How To make a Computer Talk [100% Working]

Having, a computer that copies your voice and talks back to you is more than just awesome. Many of the people had tried too many methods but failed. We are telling you the right way to make a computer talk. We have included are a particular section for Mac users as well.

In this article, I will tell you how you make a computer talk. We will tell you the best methods and tricks. Read this article till the end. We write to each and every information to solve your problem. Give your wrist advises in the comments section.

All methods are hair except the last one make use of a single scripting language called Visual Basic aka VB.

You do not need to learn the language from scratch as we are to share an extract script with you.

How to make a computer Talkback To You

We are going to share a simple script for you to enable’s are the computer, tongue to say: hey, hello.

Unlike most of the other programming languages, you do not need to download a software compiler for VB scripting.


  • First of all open Notepad you don’t anywhere you find it just click the start button and searches for the same (You can also follow start>>programs>>accessories>>Notepad on older versions of Windows)
  • Now enter a short code snippet into the Notepad window. Follow the code given below and paste these codes there.
  1. dim speechobject


speechobject.speak “Hello Master”

  • If you want to change the speaking phrase only reply Hello Master in the code. After this press ctrl + s simultaneously or follow file>> save to get save dialog box.

How To make a computer talk like a Jarvis?

Give a name with .vbs extension such as hello.vbs and click enter key.

How to make a computer talk back to you?

There you go, you can easily open the file ( not an ordinary text file as all of you see in the image) anytime to hear your computer say “Hello Master”. or the phrase you typed.

How To make a Computer say the time

If you want to listen the time from your computer, the tricks that we tell you above does not as the time keeps on changing.

In many cases, you can use the script with a one given below:


Sapi. speak(“The current time is”) if hour (time)>12 then


if (hour time)=0 then


Now again save the file with a .vbsextension, or else you can’t hear or listen anything.

How To make a Computer Talk What you Type

You need a text to speech solution, a window user you can easily develop an app with the help of (visual basic script) VBS.

To make a computer talk what you type, just open Notepad and paste the following script into it do not forget to save it with.VBS extension here too.

dim message,sapi

message=InputBox (What you want from me to talk?) I talk what you type.

Sapi.speak message

after performing these steps, open the file you saved.

How To make a computer Talk on Startup?

You want your computer to great you on each startup. Then what steps you perform? simply use the script I have prepared for you.

set Sapi=Wscript.CreateObject(Sapi.spvoice)

dim str

if hour time>12 then

Sapi. speak (Good Morning Master)

end if

end if

end if

Sapi. speak”The time now is”

if hour (time) >12 then

Now save the file with .vbsextension. After, creating the script the next job you need to perform is to activate it on startup you can activate it on startup by following the steps below

  1.  First of all, copy the file by pressing ctrl+C and go to the start>> all<>programs startup.
  2.  After that process, you will see a folder there, then paste the copied  visual basic script file there without any hesitation.

There you go restart the Computer and you will listen to the greetings along with current time.

If you are using Windows 10, you cannot find startup folder then open the file explorer and enter: C:\USERS\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\startup into the location bar.

How To Make a Computer talk on a Mac?

If you are using a Mac Machine, I recommend a specific tool. You can use the free app known as eSpeak. It has its own voice engine to entice you up in case you are bored with OS’S default engine.

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How do I make my computer talk speak what my type?

  1.  Open the Notepad
  2. Copy the given code and paste it to notepad. The dim message, sapi.message=InputBox(What do you want to say? Speak to me) SetSapi=Create Object (Sapi.spvoice)…
  3. Save the File, after saving the file give it any name with an extension .vbs.
  4. Now Run the file, Type anything you like in the textbook and press OK. and then enjoy.

How do I get my computer to say what you type on a Mac?

Go to a Document, otherwise go to text field and place the insertion point where you want your dictated text to occur. Click the keyboard shortcut for starting dictation or select edit>Start Dictation. the default shortcuts in FN FN  (press the fn key twice)

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Can Word Type what I say?

open Microsoft Word and say start listening into your computer’s microphone to initiate speech recognition. Begin dictating your text and word will write it out in your document.

Is there a way to dictate to Microsoft word?

To use the service with Microsoft word, pull the speech recognition console on to the screen, open word and move the cursor to the part of the document that you are currently editing. Then click the microphone button and start clicking. Click the microphone again to turn off voice dictation.

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What is an FN key on Mac?

A touch bar located on the Macbook Pro replaces the traditional role of function keys on the keyboard. To open the function keys temporarily,  simply click the fn key which is the bottom leftmost key on the keyboard. You can top F1-q F12 as-needed.

I hope the tips and information I tell you will work for you to solve your problem.



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