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[Quick Way]How To Remove Background Noise With Audacity


When you record audio, you often hear the shrill sound in the back of your recording. Or sometimes, when you are listening to an audio or video, the sound is unclear to you due to some background noise, which makes it difficult for you to understand and listen carefully. You need not worry about this problem, and we have a solution which will fix your problem. But we should clear one thing that removing background noise may also affect your recorded sound quality or the audio file quality due to the software being used.
So it is always a smart act to reduce the noise to the minimum before you record anything in the first place. In this discussion, we are going to discuss software that can easily edit your audio files to remove their background noise and provide a better output of the sound.

How to Remove Background Noise with Audacity

  • Download and install Audacity in your computer
  • Click on the file, and then click on open option
  • Go to the location where you have stored all audio files and select your desired audio file and then press open
  • Then you have to select the portion of the audio file that has noise In it, select the complete portion
  • Click on effects, and there will be an option available, noise reduction. Click on it

How to Remove Background Noise with Audacity

  • Click on the noise profile option which will enable Audacity to sample the noise with a section you have selected, and it will know what is to be filtered out
  • Select the section by clicking and dragging that area that you want to reduce background noise from, or you can choose to select the whole file by pressing ctrl-A.

How to Remove Background Noise with Audacity

  • Click on effects and then noise reduction
  • Press ok
  • Click on the play button to play your audio file and see if the result is satisfying or not
  • If you feel like your output result is still not satisfactory enough, you can repeat steps 8 and 9 and gain until you feel satisfied with the output audio file.

Precautions Before Recording Audio

Turn Off Noisemakers

Electronics are most likely to cause noise pollution when you are recording something. Fans, refrigerators, computers, and air conditioners can all cause background noise in the recording; try to turn them off if you can. This will reduce noise in the audio to some extent

Consider A Different Room

If you cant turn off these noise-makers then you can try to change the room. Choose a room after keen observation of ceiling, walls, carpet, etc. Make sure it’s not flat enough so that voice may reverberate. Try to record in silence

Switch To A Dynamic Microphone

There are good microphones available called Condensor microphones, which can capture a beautiful range of audio, but they are very much sensitive to noise from the room. It is pretty great for ambiance recording. Dynamic microphones are not as good with the audio range but are more focused on what they capture and aren’t sensitive to room noise. There are cheap dynamic microphones in the market as well, but they won’t have the wide dynamic range of audio that they can capture. Reduce the gain and get close to the mic.
First, you reduce the mic sensitivity of the gain and then get close to it to record the audio; this will help you reduce a lot of noise from the background.


In this segment, we discussed how a background noise in the maybe caused. We looked at different reasons and discussed their solutions. We can use an audacity tool that can handle the audio of any recorded file and edit it. We can use it to remove the noise from the background using the noise reduction effect, which will select some portion from the audio file and level the noise to reduce its effect on the audio. Then provides an output as better audio.
Try these solutions and fixes using Audacity in your computer, and do let us know with your review whether it worked for you or not. You can contact us on our email provided, or you can ask for more questions, we will try to answer them with a solution.

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1. How to remove background noise in a video on an android?

There are lots of methods available for noise removal from the video, but most of them use PC programs like audacity and adobe audition cc, but there are some ways by which you can remove noise using your Android or iPhone. There is also another app called the Lexis Audio Editor in which you have to first convert video into audio and then remove the noise.

2. Is there a way to remove the noise of wind from a video?

The best way to avoid wind noises in a recording is to minimize it in the first place or eliminate it when recording. There are many methods and ways for this, which have already been explained using windsocks for location microphones and so on. You must try to stay in a locked room and reduce ventilation as much as possible to reduce the wind noise

3. How can you remove background noise from a recording? Can anyone suggest a good paid app for the iPhone?

Since you’re asking for an app that can reduce background noise and create good quality audio, here’s a great and affordable one:
Brusfri is a great advanced audio noise reducer and remover, packed with a simple and straightforward interface. It is very well equipped for cleaning up noisy audio recording while retaining its sound quality. Unlike many other noise-reducing apps on the market, it is pretty easy to use, but if you have never used or dealt with noise reduction before, you should read the manual first. All tools are different, but this one works great in removing the background noise and keeping the audio good at quality.


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