Best USB Encryption Software

USB drivers have long been around to save a large number of data files. The main reason for their popularity is that they are universally compatible, portable, and lightweight. It doesn’t have particular minimum power requirements, which means it can be run on smartphones, laptops, and desktops seamlessly.

Protecting your data in external drives like USB drives is a big concern. USB drives can save a lot of data, which can be accessed by any unauthorized person because this data is saved openly and isn’t encrypted and protected by encryption methods.

To protect your personal data and privacy, there is various encryption software that you can use. Below, we are going to bucket a list of best USB encryption software that can be used to encrypt your USB to protect your sensitive data.

Best USB Encryption Software

Best USB Encryption Software
Best USB Encryption Software

Here are some best USB encryption software;

Giglisoft USB Encryption

Giglisoft USB Encryption

One of the best USB encryption software is Gilisoft USB Encryption that enables users to encrypt their USB flash drive comfortably. The app is simple and straightforward to navigate and runs automatically once it detects a USB drive. The software also enables users to split their external drive into two parts that are public area and secure area.

Users just need to size of the encrypted partition, and that is it, the software will automatically process the rest of the things. Moreover, the app also has a recovery option and lets users recover their data.

The app is a go-to choice for the user who has a little understanding of encryption. It is a Windows-only encryption app which makes it greatly platform dependent. The app offers a free trial that can be used up ten times before deciding whether you want to purchase its pro version or not.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Password protection
  • Support for all Windows operating systems
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Free upgrade for lifetime
  • Fast and efficient data recovery

Vara Crypt

Vara Crypt
Vara Crypt

Vara Crypt is another fully-featured and extremely popular USB encryption software. Although the software is primarily dedicated to encrypting hard drives, but can also work nicely with USB flash drives and is amongst the best USB encryption software. The software mainly functions by creating password-protected disk volumes, which are encrypted with industry-standard encryption algorithms, such as Serpent, AES, and Twofish.

Additionally, the software also allows users to secure encrypted volumes through passwords and keyfiles. All you have to do is plug in a USB drive and follow the instructions stated in the volume creation wizard. Users can create an encrypted volume of a particular size on the USB drive or encrypt it entirely.

If you are in search of a USB encryption software that features high-quality encryption functionality, then Vara crypt is the best choice for you. The software is compatible with almost all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Create a virtual encrypted drive within a file and mounts it as a real disk
  • Encrypt a specific size or the entire partition of any external storage like USB flash drive
  • Automatic, transparent, and real-time encryption
  • Encrypt a drive or partition where Windows is installed
  • Hardware-accelerated encryption on modern processors
  • Allow data to be read and write as quickly as if the drive wasn’t encrypted through pipelining and parallelization.

Encrypt Stick

Encrypt Stick
Encrypt Stick

It is another best USB encryption software that allows users to encrypt USB flash drives and create password-protected virtual vaults or folders. The software offers the most potent mechanism for encryption of a USB drive on any other drive on the Windows, Linux, or Mac systems with interoperability features.

Users are allowed to create encrypted folders or vaults that are entirely hidden unless they want them to appear as a regular vault or folder. Users can save any type of files in these folders and vaults, which can only be accessible if the USB drive is plugged into the USB port, and the password is correct.

The software features a straightforward user interface offering comfortable copy-paste and drag and drops features, which enables users to select files and USB drives that they want to avoid from being wrecked. The app provides a free trial of up to 14 days, which helps users to decide whether they want the pro version of the software or not. The pro version can be purchased for only $19.99, which is an affordable price seeing its outstanding features.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Easy to use interface
  • Create encrypted virtual vaults or folders that are entirely hidden
  • Easy copy-paste and drag-drop functionalities to select drives you want to save from being wrecked
  • Reliable encryption mechanism for USB drives
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices

Drive Crypt

Drive Crypt
Drive Crypt

If you often carry some highly sensitive information in your USB flash drives, then this is the best USB encryption software that will guarantee you to protect your data by any means. The software is useful when you are willing to encrypt fixe and USB flash drives, as well as enables you to select files and encrypt them selectively.

The software contains various features to let maximize the security of encrypted USB drives or fixed drives, and one of these features includes a hidden partition or container. Users are allowed to set up two passwords for encrypted drives or vaults. One of these passwords will grant you access to files you want to share with other people, while the second password will enable you to get access to a more secure portion of the vault.

Moreover, securing your data with passwords, you can also use external devices like fingerprint scanners or USB security keys to authenticate access. The software can be run on all versions of Windows and Windows server 2003, 2008, and 2012.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • 1344-bit strong military cryptography using best cryptographic algorithms, such as Tea 16 and 32, Blowfish, AES, Square, Triple Des, and Misty 1.
  • Minimal administration and user training
  • Completely transparent disk encryption
  • Minimize your risk and maximize your security by decrypting the only specific portion of a file.
  • File volume and disk partition encryptions are both allowed.
  • Create hidden encrypted vaults and containers and define two passwords for them
  • Use Steganographic functionality to hide your sensitive data into music files.
  • Anti-dictionary or Brute Force attack mechanism
  • Password sniffing protection

LaCie Private-Public

LaCie Private-Public
LaCie Private-Public

Yet another best USB encryption software that allows users to encrypt their USB drives to protect their sensitive data. The software can be run on Windows and Mac operating systems. It utilizes the AES-256 algorithm to encrypt your sensitive data folders, files, and drives.

LaCie’s other unique feature is that it doesn’t require installation on your computer. You just need to copy the software in your USB flash drive, and you are good to go. It is a lightweight software tool, and portable running mode brings multiple features to your computer. Users can bypass the installation and run the software, as well as it doesn’t store configuration data and write entries in the Windows registry so that it can be run without administrator privileges.

Moreover, the software offers a step-by-step guide throughout the entire configuration settings, which is useful for users who are new and have a little knowledge about how to encrypt their data. All in all, the tool offers an efficient and easy way to take security measures against sensitive data loss and is suitable for all users, whether they are new.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • AES-256 algorithm to protect sensitive data drives, files, and folders
  • No installation required
  • easy and straightforward to use even for new users
  • Lightweight on system resources
  • Portable running mode


If you often deal with sensitive data and use USB flash drives to store it, then you must need an encryption tool that can protect your data from being accessed by any unauthorized person. There is various USB encryption software that you can use to protect your data.

If you are searching for some useful USB encryption software, the above, we have listed some best USB encryption tools that you can use to protect your privacy and personal data.


Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Is there any software available for windows 10 encryption?

Ans: Yes, Microsoft offers BitLocker, which is a disk encryption software for Windows 10. The tool can be utilized to encrypt the entire drive and protect against unauthorized modifications to your computer, such as firmware malware.







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