How To Forward Calls With Broken Cell

If you have a lucrative business and you have to make important phone calls and also have to receive some important calls, then you should have to be very cautious about your phone. And you should be ready for any kind of mishap. Either your phone can be stolen or if it falls from a high place so it can be broken. In today’s life, the mobile phone has become an important thing for a person to use for the purpose of communication. Moreover, all the businesses are mostly run by the people use to check the performance on the phone. Here we are going to tell you how to forward a call with a broken phone.

How to forward calls with broken cell
How to forward calls with broken cell

Forward Calls With Broken Cell

It is known that the function of call forwarding is present on each and every phone. So if you have a broken phone and you want you Forward Calls With Broken Cell  then I am going to tell you the process of forwarding call for different phones like Boost, Verizon, MetroPCS, Sprint, and at& let’s start it!

For your Boost mobile phone

In the Boost mobile of yours, it is a simple way to forward a call on your broken phone. It is known that nowadays it is very hard for a person to live without a phone because due to the excessive use of technology. Moreover, in case a person’s phone has been broken because of some reason, then it becomes a mess for the user. So to cope up with such kind of issues, we prescribe you following ways for your Boost phone;

For your Boost mobile phone
For your Boost mobile phone
  1. Firstly you are required to write “*72” on your phone’s keypad.
  2. Then you have to write the phone number which you want to forward the calls.
  3. Then you have to press the key present on its talk.
  4. And then you will listen to two beep sounds, which is the confirmation of call forwarding.

For your Verizon mobile phone

Here Verizon is your famous wireless phone from which you can be able to do call. However, it is broken by the people, then you are required to forward the calls, and that forwarding call does not take any complex process. The process of forwarding a call from the phone is simple. Just need to type 72 at the start, and the rest of the number after it you have done the call forwarding. In this way, you will not lose any call if your phone is broken.

For your Metro Pcs mobile phone

Similarly, if your phone of metro pcs is broken, and you are unable to call, and you feel serious issues with this kind of situation. So here you will find the simple solution for that, not really different than the other two. In this metro pcs call forwarding by writing *72+number, and the calls after this will be forwarded to the contact you want.

For your Metro Pcs mobile phone
For your Metro Pcs mobile phone

For your at&t mobile phone

If you have a broken phone of at&t, then you should not be worried about that because we got the way out for you to take your important calls by way of forwarding calls. When your mobile is broken, then you would definitely not be able to take calls from that phone, so you want to divert the calls, and for that purpose, you are required to forward these calls. First of all, you need to type on your keypad **21*, and after that, you will have to write the number on which you want calls, then you have to push the call button. Soon after that, your wireless receiver will show you a message that calls forwarding has been enabled. Here you can enjoy the significant calls which you will require to take e from the people you wanted to.

 For your Sprint mobile phone

If you have a broken phone of sprint and you want to forward the calls to another number, and you do not know how to do it. Then you are in the right place here we are going to tell you how to enable call forwarding on your sprint phone. First of all, you need to hold the receiver and wait for the tone. Then you need to type on your keypad *74 and afterward write the number on which you want the calls, so by sending it or pressing the call button, and you will enable it. Now you are able to take calls on another number.

Advantages of call forwarding

There are so many advantages of the call forwarding. Call forwarding is ever done in case if there is an issue faced by one number, and the other is going to have to transfer the call to the other number. In this case, you would not leave any call, and you will make it to have each and every call. Moreover, call forwarding can save your public dealing because you know that if you are doing business and you are continuously dropping different calls from the customer or partner, then it will negatively hit your business.


It has been thoroughly discussed how to forward the calls if the phone is broken. There are multiple phones discussed through which a person can forward the call. In case if a person is a businessman and he does no know how to enable call forwarding, and suddenly his phone is broken. So he will have to face hefty losses.


How is it difficult to froward call from a broken phone?

It is very difficult to forward a call from a broken phone because do not work properly.

Why call forwarding is important?

Call forwarding is really important because it does not let any of the call escape from your hands. If you have an urgent call to take and duet the broken phone or no service on the becomes a hurdle, you will curse yourself.



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