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Top 7 Best Apps To Hide Photos


The apps to hide photos are valuable if your gadget gets lost or some accident occurs. These applications will forestall your photographs and recordings to get spilled.

Best Apps To Hide Photos

In this discussion, we will disclose to you Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on mobile phones for the individuals who need greater security in their phones.

Best Apps To Hide Photos
Best Apps To Hide Photos

Secret Photo Vault

With regards to security, Secret Photo Vault is considered as extraordinary compared to other Apps to Hide Photos and recordings. It is a twofold layered secret word security application.

Secret Photo Vault
Secret Photo Vault
  • The application permits you to make sure about your photographs or recordings with a four-digit pin.
  • The application spares your photographs and recordings in a concealed envelope so nobody can get to them utilizing document director or pioneer.
  • Additionally, users can protect singular collections with a secret word.
  • The application likewise permits you to bolt your stuff with the unique mark.
  • Perhaps the best component of this application is that it’s Stealth Mode makes the application vanish from the late applications list so nobody else can open it.


AppLock lets you secret phrase secure applications, including web-based life, informing, and exhibition applications just as approaching calls.

  • Additional insurances incorporate a choice to conceal the symbol from any home screens or add a spread to the application, for example, a mistake message that says, “unfortunately, AppLock has stopped working”.
  • You can likewise set up your credential requirements when entering your secret word so spectators can only with significant effort get it.
  • Applock is free, with no exceptional redesigns.

Gallery Lock

As its name explains, Gallery Lock conceals your photos from anyone who wants to get into your gallery.

Gallery Lock
Gallery Lock
  • A secrecy mode stows away the application symbol, and the camera will make an effort of any individual who inputs an inappropriate secret phrase multiple times in succession.
  • Gallery Lock is free, so includes break-in endeavor following, and covertness mode don’t require a move up to a top-notch plan.


This application brings along all the vital highlights you would want to have in a protection centered application utilized for concealing individual stuff. It is the answer to every one of your needs of concealing stuff on your device.

  • You can hide all your photographs and recordings or videos. This, however, you can conceal your call logs too.
  • In case you need to reset your secret key, you need to utilize your email id.
  • You can make a safe back up for your information in the event that you need to take it.


1Gallery is one of the newly developed vault applications. The application incorporates a mix of standard gallery and a display vault work.

  • It suggests that you can see your photographs, GIFs, and other stuff as you ordinarily do, and you can likewise keep them in mystery under a specific lock.
  • You can set up a secret pin key, design lock, and fingerprint.
  • The application works with RAW, SVG, and all-encompassing pictures.


LockMyPix is a good and successful display vault application. As the name recommends, this application has a fundamental thought process to hide our own photographs. There is a variety of fascinating highlights with regard to the application.

  • It works in a totally disconnected mode.
  • A great element of this application is that you can make a fake vault also.
  • There is a free form of this application and furthermore an excellent variant which is paid.

KeepSafe PhotoVault

Keepsafe is one of the well known and best Apps to Hide Photos on Android. Utilizing this application, you can conceal photographs and recordings from others.

  • The application additionally permits you to make sure about your photographs utilizing a secret phrase or a unique finger impression.
  • Presumably, it is a decent alternative to include unique finger impression support as the vast majority of the cell phones currently have a unique finger impression scanner.
  • Moreover, you can make a scrambled reinforcement of your information on the cloud.
  • Perhaps the best piece of this application is that it additionally permits you to share the photos from inside the application.

Private Zone

For security fixated individuals, this application brings a ton of features. You can stow away your photographs and recordings or even applications.

Private Zone
Private Zone
  • The application gives free Private VPN administration.
  • You can utilize this application as your custom Lock screen application too.
  • The application additionally contains telephone Anti-robbery Features and Harassment/Spam Call Intercept.
  • There is a baffling thing about the application, which is the application is loaded up with promotions. Nonetheless, clients can maintain a strategic distance from the promotions by getting the membership.

Hide Something

The application has in excess of 5 million downloads and is one of the most difficulty free applications to cover up and hide your photographs and recordings on Android. You can put PIN, secret word, or the unique finger impression to cover up photographs and recordings.

  • You additionally gain admittance to a smaller than normal assortment of wonderful subjects, support for an assortment of media record types, a propelled picture watcher, and fake login mode to additionally secure your protection.
  • Much the same as others, the application additionally takes reinforcement of your significant information.


In this discussion, we discussed the best apps to hide the photos. We have highlighted their features, and each of them has its own unique features along with different settings. The data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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How can I hide photos online?

So as to conceal your private photographs, you can utilize the Archive highlight of Google Photos. The component is accessible for all the Android, iOS, and web clients utilizing which they can without much of a stretch isolate their private photographs and recordings from the principle collection.


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