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How to Program an RCA universal remote


RCA is an American electronics company, and it’s universal remote has a backlit keypad. Here in this article, we are going to get the way that how we can program this RCA universal remote. It is a remote control that is going to give you relief of the using multiple remotes that you were using before. I am going to show you how to set up the RCA universal remote by utilizing various automatic code search method because it is relatively so fast and an easy way to connect with the other devices.

How to program an RCA universal remote
How to program an RCA universal remote

Steps To Program an RCA universal remote

First of all, take the remote and check the batteries. After that, you should check the components and accessories which you want to be synced with. All are hocked up. For connecting your remote to the hardware follow these steps:

  1. Initially, you need to turn on the device that you want to communicate with the remote, either it is a computer or any other device.
  2. Then you have to press the button, which corresponds with those components that you are programming with. For example, if you are trying to connect it with your Blu-ray player, then press and release the blu-ray button. In this way, the on-off light of the button will blink, and then it will be lit.
  3. Now you need to press the component button and the On/off switch. By this action, the dial of on/off, which was illuminated before, will turn off. Soon after some time, it will again lit back.
  4. Then you need to release both of the buttons once the light of on/off lits again.
  5. Afterward, you have to do that. You have to press and release the play button present on the remote. If you witnessed that the component which you are programming does not turn off after five seconds, then you have to hit the play button after every five seconds till the element turns off.
  6. Then you have to press the reverse button continuously for some time. Then you should wait to see if the component turns back on and if it does not, then you have to press it after every 3 seconds until it does.
  7. Then you have to keep pressing the stop button the reason for doing this is that you have to save the programming for the device in the memory of remote.
  8. Similarly, you have to follow all the above steps in case you want to connect more devices.

In case you press the button wrongs, or you have done the process according to the given instructions, then it could happen that you are going to mess up with the whole process of syncing. In case a mistake like this has been committed by you then you need to reboot the device and remote for the remote you should bring out the batteries from it, and then put them back again to start it again.

Programming the RCA universal remote other methods

Some of the different ways to set up the remote are:

For a remote without the code search button

In case if remote does not have the code search button then how you will be able to program the remote, some steps are as follow:

  1. Turn on the device

In case you are not able to find the code through an automatic search, and you are unable to the device code manually, you have to try a manual code search. Initially, you need to power on the device that you want to control through your universal remote.

Here, you would be able to control a device through the RCA remote, a device that supports the remote. If it does not help the remote, then it is useless to force to connect your remote with the device.

  1. Point the remote at the device

When the process of the searching of the code is going on, keep your remote pointed at the device.

  1. Press and release the button of the device that matches which you want to control.

In case you want to program the remote for a DVD player, then you should have to press the DVD button, and after this, the power light will turn on.

  1. After the above step, you need to hold the power button of the device as well as your remote. You have to do this until the light turns on again
  2. Then press the slow or play button.

Here you remote will try many different codes to turn off the device. Once you find the correct and proper system, the device will turn off by itself. If, after five seconds, it did not turn off, then repeat the process unless the device turned off.

  1. Press the reverse button

When the device turns off, then press the reverse button, this will turn the device on again. You may have to press the button multiple times to find the correct code.

  1. Press stop or ok

Once you found the correct code by pressing the reverse button, then you should press the stop button to lock it on your remote.


As we have seen, there are so many devices that can be controlled by the remote of yours. It is a very beneficial remote, which is enough to control the complete home theater of your home. Moreover, it has also had a somehow complicated way to connect to the device.


What is RCA universal remote?

RCA universal remote is a remote control which used for the multiple devices to control them

When is code being searched what you need to do?

You should point the remote control to the device.

Is the RCA remote beneficial?

Yes, RCA remote is beneficial because you can use almost all the devices with your remote.


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