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[Multiple Methods] Turn Your Handwriting into a Font for Free


Human beings started with the process of reading and writing. All the work that they use to do was by writing by themselves with their hands. The work written by them in a calligraphic way or a simple way is called Handwriting. Fonts are the written text formats that determine a text size, style, or type. It usually comes into one’s mind, that how he may be able to turn his Handwriting into a font.Handwriting And Font

There is a solution for this; there are few tools that can be used to create your own Handwriting and then converting it to a font. It doesn’t take much of time, and you can write the text for your own to produce a quality font for your use or anyone else’s use. There are websites on the internet that provide this facility to turn the font into calligraphic content. This tool or facility is called MyScriptFont. To create a font for yourself, first, you have to register yourself on this website, and then you can work on this process. The first font that you can create is for free; after that, you are charged $8 monthly for creating any font at all.

Keep in mind that you will need a scanner, and you must have a printer to do this, the rest is up to the website. So we are going to discuss the process in detail now

Turning your Handwriting Into A FontTurning your Handwriting Into A Font

The process of turn handwriting into a font is very simple, you can get yourself registered at Calligraphr, and then you are able to download a template which you have to complete with your own Handwriting. Then you have to upload it on their server and let that website do the work. It scans and digitizes the Handwriting and then turns it into a font file for you to download. You can go through some easy steps

  1. First of all, Navigate to the Calligraphr website and then register an account.
  2. Download your template and print it out in a portrait.
  3. Complete the template using any dark or black pen.
  4. Scan your completed template and then save it as PNG.
  5. Upload your file to Calligraphr and then save it as a TTF format.
  6. Then press Start to begin the font creation file process.
  7. At last, Download the completed .ttf file from the Calligraphr website.

You have to keep in mind that, when you are printing your template, you have to make sure it’s a portrait format, and you have to finish it using a good quality black pen that can highlight and make all the words clear and legible. The text should not be more than 300ppi when scanning and no larger than 4000 x 4000 px.

Then give that file a meaningful name and then save it as a PNG or a JPG format. You may have to try more times to complete your template. Then you will get the opportunity to preview your font first before you create it as a permanent, so take your time to verify all the letters of your font before saving it. If your created font is not that satisfactory, then you can select to edit the font details, and you can also change the spacing, font size, and work spacing too. This will make your work better and easier. You may feel a bit of hardness in the beginning, but its worth a try. Keep repeating and creating your best font until you are fully satisfied and happy with the font that you just created.

Installing the FontInstalling the Font

Once you are done with the font creation and downloaded it from your website, you can install it on your computer. On windows, that font can be copy-pasted into the fonts folder of windows. Once you have installed the font, you will be able to use it with certain apps and programs, but keep in mind that it doesn’t let you change the default system fonts.

Use of your Custom FontUse of your Custom Font

After you have created a font, you have been sure that it looks good on a tablet or a phone, too, not just only on pc. So you can also upload a TTF file to your website. You may also need a plugin or extension to add any font file. Fonts are very influential over our experiences, so you have to be thoughtful just enough to get it right for you.

Calligraphr is a great source to create a font; it is bit of fun when you want to turn your Handwriting into some cool font. This is the platform to make it real after scanning and then creating that font from your Handwriting.


In this discussion, we discussed that the Handwriting could be converted into a digital font. That can be done through various processes in which you can first scan your handwritten font in good context with a scanner, and then you can create that font in your system for future use. That can be utilized with different apps and programs.

We hope this info was helpful if you have any questions regarding to this article, leave a comment or reply with feedback on our email. We will reply to you as soon as you get you an email.

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1. Where can I easily sell my fonts that I have created?

Some good examples of places where you can sell the fonts are Fonts.com and MyFonts. On these websites, every reseller has a specific customer base, or a font style preferred, and even some promotional methods used. Here, the Resellers go to a font foundry, and there they make a deal to sell the fonts within the foundry’s library.

2. How do you identify the font type?

You can easily identify and know a font with the help of the WhatTheFont Mobile app. You just have to launch the app and then snap a picture of the text wherever It appears such as on paper, signage, walls, or a book, and so on. This app prompts you to crop the photo of the text and then identify its every character.


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