How To Merg JPG Files

Today’s topic is going to be very helpful and interesting for you. I am telling you that how you can merge JPG into PDF. This article is all about jpg files and I also tell 5 best JPG to PDF converting websites and explain them. Read this article till the end. This article is very informative for you.

Your Reason for wanting to build from one or more jpeg images. It is very simple to do in Windows or using an online PDF converter. Do not need to install any software either.

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How to Convert Jpg to PDF on Windows

If your computer has Windows 8.1 or later you have also a built-in PDF converter. If you have an old version of Windows like Windows 7 simply download and install Adobe Reader Dc to get the same function. We are using Windows 10 it includes Microsoft print to PDF.

Hold and Press Windows+E to open windows file explorer. Navigate to the JPG files you want to convert. Now you can select multiple files by clicking and dragging a rectangle around them or holding CTRL and clicking on each one you need. The files are in the same folder, to begin with. Now right-click on any of the chosen files and click print and then wait.

This opens up windows built-in image printing wizard. You need to change your printer to Microsoft print to PDF. If it is missing from the list then install Adobe Reader Dc. You also use the options available in the wizard to put multiple images on every page of the PDF. Once you have selected all the options and then click on print. You will see the printing process you also have to give a name to file. After this, click on the Save button and now your PDF is ready you can share it with anyone you like.

Converting JPG to PDF Online

Now I am telling you that how you can convert jpeg to PDF Online. You can also use an online converter to combine multiple JPG files into one PDF or you can also create a PDF from only one image.

There are too many services which can do this free for you. They all work in the same basic method. We are using JPG2PDF. Open this site and drag and drop the JPG files and click on the upload files button. Now your files are uploading when your files are uploaded click the combined button which would say download as that what it does. You also have to edit the file name.

5 Best JPG to PDF converting websites

After a little digging, we found the best and free jpg to PDF files converting websites, regardless of whether you are using a macOS or Windows operating system. The websites that we found can create PDF files without compromising the quality of the original images. There are five best websites names are given below:

  3. JPG To PDF Converter for Mac & Windows

This website helps you can combine multiple images into a single PDF file accurately and easily. There are no file size limits needed to upload, convert and download. At a time, you can upload 20 pictures. When your image is downloaded the websites automatically optimizes your image. JPG2PDF Does not leave a watermark on your images.

  • To get started, open JPG2PDF website page and click Jpg to PDF tab.
  • Select your favorite images from file folders, and drop them into a rectangular box with a prompt. This prompt reads “Drop your files here”. when you click upload files it will allow you to select images.
  • If you want to choose more than 1 image, choose the command button on the Mac or CTRL button on Windows.

ilovePDF is very popular Web-based PDF Editor. You also create an account and buy a premium plan, at $4.99 a month.

  • Go to the iLovePDF home page and choose JPG to PDF.
  • Choose the images you want to upload from your file folders, drag them to iLovePDF Website page and drop it when drop files here prompt occur the upload process begins automatically.
  • If you are selecting more than one image to upload click command key on your Mac keyboard or CTRL on your Windows keyboard.
  • You can also change the orientation of images (portrait or landscape)

JPG to PDF Converter for Mac and Windows

Jpg to PDF has two versions designed specifically for Mac and Windows operating systems.

  1. Download the program and open it. Select pictures from your desktop or file folders. To upload images drag the images to open Jpg to PDF converter program screen on your computer.
  2. When you uploaded the images click on convert now at the bottom right-hand side of the Jpg to PDF converter program screen.

Another image converter program is SmallPDF. Small PDF is one of the best image converters. It allows users to convert PDF in any formats such as Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) and excel (.xls or xlsx) files.

  • On the SmallPDF home page, select Jpg to PDF from the available options
  • Upload files that you want to convert by selecting images in your file folders on your desktop, drag it to the rectangular “Drop images here” box and dropping the files into the marked area.
  • When you uploaded the files click on the (Create PDF Now) button at the bottom right side of the rectangular box.
  • Now click on download files to get your converted PDF files.

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Dozens of options available on this website. PDFCandy might as well be PDF Candy store. There are many opportunities to make most of the PDF files with this software tool but you will just focus on converting images.

  • On the PDFCandy main menu, page select Jpg to PDF from available options.
  • Click on add files to select images on your desktop or in your file folders for PDF conversions.
  • When your files are uploaded click “Convert” to start the PDF conversion process.
  • When your image files have been converted to a PDF click download file to view and save it on your computer.







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