May 13

Google Chrome Flags That you Should Know


Google chrome can be said as one of the most popular browsers and has made so many fans over the years. However, most of the features of Google chrome are liked by the people. You will also witness that there are some hidden features in chrome flags, and that is going to help the people; however, the Google chrome flags cannot only tweak the performance, but it can also add new features to the different browsers. It has given many of the features from Google so that people can try these features. You can also learn that there is a different kind of flags, and you can also find out how can you enable it.

List of Google Chrome Flags

So here in this blog, I am going to give you information regarding the flags of Google chrome. Now you will get the different flags as:

google chrome flag
google chrome flag

Quieter Notification

Here we have seen that there are so many nuisances on Google Chrome. Here you will also notice that there every website abuses the notification, and permission prompts a dialogue box that allows the notifications. However, when you are going to turn on the Quieter Notifications flag here, the notifications are blocked. So you can get rid of the issues related to the notifications and ads of the things. Then open the Chrome: // flags and enable “Quieter notification permission prompts” flag, and after this, you are going to be done with it.

Password import

Here you have got an option that that password can be exported for some time now. If you are going to the most popular browser from its competitors and here you can import your password. You can do the password import flag just after downloading the browser. Here you can go to the settings, then to see the ‘import’ option click on passwords and then tap the ‘three dots’ icon next to ‘saved passwords.’

Secure DNS lookups

It is another flag that you can say it an awesome flag here you can enable is secure DNS Lookups. Many users are using the extension of HTTPS Everywhere extension to always force the HTTP connection while using the internet. And now you have seen that Google has brought a flag. So now, you can enable the flag, and that flag is going to use a secure HTTPS connection for any of the websites that you are visiting. However, if you witness that Mozilla has already made DNS over HTTPS, a default feature of firefox.

secure DNS lookups
secure DNS lookups

Share webpages using QR codes.

You can say it as one of the latest Google chrome Flags. And here the main job of this flag is to make it easier. In case if you are browsing the web on your desktop and you want to quickly open that link on your mobile device. However, you will feel that there is no easy way to share the link from your phone device. Rather, you have to log in to the desktop Chrome and your mobile with the same id of yours. Well, if you are going to enable this flag, then you can share the link within seconds.

After the completion of the enabling share webpages using QR, you will be able to see the QR code icon in the address bar next to the bookmark icon. When you gonna click on it, Chrome will show you the QR code corresponding to the webpage that’s on your screen of the computer. Here you need to scan it with your phone by opening the link on your phone. In case you are using a stable version of Chrome, you might have to wait for some days after that you can access this flag.

Extension toolbar menu

Previously the extension of the Chrome is being used for the purpose of sitting inside the settings menu, but now it is located beside the address bar of your browser. And in case if you are looking on too many, then your Chrome becomes cluttered, and you cannot navigate here properly. And here, you can also move all the extensions that are present in the toolbar. However, you will witness that the toolbar will look clean and effective. It also has a person to control.

extension tool bar menu
extension tool bar menu

Disable Google Chrome Incognito Mode Detection

It is for the purpose of accessing your native file manager. However, users here have found out that in case you have enabled this flag the many of the websites are not going to detect the incognito mode because they are not able to. So this is the reason that this flag is really important. In case if you really want to block the websites from detecting incognito mode, then enable the native file system API flag. Moreover, you can also use this to create ease in the work of yours.


Here we have seen many of the google chrome flags that can be used by the users for creating ease. Most of them are quite new for you to witness them; you will feel very comfortable while using them because they do not show you any complexity in the process of enabling the multiple flags. You will find these chrome flags in the address bar. Here you can also witness a big list of the chrome flags that are not stable.


What is a Chrome flag?

You can say it is a long-running feature of Chrome that id going to let the users make all kinds of UI and the performance tweaks to customize the experience of browsing.

Where can you detect the flags?

These flags you can find on the address bar.


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