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How to make a Fake Virus Prank to amaze Friends ?


Human nature like everything that is related to fun, and pranking people is one of them. You may have been pranked by people at some stage of your life or you may have pranked someone. As we know, our lives are full of computer and tablets nowadays and you must be wondering how to do a fake virus prank on a computer?

How to enjoy the fun part of the computer? How to make my friend fool by applying a harmless prank? Don’t worry, I am telling you how you can do this. These fake viruses may seem harmful to you, but in reality, they are not. Applying these fake virus pranks on your friends’ computer or tablet will take your enjoyment level to a whole new world. So let’s begin with it.

Create a Fake Virus to Prank Your Friends

Whenever we hear of words Virus or malware, there comes a thought in our minds that as we are going to lose our data, we are going to lose our privacy, someone will steal data and useful information from any computer. But when it comes to pranking someone, it is not about stealing. It is about making someone fool for fun purpose. And for this purpose, you need something on which this prank will be performed. A computer or a laptop would be perfect to do this. Keep in mind that Mac won’t work for performing such pranks. Depending on your choice, you can either create fake command on your friends’ computer or hibernate it for a while. So let’s start now how to create a fake virus.

Method – 1: Display a Fake Blue Screen of Death

have you ever been a victim of  Blue Screen of death simply know as BSOD error? you can easily apply this prank if someone does not know of BSOD error. This prank is considered one of the easiest prank that can be used to fool a friend. BSOD creates a blue screen by the full crash of the system due to which this screen is displayed.

To do this all you need to do download a readymade code by downloading a BSOD.text file from here. Now rename the file and add the .bat extension to it. Wawo, you just created a fake virus prank. 

Method I- Display of Fake Blue Screen of Death

Most of us have been the victim of Blue Screen of death or popularly known as the BSOD error. But if you know someone who has never faced this error, then you can use this method to trick them. This is one of the easiest fake virus pranks that you can play on your friends and confuse them. A fake BSOD will lead to the full crash of the system and the ultimate result will be the blue screen.

To crash Windows with a fake Blue screen of Death, you can use the prepared codes available on the Internet. Try this prank by downloading bsod.txt from here. Rename the file and add the .bat file extension to it.

Method II- EICAR Test File

fake virus prank

You can easily shock a person by a virus attack on their device. The EICAR test files can do this for you without causing any harm to you. It just uses the antivirus suites and a result user is asked to take some kind of actions to eradicate actions. actually, it is an antimalware internationally recognized test. Whenever you will download an app, it prompts a message and asks you to take some protection action. But in reality, the antivirus acts quickly and removes the threat, and so plays a fake virus prank.

Method III- Create an Error Message of your own

This last method is the best of all the methods that can be used to prank a friend. Using a notepad you can easily create this kind of a virus and make your friend feel that he has been hacked. This method has three parts, so you have to all these their parts to make your prank a real success.

Part I – Just Write a Sample Code

Step 1: Open your Notepad on your computer system to create the message. Let me tell you that this code will help you in the creation of a message box on your windows device.

Part I- Write Sample Code

Step 1: Open Notepad or Notepad++ on your system to create the message box. We are mentioning the code that will help you in the formation of a message box on your Windows device.

after doing what I mentioned above, now type this code in Notepad

X- MsgBox(“Message description,” 0+16, “Title”)

Step 2: Save the file with some suitable name on your desktop. Don’t forget to save the file with .vbs extension and also change the save as type from text to all files.

Part II- Understand the Code

Are you confused after reading the above code you just wrote? Don’t worry, we are decoding it so you can easily produce a box with an error message within it to create a fake virus prank.

I’m sure that you would be confused after reading the above code. Therefore we are decoding it so that you can produce the box with an error message as a part of the fake virus prank. To begin with, open the notepad file and you will observe a message box like this.

Just open the notepad file and you will see a box displaying a message like a picture given below.
Fake virus prank

Now let’s decode the different components of this fake message –

Description of the message: It is the actual message the will be displayed in the error message.

Button: This is button type which is exactly below the error message like OK, Yes, No or Cancel.

Icon: It is simply an icon like the info icon that you want to carry the error message to have.

Title: It is the title of the box that contains the message for you.

Step 1: In the code for the message box, you can the number part. Instead of the number, there is written “+” symbol you can use any number from 0 to 5 depending on the operations. These numbers perform the following operation.

0- Ok button

1- Ok or Cancel button

2- Abort or Retry or Ignore button

3- Cancel or Yes or No button

4- Yes or No button

5- Retry or Cancel button

Step 2:  In this part, you can also replace the number 16 with either 32, 48 or 64. Each of the numbers has its own function as given below.

64- Information icon

48- Warning icon

32- Help icon

16- Critical icon

After looking at all these steps, you know the meaning of this error code, which makes it very simple for you to create a unique message for your friend. You can create even a message which will scare your friend or a professional one which will make your friend think that his computer RAM has just stopped working. Just type the code given above with your message in it, then choose a number according to your desired button, icon and the title.

Remember:  A one line code will create one message box, if you want to create two or more than two, then you must have to write two lines of code. Let me show how you can do it:-

X=MsgBox(“Alert! Virus Detected! Delete Virus?”, 4+64, “Computer”)

X=Msgbox(“Your computer is hacked!”, 3+48, “Fooled You”)

make a fake virus prank

Are you convinced with the message you typed?

Okay, now save the Notepad file on your Desktop. You will see an icon like this when the file is saved.

Make a fake virus fake

Part III- Change the Icon of the file 

The last part of this prank is to make a fake icon instead of the original icon so the victim is fooled and he is forced to open the file. You can change it to anything that looks interesting to the victim and as a result, he opens the file.

Follow these steps to change the Icon.

Step 1

: Copy the file and paste it to another location like Drive C.

Step 2

: Create a shortcut of this file and send it to the Desktop.

Step 3:

Now, right click on the shortcut on the desktop and click on the properties. Select the change icon option and choose the icon you want to change. Press OK.

Now the last part of the prank is to make the icon of this file appealing so that the victim is forced to open the file. You can either change it to the My Computer icon or something that looks original and authentic. Follow the given steps to change the icon of the Notepad file.

Wawo, you just created a virus that will fool your friend. As soon as your friend opens this file, a message box will be opened which will be showing an Error message.  You just chill and while your friend will be experiencing error terror.

That’s it. Now you have a fake error box producing a file on the desktop of the victim. As soon as your friend opens this file, they will observe a message box showing your typed error message. So now you can just chill and have fun as your friend experiences your created error terror.

It is fun to play pranks on your friends’ computer and it is really fun doing that. But make sure that your prank works well, so keep an eye on your victim to execute your plan of terrifying your friend.
so, try this awesome prank on others, and don’t forget to share it with your close ones so they enjoy it too.
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Q1. How can I create a fake virus prank?

A1. You can create a fake virus prank by using online virus generators or by creating a fake error message using notepad.

Q2. How can I make the fake virus prank seem more realistic?

A2. To make the fake virus prank seem more realistic, you can add sound effects, fake progress bars, and countdown timers.

Q3. How can I share the fake virus prank with my friends?

A3. You can share the fake virus prank with your friends by sending it to them via email, social media, or by sharing it through a USB drive.

Q4. Is it legal to create and share a fake virus prank?

A4. No, creating and sharing a fake virus prank is not illegal as long as it does not cause any harm or damage to someone’s computer or device.

Q5. How can I undo the fake virus prank if my friend becomes worried or angry?

A5. If your friend becomes worried or angry, you can undo the fake virus prank by revealing it to them or by helping them remove any fake files or messages from their computer or device.


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