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[Quick Fix] Instagram keeps Crashing


Instagram is a social app used to upload pictures and videos by the people and share them through profiles. Sometimes there comes an error, which keeps crashing Instagram; as a result, it doesn’t open anymore. Whenever you open it, it displays the error saying, “Unfortunately, Instagram stopped working.”

Instagram keeps crashing

How to Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing: Different Methods

This message is annoying, and the person becomes frustrated. But there is always a solution to the problems. So don’t need to be panic, we have solutions for you. Try the following fixes and see if that works fine

Method 1: Rebooting the phone

fix insta by Rebooting the phone

Rebooting the phone always helps in a lot of problems because the phone restarts and clears all the cache that was being used currently. When it reboots, the data is set back to the original state and starts from the beginning to load, which might end up resulting from removing the error. Try opening the Instagram app and see if you can access it now or not.

Method 2: Reset or restore Instagram to initial stage

If you have been using Instagram a lot on your phone, there may be a chance of an excessive amount of cookies and data stored for it. More cookies can sometimes cause a fuzz for the phone, and hence, the app may misbehave in this condition. You can remove the cookies or reset them by going into the settings of the phone, go in general, and then to apps.

Open Instagram and select clear cache, clear cookies, and press ok. After doing that, you have restored the internal cookies and everything that the app is using to work back to its initial stage. Then you can try to re-run the app to see if the problem is fixed or not.

Method 3: Check for new updates on Instagram

It is mostly a problem for all the smartphone users that sometimes a new update is released, which is not compatible with the android version of the phone, or sometimes when a new update is available, the current app starts to misbehave until it is updated to a news release. Try refreshing the app from the play store and then re-open it to see if the problem is fixed or not.

Method 4: Uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it

If, in any case, all the above methods fail to improve the Instagram error. The last process that is left is trying uninstalling the program and then redownload it from the play store, this will remove all the previous components of that app from the phone and then add the app from the beginning, including cookies and other data. This must remove the issue.

Method 5: Factory reset phone

Factory reset phone for instagram crashe fix

If Instagram still displays the error and fails to start. Then the problem might be in your device. Sometimes cache memory and cookies in the phone memory can get corrupt with some applications, causing them to misbehave. In that cause, the only option is to factory reset your phone back to its initial state.

  • You can do this by only going into the settings menu.
  • Go to the general and select system, where you get the erase all data or wipe data option.
  • Click on it and choose a factory reset phone.
  • Press confirm, and your phone will go back into the loop process and will start up as a new factory launched device.

All of the previous data will be removed. Try reinstalling the app from the play store to see if now that works for you or not. If you are having a problem resetting your phone. Try the hard factory reset setting manually by pressing down the volume down button and power button of the phone with the menu button for some time. Release those buttons after five to ten seconds, and the phone goes into a hard factory reset. Which will wipe all the data from the phone and leave it back to the original state, the way it was released from the factory.

Online Solution Providers

If all of the above methods fail to run your Instagram, then try looking for the solution on different websites. Each website has various problems, and their solutions explained with their fix. Try searching on updates or super easy, which may have more solutions to this problem. Also, try looking for people writing these solutions. Try contacting them personally through the mail with screenshots of the problem. That might help you a bit more.

Instagram crash solution for iPhones

We know that android devices and iOS devices differ from in each in hardware as well as software. So the problems on android are different from the problems on iOS. If an iPhone is having an Instagram crash issue, it might be due to some other app running in the background of your phone. Try stopping these apps by pressing the home button twice and swipe up to close the running apps in the background. The problem may have been due to other apps running in the background for too long.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, try restarting the phone and power it down completely. Then boot it up after a few minutes and then test the app to see if it still works or not. If the app is still crashing, then your phone might be facing an update issue. Your app must be out of date. Try updating the app and the operating system, too, if the update is available. If the problem still stays, try uninstalling the app from the phone and do a fresh restart of the phone, then again download the app and try to open it. This should be the final solution to fix the app on the iPhone. If it doesn’t, then there is a possibility that there is something wrong with your device, not the app. Try getting your device checked and run a scan of its software. Then check if the problem is solved. Otherwise, no more solutions are left to help out this situation for iOS users.

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1. Why does Instagram keeps crashing when I open it in the iPhone?

The crashing problem may be due to bad updates, incorrect settings, and server errors. Clearing the cache may help relieve you from this problem. Otherwise, perform a reboot of your phone and see if that does the work.

2. Why does my Instagram keep crashing when I upload a video?

Sometimes when you upload the video on the story or post it, Instagram crashes at that time. This happens when we tap the upload button. It keeps crashing as long as we keep tapping the upload button. Try reinstalling the app after removing it from the phone.

3. Instagram crashes on one account?

If the cache data is not filtered out, Instagram can repeat to crash when you open your account. Try to clear the data and cache from the app setting. This should fix the problem.


In the detailed article, we discussed Instagram and its running error solution in detail. In conclusion, the easiest solutions for fixing these errors are the five methods above explained in detail covering all the aspects why a phone might have a problem in running an app and displaying such error. Those five solutions possibly fix every phone having that running issue. Try to use this step for your ease. And still, if the app doesn’t run, then it means there is something wrong with the compatibility of the device with the app version or the software version of the device not being able to match with the version of the app after the latest updates.

We hope this information was useful for you, and we expect feedback from our viewers.


Instgram keeps crashing

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