Top 10 Best Apps For iPad Air

If you have just purchased a brand new iPad Air, the very first thing you will want to do is to fill it with some best apps because without the best iPad apps; your device is nothing. The latest iPad Air features the best possible qualities it can have of both the standard iPad and iPad Pro, which both support the Apple Pencil. That makes them an excellent device for both content creation and content consumption.

While numerous iOS apps support iPad, there are also tens of thousands of apps that are exclusively built to run on bigger screens, such as iPad Air. To help you finding and installing the best apps for your iPad Air, we have assembled a list of the best apps for iPad Air. So let’s get started!

Best Apps for iPad Air

Best Apps for iPad Air
Best Apps for iPad Air

below is a list of the best apps for iPad Air;



If you want to learn and practice a second language on your iPad Air, Duolingo is the app that you should download and install on your iPad Air. The app has stretched its pool of multiple languages over time, and now it offers a dozen choices ranging from Portuguese to Vietnamese. You can use the app for free on your iPad Air to test whether it is working for you.

If it fulfills your requirements, you can go for the Duolingo Plus version at an affordable price of just $9. The Plus version of the app will remove advertisements, and allows you to download the lessons that you can access while offline.

Best Features

Duolingo’s key highlights include;

  • It offers game-like lessons and fun characters to help you build persuasive speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • It offers science-based teaching methodology.
  • Track your progress and work towards your new language learning goals with rewards and achievements.
  • Join the Duolingo community of 300-plus worldwide learners.
  • A dozen of languages to choose from for free.
  • Like the free version of the app? Try the Plus version for seven days for free.



It is impossible to talk best communication apps without including Facebook in the list. The social media giant is home to annoying family members, a storm of baby and pet photos, multiple brands pretending to be humans, and much more. If you like all those things, go and download the app now on your iPad Air. Moreover, you can interact with different people, post your photos and stories of your special moments, stream live videos, and play games with your friends and family on your iPad Air.

Best Features

Its best features include;

  • Connect with your family and friends, as well as meet new people from any part of the world.
  • Post status updates, use Facebook emojis, and start a live stream and share what’s going on in your life with others.
  • Play numerous games with your friends.
  • Follow your favorite brands, artists, websites, etc. to get their latest news.
  • Buy and sell your stuff locally on Facebook.
  • Backup your photos and save them in albums.
  • Watch videos while on the move.

Pixelmator Photo

Pixelmator Photo
Pixelmator Photo

Pixelmator Photo is another best app for iPad Air. If you like to edit your photos and make them more enjoyable on your iPad Air, you should install this fantastic app. It is capable of nondestructive color augmentation and editing to your photos. The app features a wealth of tools to touch up, repair, and improve the quality of your images for fine-grained editing and sharp presets for instant tweaks.

The app has the ability to turn your iPad Air into a mobile photo editing hub. The app is exclusively built for iPads and brings the most intuitive and native photo editing experience that you could imagine.

Best Features

Pixelmator Photo key highlights include;

  • Edit your images using a collection of its advanced and nondestructive color adjustments.
  • RAW support to edit high-resolution RAW images captured from a DSLR or iPhone.
  • Batch edit photos using the whole collection of its editing tools within the app.
  • Groundbreaking artificial intelligence.
  • Incredibly beautiful presets for film emulation, vintage looks, and much more.
  • Fine-tune particular adjustments automatically, such as white balance, brightness, color balance, selective color, and more.



Procreate is another best app for iPad Air that you should download and install on your device. The app is loved by both the creative professionals and aspiring artists, which makes it a leading creative app exclusively made for iPads. The app offers hundreds of handmade brushes, a collection of innovative artistic tools, a blazingly fast Valkyrie graphics engine, and an advanced layer system.

The app offers its users everything they can expect from it, ranging from rich paintings to expressive sketches to gorgeous illustrations to appealing animations. Using the app, you can work from anywhere as it offers an art studio packed with the most powerful features that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Best Features

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Ultra high-definition upto 16 by 4K canvases
  • Appealing, intuitive interface designed for iPad Air.
  • A responsive and smooth sampling of smudges.
  • Create art in breathtaking 64-bit color.
  • It is enriched with hundreds of beautifully crafted brushes.
  • Full-featured layering system.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

Another best app that you can download and install on your iPad Air is Amazon Kindle. The app is a powerful multi-platform reading app that gives users full access to their collection and an incredibly customizable interface. The app allows users to tweak the app’s background, text display, and more for a better reading experience using Amazon’s Whispersync technology to ensure that the settings are saved across all your devices.

Moreover, users can get access to the books they purchased through the Kindle marketplace and numerous free public domain books and promos. The app is ideal for reading on iPad Air devices because of their large screens and is a go-to choice if you are looking for a reading app for your iPad Air.

Best Features

Amazon Kindle key highlights include;

  • Zoom in high-definition images in Kindle books, comics, magazines, and manga.
  • Sync your book library across your devices.
  • Unable to read a book? Switch to its audible book feature to listen to the book within the app.
  • Bookmark sections you think you will revisit, make highlights, and take notes throughout a book.
  • Track your reading progress and view the percentage of the book that you have read.
  • In-built dictionary to breeze through the words unknown to you and characters that you can’t remember.
  • Customize text size, font type, text alignments, margins, and orientation, and choose whether you want to scroll down or turn the pages left to right continuously.



Netflix is yet another best app that you can have on your iPad Air. The app is the streaming media giant, and the free Netflix app allows its users to log in and have unlimited access to stream a wide range of Netflix’s library of TV shows, movies, and Netflix exclusives while on the go from their iPad Air device.

The app allows users to use its search feature to browse through its treasure trove of television and film. The rating system of the app tailors its recommendations according to your watching taste. You can download the app free of cost, but you will need a Netflix subscription, which starts at an affordable price of just $8 per month.

Best Features

Netflix app’s key highlights include;

  • Updated library of TV shows and movies.
  • Browse the latest titles or use the search feature to search your favorite videos and movies.
  • The more you stream, the better it gets at recommendations of movies and TV shows according to your taste.
  • You will be allowed to create up to five user profiles for a single account to give the different members a personalized Netflix.
  • Family-friendly and safe environment for kids.
  • Download your favorite titles on your device to stream them later from anywhere while you are offline.


iPad Air users can take advantage of the vast collection of apps from the App Store. If you download and install the right apps on your brand new iPad Air, they can entirely transform it into something that you will love. If you are one fo those users who own an iPad Air and looking for the best apps for iPad, then above, we have rounded up some of the best apps that every iPad Air owner should have on their device.

If you have any suggestions regarding the best apps for iPad Air, you can use the comment box below to share it with us.


Below are FAQs asked by multiple users;

Q: iPad Air comes with what in-built apps?

Ans: iPad Air comes with some great apps that you use in your everyday life, including Apple News, Calendar, Messages, Safari web browser, Mail, Microsoft Word, and more.







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