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Hidden Cool Google Easter Eggs You Should See


Easter eggs can be said as an integrated part of developer personality. There are so many different kinds of people who are highly intellectual and there work has been ever appreciated by the customers who use the products which are being developed by them. The main reason that the easter egg is hidden because the developer wants that people should search for it, and in the end, the developer reward those customers who use to go deep in that. Moreover, when someone shares these gems, which are tricks of magic, then they think that they are revealing now if you have any query, so that will be solved below.

Cool Google Easter Eggs
Cool Google Easter Eggs

Entertaining Easter eggs

To make a collection of Easter egg is quite easy if you want to dig it with passion. Moreover, these Easter eggs are really entertaining. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of them which can be used and are still being used by many for the fun purpose. So let’s start to describe different easter eggs. There you go!


Google is a search engine, and it is a really old search engine that is being used by millions of people today. Moreover, many of the developers did take so many tricks for fun with the feature of search in it. However, developers of Google do have a sense of humor. When you go m=on the search bar of Google, and you are going to write “Blink” in it, then you will see the surprising fact. Here you will notice the word blink will blink in all the search results which you are going to find in it.

Six degrees of Kevin bacon

This is one of the most useful and informative Easter eggs. Here in this Easter egg, the developer wanted you to have an outright fun. When you are searching for the different celebrities and Bacon number, it will tell you about degrees of separation between the different celebrities and Kevin Bacon.

Do Barrel Roll

It is another very good and entertaining Easter egg on Google.  You need to go to the search engine of Google, then go to the search bar and type “do a barrel roll.” Then for some time, you have to wait, then you will see the screen, which will take a roll. These tricks you can do with your friends in school and with your siblings.

This kind of easter eggs can remove the whole day tension from your head. You can also prove yourself to be a genius in front of your friends. If we say, that do a barrel roll is just the beginning so it would be so right. Now you can also use another command, which states that “do a barrel roll twice.” Once you are done with writing the command, then click on the search to see the results. You will witness that the webpage will roll twice which will give you more fun

Bletchley park

This is also an Easter egg that is full of entertainment. Moreover, this is quite an informative Easter egg, and it tells you about the location of the place. Initially, you need to go to the search page of Google then you will write the command Bletchley park. Then it will redirect you to the Google maps, and it will show you the location of the place. Moreover, it should also be very clear to you that the Bletchley park was a central site for the code breakers.

Flip a coin

Here in this Easter egg, if you want to go for an entertaining game and you want to kill boredom. Then you are in the right place. By typing this command in the search bar of Google, you can flip a coin, which is very important in any kind of game. Here you need to determine the turn of a person or team. So it can be very helpful in that sense.

Bork, Bork, Bork!

In case if you have any idea about Muppets, then it can be possible that you also know a chef who is Swedish national who is famous for ending his intro song with the words, Bork, bork bork! Moreover, Google inculcated this term into their language. If you want to change the language settings, then you have to poke your nose in the settings. And here you must be login to your Google account. Here some of the steps are given as:

  1. Go to Google home page, click on the picture of yours
  2. Then select my account
  3. Then you need to click on language and input tools
  4. Then you are required to select the menu bar
  5. Then click on the pencil icon to find “Bork bork bork.”
  6. Then this language can be set as a default language.


Here we have seen many of the Easter eggs, which can be very entertaining for the people. And it will also be a new kind of information to the many people around you who do not know much about this stuff. These Easter eggs can also facilitate you about many of the things which were previously unknown to you.


What is an Easter egg?

Google Easter egg is developed by the user so that they can make it full of entertainment.

What can Easter eggs do?

Easter eggs are the hidden kind of tricks that are kept by the developers. Moreover, they can make you happy with different kinds of tricks. And you must also know that these Easter eggs can be very entertaining too. And it is the nature of a human being that whenever they are able to find hidden secrets, they get exceptionally happy.

How many kinds of Easter eggs are there?

There are many kinds of Easter eggs are there among them some are mentioned above.


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