How To Fix Dns probe finished nxdomain

Today I am solving DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. Most of the people are worried about this problem. Now is time to solve DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN you need not worry about this problem. Today in this article. I tell you how to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.  It is also called DNS Probe Finished No Internet. DNS stands for a domain name server. The Domain name server loads the website pages from host The one where web pages are stored in the cloud. If you have slow internet connection due to some other issues your browser can show up DNS errors and it is not able to connect with the host. This error is a standard error in Google Chrome. Most of the users of Google Chrome reported that they got this issue frequently.

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How this error occur?

This error occurs because of a problem with a default DNS server, that you are using on your computer. the easy way to fix this server by changing your defaults DNS server to other DNS services like Google’s DNS, open DNS or maybe one of these services. Sometimes this error is created by other causes. In this case, you could not solve the problem by changing the DNS server. At least you can try to clear Google Chrome data (cookies, caught files, browsing the history) you can perform a few command prompt commands as well as uninstalling the app or resetting your modem or router to fix it.

Methods To fix Dns probe finished nxdomain

In this paragraph, I will tell you the five great and useful methods that you can use to solve DNS Probe finished no internet error in google chrome, such as clean up the browser, or change the DNS default server and check the firewall to make sure it is not blocking your browse as an accident

Replace The Default DNS  Server with Third-Party DNS Server

The First step you follow is that replace the default DNS server on your computer and on your device with a third-party DNS server such as Google’s DNS and Open DNS. By mistake, your computer uses the default server that can be pulled from the internet service provider aka Isp. These Defaults DNS servers sometimes are not stable and do not respond. That’s one the causes you got this issue and many other problems.

If you want to replace the default DNS server on your device or on computer. So first you want to read this article till the end. this article is very useful for many users. It is a step by step article that tells users how to how to change DNS server on your Pc or device, you can also change this server on Android, Windows macOS, ios. you can use this method to change DNS server faster and easier.

Full related slug 1: “your connection is not private”The connection is untrusted.

After changing the DNS server, refresh the website to check if the error has gone yet. In some cases, you have to clear/flush the all DNS cache to make it works. if you want to clear DNS cache on your windows pc, open the command prompt after opening command prompt type: ipconfig/flushDNS and then press enter. Changing the DNS server also helps you to access blocked websites. If combined with a VPN service, you can bypass and access geo-blocked content such as Netflix or Hulu

Clean Google’s Chrome History

Now remove Google Chrome data including each and everything. Before removing data you check by using another internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and UC browser to test if the error comes from your browser or not. If you can access websites normally with any of these browsers, then the cause of DNS error probably comes from google chrome browser

(right related slug=backup and restore entire google chrome settings)

If you can not access websites with these browsers, then then the error occurs due to other causes. You do not need to remove google chrome history, caught files or cookies

Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_No Internet Error with the command prompt

If First two methods do not works you should try to fix the Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_No Internet error in your google chrome wit the few commands that help you to reset your local IP address. First, open the Command Prompt program by pressing the windows+R, after writing this then type cmd.exe and press enter again type netsh Winsock reset in the Command prompt program and press enter.

After this process, restart your windows Pc and your google chrome is working to apply this method. This method is easy as compared to other methods. Fix the DNS error by using given commands:

  • ipconfig/release
  • ipconfig/renew
  • ipconfig/flushdns
  • netsh int ip set DNS
  • netsh Winsock reset

now open the command prompt and try these commands step by step. After this, exist the command and then reboot your pc.

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Reboot, Reset and Change settings of your PC

Before Rebooting, resetting and changing settings of your computer’s router or modem. First, you have to check the DNS_Probe_Finished_NO_Internet error. If this error only happens in Google Chrome browsers like UC browser Firefox or opera still works fine. if it does not work then you can skip this method. You can also unplug the power cable of your modem or router away from the source of energy, wait for at least five-ten minutes. After waiting then plug the power cable of your router or modem again.

Uninstall Apps that You are Using For filtering Websites

I hope that other methods do not hurt you. Your problem is solved with other methods but I am telling you another method. Sometimes, FireFall applications or related programs have blocked specific webs for some reasons. You can temporarily disable/uninstall these applications to verify these apps help you. I hope this method helps you to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET.

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The topic of this article is fixing the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. If you like this article so please tell in the comments section. This article is very useful for all of us. Read the complete article. I also explained the methods to fix this problem.







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