlights and Features

  • It focuses on must-see and viral content across sports, news, music, and entertainment.
  • It prioritizes the content discovery and personalized recommendations with its redesigned interface.
  • Limited video file length of up to 2 GB.
  • Regular users can use the regular upload video quality of 720p.

3-      TikTok – Best Video Sharing Sites

TikTok - Best Video Sharing Sites
TikTok – Best Video Sharing Sites

TikTok took the lip-syncing videos to a whole new level today and played a significant role in it. The platform becomes a must-have choice for users who love to discover short videos of all types, including comedy, music, sports, DIY, and much more. If you are a lover of fun videos and want to create amazing clips, TikTok is the best platform for you.

One of the strengths of Tiktok is its rapidly increasing users who continue to produce amazing videos, and you will love to watch them. With numerous music and sounds that are entirely free, you will have the opportunity to craft your own clips. Moreover, it also contains amazing filters, a range of AR objects, and real-time effects to make your videos more fascinating.

Highlights and Features

  • Make fascinating videos.
  • Use real-time effects, filters, and AR objects.
  • Best platform for making fun videos.

4-      Metacafe – Best Video Sharing Sites

Metacafe - Best Video Sharing Sites
Metacafe – Best Video Sharing Sites

Metacafe is another best video sharing website that specializes in short video content. It is among those sites that are somehow similar to YouTube. The video content on the site includes everything, including product reviews, sports, comedy, tips on how to complete a difficult level of your favorite video game, and much more. One of the best functionalities of the website is its simple layout. The site features a relatively simple browsing interface, as well as a menu bar that links to popular, trending, and latest videos. If you want to dive deeper, you can use its drop-down menu to discover an extensive list of video categories.

Highlights and Features

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Menu bar linking popular, latest, and trending video content.
  • Contains all type of video content, including product review, games, comedy, sports, music, and more.
  • An extensive list of video categories.

5-      Crackle – Best Video Sharing Sites

Crackle - Best Video Sharing Sites
Crackle – Best Video Sharing Sites

Crackle is yet another best video sharing website, which is owned by entertainment giant Sony Pictures Entertainment. The website contains original shows for the web, Hollywood movies, and TV series of various networks. Moreover, the website also includes a huge selection of evergreen shows from the past, including Firefly, News Radio, All in the Family, and more.

Highlights and Features

  • A huge collection of evergreen past shows, including All in the Family, 227, News Radio, and more.
  • Original shows, Hollywood movies, and TV series from various networks.
  • Easy to navigate interface.


Video sharing is the most excellent tool to market your brand. To do this, you can use various video sharing platforms and upload your content to them. Since there are plenty of them, it could be a difficult task to determine what are the best video sharing platforms. To help you out, you can see our best video sharing sites and use any of them to upload your content. The majority of these sites are free to upload your content, so you should try them. If you know any other best video sharing site, let us know in the comment section below.


Q: Which is the best video sharing site that I can use for free?

Ans: To share your video content, YouTube is the best site that you should consider as it is totally free.


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