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Top 10 Best WinRar Alternatives


Compressing your files is one of the most used features on computers and is used for both personal and business purposes. We compress files and folders to decrease our data size and email them. For this purpose, there is the most popular and most used tool is WinRar, which is used by millions of users.

However, you can get almost everything for free from the internet, and compression tools aren’t an exception. Winrar is a paid tool, and if you are one of those people who prefer free compression tools, then there are various of them as well, and these free third-party tools are available on the internet.

You can use these free tools to compress or decompress your files and folders of different formats for free. These tools are the best WinRAR alternatives and arguably offers much better features.

4 Best WinRar Alternative Tools

4 Best Win Rar Alternative Tools
4 Best Win Rar Alternative Tools

There are tools available for both PCs and smartphones, and you just need to select any of them, which works best for you. Below we have bucketed some best WinRar alternative tools that you can use;

1-      7-Zip


One of the best Win Rar alternative, which arguably deserves the first place in our best WinRar alternatives list is 7-Zip. The tool is open-source and can be used for entirely free. Millions of users use it because of its high ratio compression. 7-Zip offers upto 20% better compression than various other compression tools, including WinZip and WinRar.

Another best thing of 7-Zip is that if you are compression your data to its native format 7Z, then the tool will offer you a compression of up to 40-60%. These numbers rely on the file type you are compressing. Moreover, you can comfortably compressed and uncompressed formats, including ZIP, RAR, GZIP, 7Z, WIM, and TAR.

Key Features and Functionalities

Some of its key features include;

  • High compression ratio
  • Open-source architecture
  • Support up to 16000000000 GB files
  • Solid compressing
  • Use any compression, encryption, or conversion process
  • Unicode files name
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Incredibly small size

2-      PeaZip


It is yet another best WinRar alternative and open-source tool to compress and decompress your files. The tool comes with various new features but has a significantly large size of around 10MB compared to 7Zip’s 1MB. The tool has the ability to support a wide range of file formats and solely focuses on compression and security.

The tool can be used for entirely free with its full functionality and has no paid version. The tool uses two-factor authentication to make and ready encrypted files, which usually works when a selected key factor is combined with a password.

The tool comes with an in-built password manager, which enables you to encrypt your password until you put a master password to access the genera interface of the tool. It also features various non-security functions as well, and you can check or uncheck all of these functions with just a few clicks within the tool’s interface.

Key Features and Functionalities

Some of its key features include;

  • Improved security motions
  • Watermark on images
  • Archives opener and extractor
  • Batch extraction and creation of multiple files at a time
  • Create self-extracting archives
  • In-built encrypted password manager
  • Find duplicate files
  • Delete your files securely
  • Merge and split files

3-      Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver
Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver is yet another best WinRar alternative, which comes with a whole lot of features. The tool is far better than various other WinRar alternatives that are expensive. The navigation of the tool is straightforward and easy, and anyone can use it comfortably.

The tool offers very few options when you are creating archives. It also has the capability to open a wide variety of compressed file formats; however, you can create new archives in only 7Z and ZIP formats. You may encounter a language issue as the main installer is in English, but some users have found Russian on the screen while updating the software.

Key Features and Functionalities

Some of its key features include;

  • Upload archives on cloud services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and Yandex.Disk.
  • Share your files with colleagues and friends by creating direct links to your archives.
  • Compress and open almost all formats of files.
  • High compression ratio

4-      B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver
B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver is yet another incredible alternative of Win Rar and features a professional interface. The tool supports a whole lot of file formats, including ZIP, B1, ARJ, RAR, 7Z, JAR, XPI, TXZ, etc. The software also offers both online and desktop tools.

Users can either download and install the desktop tool to compress or decompress offline files or use the online archiver to compress or decompress online files without the need to download software. The software can be used free of cost but also offers adware during the installation process, so make sure that you declined all those offers when installing the software.

Key Features and Functionalities

Some of its key features include;

  • Full support for compression, encryption, and unpacking for ZIP and B1 formats.
  • Decompress twenty-plus popular archive formats
  • Create split and encrypted archives
  • It is free and also offers adware during the installation process
  • Desktop tools to compress/decompress offline files
  • Online archiver to compress/decompress online files


WinRar is one of the widely used and most popular tools to compress and decompress files of various formats. The tool is free, but to access its additional features, you have to purchase it. If you are interested in compression tools that are entirely free and best WinRar alternatives, you should try the tools mentioned earlier. All of these tools are entirely free and come with a lot of features that WinRar doesn’t offer.


Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: Can I use 7Zip for free?

Ans: Yes, 7Zip is entirely free and is an open-source tool that can be used to place a group of files within its compressed containers that are known as Archives.

Q: Which one is the best ZIP tool?

Ans: Our top compression tools include PeaZip and Hamster Zip Archiver.


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