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How to fix “GWXUX Has Stopped Working” Error?

If you are a Windows 7 or 8 user, you may have come across the “GWXUX Has Stopped Working” error message at some point. This error message usually appears when the user tries to upgrade to Windows 10 using the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app. The error message can be frustrating, especially if you are eager to upgrade to the latest version of Windows. However, there are several ways to fix this error and continue with the upgrade process.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective ways to fix the “GWXUX Has Stopped Working” error message. We will explore solutions that involve disabling the GWX app, updating system drivers, and resetting the Windows Update components. By following these solutions, you can fix the error message and upgrade to Windows 10 smoothly and without any further interruptions.

What is GWXUX.exe?

GWXUX.exe is an application component for Windows 10 updates. GWXUX.exe is also known by its reference number which is KB3035583. However, Microsoft has not provided any explanation for this update. But, according to user reviews, it automatically shows pop-ups which are related to Windows 10 updates, and they invite you to download Windows 10.

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What is meant by GWXUX Has Stopped Working Error?

If you are installing updates on your Windows 10 device and suddenly an error pop-up message appears saying “GWXUX has stopped working” then read on this article, as I am going to tell you some of the most effective ways to fix “GWXUX has stopped working” error.

The worst part of this Windows update is that it can also show you error messages whenever you try to open any other applications. The error messages appear as the following:

“GWXUX.exe is facing a problem and needs to get closed.”

“End Program – GWXUX.exe is not responding”

“GWXUX has stopped working”

“GWXUX is not a valid Win32 application”

Due to these annoying error messages, many Windows users disable GWXUX and take it out completely. I have written a bunch of strategies on how to do that.

How to fix GWXUX.exe has stopped working?

I have mentioned some methods that will help you to fix this error. Follow the steps given below carefully.

Method – 1: Disable GWXUX in the Task Scheduler

In this method, you will have to disable the GWXUX.exe process from Task Scheduler. Thus, follow the steps below:

Step – 1: Open the Cortana Search box and then type “Task Scheduler” in the empty field.

Step – 2: Then click on the Task Scheduler from related search results.

Step – 3: After opening the Task scheduler go to Microsoft > Windows > Setup > GWX on the left plane from the Task scheduler library.

Step – 4: Once you select the GWX folder you will see two tasks which will be enlisted under that folder. Now select both of these tasks and disable them.

Step – 5: Now restart your computer to check if the changes are applied. Also, check if the problem is resolved yet or not.

Method – 2: Uninstall the “KB3035583” (The most efficient solution)

If you are facing this error then just remove/uninstall the update which is causing the error. To remove that update follow the instructions below:

Step – 1: Go to the start menu and select settings from there.

Step – 2: Now in the settings menu select “Updates and Security” tab.

GWXUX Has Stopped Working Error

Step – 3: From here you need to click on the Windows update from the left pane in order to view its content in the right pane. Now click advanced options from the right pane.

Step – 4: Now from the advanced options click “Uninstall Updates” category.

Now you will be provided with a list of installed updates. You can find your desired update and then you can uninstall it from the Uninstall Update option.

Restart the option and disable the Windows Updates feature. The problem is over now. If it is not solved then try using other methods. After applying this method make sure to restart your computer in order to see changes.

Method – 3: Try using the System File Checker

System File Checker or SFC is a built-in command utility which helps you to restore corrupted files as well as missing files. SFC converts bad and corrupt files to good system files that might be causing the error. To run SFC command follow the steps below:

Step – 1: Type Win + R to Run SFC

Step – 2: Type cmd in the empty field and press enter.

Step – 3: After opening command prompt click on SFC/scannow

The command will now start a system scan which will take a few whiles before it scans. Once it gets done you will get the following results:

  1. Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations.
  2. Windows resource protection discovered corrupt files and successfully repaired them
  3. Windows resource protection discovered corrupt files but was unable to fix them.

After running the system files checker restart your computer and check if the error is fixed or not.

Method – 4: Run Antivirus Scan

In this method, you need to check out the system by running an antivirus scan. There may be a deadly virus in your system that may be the cause of this disgusting error. That is why it is necessary to scan your system. If it is due to any virus then by following this method you will get rid of this problem.

Method – 5: Use Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool

To resolve this issue you need to use DISM tool so that you will not re-encounter this error. If you use this tool you will be provided with your desired file so that you can repair the broken or missing updates for your Windows. This tool also generates a log file which is known as %windir%/Logs/CBS/CBS.log. This file stores all of the problems detected by DISM and then it fixes them within the Windows Updates. Follow the steps illustrated below to avoid seeing the error again:

Step – 1: Right-click the Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin) from there.

Step – 2: Now type here “DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth” and press Enter.

Step – 3: Now close the command prompt window and reboot your system.

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Q1. What is GWXUX.exe?

GWXUX.exe is a process that is responsible for installing for Windows 10 and that updates are referred by the update number KB33035583.

Q2. How we can get rid of the GWXUX pop-up?

If you want to get rid of the pop-ups displayed by GWXUX.exe then try following the steps below:

  • Run the system restore to go back and restore the system.
  • Just right-click “Start” select run and then type rsstrui.
  • It will restore the system files back to the back-up copies.

Q3. How do I uninstall the GWX app?

To uninstall the GWX app, go to the Control Panel, select “Programs and Features,” find “Get Windows 10” in the list of installed programs, and click “Uninstall.”

Q4. How do I use the System File Checker tool?

To use the SFC tool, open the Command Prompt as an administrator, type “sfc /scannow,” and press Enter. The tool will scan for and repair any corrupted system files it finds.

Q5. What should I do if none of the solutions work?

If none of the solutions work, you may need to reset or reinstall Windows. Before doing so, be sure to backup all important data and files.

If you have any questions or complaints then do let me know in the comments section. I will try to resolve your issue regarding this topic.

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