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While some users find the in-built File Manage app in iPhone good enough, it also doesn’t please the majority of iOS users. The main reason why the iPhone in-built File Manager app is not suitable for the majority of users is that Apple doesn’t give access to users to access the internal file system. It means the in-built File Manager app in your iPhone device is useless for your when you want to manage the internal files of your device.

If you want to manage internal files of your iPhone, you can use third-party apps that you can get from the App store. After testing various of such apps, we have rounded up a list of best iPhone File Manager apps that you can use to manage your iPhone’s internal files. So, let’s get started!

Best iPhone File Manager Apps

Best iPhone File Manager Apps
Best iPhone File Manager Apps

Total Files

Total Files
Total Files

One of the best third party iPhone File Manager app that you can have on your iPhone to manage internal files on your iPhone is Total Files. The app will carry you to the default homepage with device folders and downloads. The app integrates with iCloud by default, but users have the choice to add other cloud storage to the app.

The key functionality of the app is its ability to download videos from numerous websites. Users can download media files from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Moreover, the app also allows users to create virtual folders on their iPhone, as well as create new folders and move relevant files from their iPhone and other cloud services. Additionally, the app also features an in-built browser, which is used to download and save videos and for some basic-browsing. The app is easy to use and gets the job done for you.

Key Highlights of Total Files

Below are its main functionalities;

  • Support various cloud services for remote file storage, including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
  • PIN protection to hide and protect your folders.
  • History and bookmark management.
  • Compress and decompress your files.
  • PDF editor featuring annotation and shape recognition.
  • An advanced search feature to search between linked cloud storage and contents within the app.
  • In-built browser for downloading and basic-browsing.

Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle
Documents by Readdle

This is another best third-party app for your iPhone to manage your files efficiently. The app is like a central hub for all of your files and folders, and you can read, listen to, view, and annotate anything you want using your iPhone. The app is entirely free and fully-equipped with every feature that you can expect from a file manager app.

The app makes it easier to import files from a computer, cloud storage service, web pages, or from any other source, and you can manage these files, as well as drag and drop and share them with ease. The app works well for all types of files, including audio, text, and video. You can listen to music, read books, share files, watch videos, showcase PDFs, and much more.

In an era of cloud syncing, the app gives you full control to store and manage your data locally on your iPhone. You no more need to think and worry about your old but important photos when they get deleted by iCloud because you are running out of space. The app is the best iPhone File Manager and a must-have one.

Key Highlights of Documents by Readdle

Below are its main functionalities;

  • Manage your files and share them with ease.
  • Connect it to any cloud service and get access to your personal and business files anytime.
  • Import movies and videos from your computer or any other source and watch them on your iPhone.
  • Set up two-way sync to particular folders to upload your files automatically.
  • Get easy access to your photos library.
  • View, read, and annotate PDF and Office files.



FileApp is yet another best iPhone File Manager that you can use to manage your files with ease. The app offers a fantastic interface and recognizes files automatically by date and type, as well as displays the most recent files that you have used on the app. It lets users create new photos, text files, and audio recordings all from within the app.

Moreover, FileApp also enables users to view their files, images, play media files, and read PDFs from the app. Users can also move their files from PC to iPhone or vice versa. To do this, users can use multiple ways, including FTP, HTTP, or using the desktop version of FileApp. By default, sharing files is turned off, and users can turn it on and set a username and password to protect their data from unwanted access.

Key Highlights of FileApp

Below are its main functionalities;

  • Use a passcode to protect the app when it is launched.
  • In-built photo editor with various filters and enhancements.
  • Import images from the camera and photo library.
  • Background, shuffle, and continuous modes feature for music and videos.
  • Protect files and folders using a username and password.
  • Create and edit new files, including .html, .xml, .txt. etc.
  • PDF editor with annotation.
  • Decompress files and folders.

File Manager

File Manager
File Manager

File Manager is yet another best iPhone File Manager, which you can use for free containing ads. The app can get the job done for you ver well. It features a neat interface, where users can create new files and folders with ease. You can also connect it to various cloud storage services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. and manage all your cloud accounts from your iPhone.

Moreover, the app also has an in-built web browser that can be used for downloading files and some basic-browsing directly from the app. You can protect your files and data from unwanted access using its passcode feature. Additionally, the app also supports Touch ID for devices that have the feature. Users can share files and folders to other sources using the cloud, iTunes or wifi syncing.

Key Highlights of File Manager

Below are its main functionalities;

  • Manage your internal and external files and folders efficiently.
  • Sort files and folders automatically by their types and characteristics to make it easy for you to find them.
  • View and manage all the apps installed on your iPhone.
  • Built-in browser for downloading and basic-browsing.
  • Protect your data from unauthorized access using its passcode feature.
  • Clean up useless files using its storage analysis option.
  • The app is free and also offers in-app purchases.



MyMedia is basically a download manager that you can have on your iPhone to download files, but it also features an in-built File Manager that you can use to manage your files and folders on your iPhone just like any other File Manager app. You can move your files and folders, copy, create new files, and much more.

Moreover, the app also features an in-built photo viewer, audio and video player, etc. which makes it a must-have all-in-one media manager app. Users can also use its in-built MediaCast feature to cast images and videos on the Chromecast. Additionally, you can use its in-built web browser to download files and do internet browsing or use it to get access to your cloud storage account. You can use the app for free with ads, and if you think it works, you can use in-app purchases to get rid of ads.

Key Highlights of MyMedia

Below are its main functionalities;

  • Built-in document viewer to view Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, txt, and more file types.
  • Decompress RAR and ZIP files.
  • Create a personalized playlist by updating audio data.
  • Use iTunes to transfer files from the computer to the app.
  • Built-in photo viewer supporting various types of image files.
  • Use the passcode feature to protect your data from unwanted access.


If you use an iPhone device and facing trouble while managing your internal files on your iPhone using its in-built File Manager, you have the option to download and install third-party File Manager apps. If you don’t know what File Manager app can get the job done for you, above, we have bucketed some of the best iPhone File Manager apps that you can download and install on your iPhone.

The majority of these file manager apps are free to use, which means you can try them out, and if you think it works for you, you can go for the pro version of the app using in-app purchases. If you have any queries regarding the best iPhone file manager apps, you can write a comment below to share it with us.


Below are FAQs asked by multiple users;

Q: What is the best File Manager apps for iPhone?

Ans: Our top picks of best iPhone file manager apps include MyMedia, FileApp, Documents, and Total Files.



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