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Best Xposed Modules for Android of The Year


Xposed modules are beneficial in regulating the functioning and utilization of your Android device. These modules improve your phone’s functionality to a great extent. Before the arrival of Xposed modules, low-level tweaks were possible by flashing custom ROMs. After the arrival of the Xposed Module, the user can perform a lot of tweaks just by using the Xposed framework installer. The only requirement for this process is that you must have root access on your device.

An Xposed framework installer permits all kinds of customizations within the device, and this allows the users to enhance the aesthetics of their Android mobile phones without implementing any effect on the original system files or settings. Xposed Framework installer uses different modules for several purposes. You can use these modules to make several changes in your device.

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Top Xposed Framework Modules

1. Gravity Box

GravityBox is one of the top-notch Xposed Framework Modules, and it’s the best one for you if you’re looking for a bundle of tweaks in a single app. Flashing Roms is an excellent method of customizing your Android device. If you want to perform such complicated tasks on your phone, then the GravityBox module is the best and highly recommended solution for you.

You can get various exciting features in this single module. You might be thinking about the installation process of GravityBox, let me tell you about it. It is straightforward in case if you have a rooted Android device and also have the Xposed module in it.


  • By unlocking ring targets, it permits the utilization of almost seven app shortcuts on your device’s display screen. It also shows battery arc of your phone around the screen whenever you press the unlock button. It enables Torch flashes when you long-press the unlock button of your device.
  • This feature will allow you to scroll down the status bar and to view notifications even when your phone is encrypted.
  • This feature allows you to customize your quick phone settings panel by adding some extra features and re-ordering them in the scroll bar.
  • Some Android versions do not support the widget resizing. But, if you use this Xposed module, then you can easily resize your widgets the way you want them to be.
  • This is one of the essential features of Gravity Box module. This feature lets you to add-on an application launching button in the navbar. You can add up to 12 application shortcuts there.

2. XBlast Tools

This one of the Xposed Framework Modules are similar to the GravityBox module, but this one is packed with more features than GravityBox. Similar to GravityBox, XBlast Tools also has several features and even more than GravityBox, which makes this the best.

If you want to use XBlast Tools, you must have a rooted Android device along with an Xposed Framework previously installed, but this module has one more requirement, which is a busy box.


  • Enabling full-screen caller picture
  • Multitasking
  • Quiet hours

3. XPrivacy – Module

This module is task-specific, and it deals with your private information, which is not to be leaked or disclosed to any third party apps.

By using this Xposed Module, you can get a complete report about which app should be allowed to get your private information and which should not.

This module allows you to provide fake private information to different apps on your mobile phone. For instance, if you don’t want to disclose your information to a third-party application, then by using this module, you can add a fake location.

However, if you don’t want any app to get access to your contacts, then you can set the settings accordingly.

4. XuiMod – Xposed Module

XuiMod is another Xposed module that contains bundles of features. This module is suitable for enhancing your phone’s display.


  • Showing seconds in status bar clock (e.g., 10: 25:33 am)
  • Battery bar
  • Customizable color for battery percentages
  • List view animation
  • Blacklist apps from using listview animation

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5. Fake My GPS – Xposed Module

Fake My GPS

This module lets you choose a custom GPS location, which will be sen by the apps you use in your device. The requirements of this module are less in number. You need to enable the location services of your device before using this module.

Key Features

  • This module doesn’t send fake GPS locations to other apps in the device.
  • This module does not run in the background. This feature helps in low usage of processor and battery.
  • You can also enable or disable notifications that pop-up on your screen.
  • You can keep a record of your frequently used locations (up to 10).
  • This module also provides a Joystick overlay to stimulate live movements in fake locations.

7. WhatsappX – Module

In this modern era, everyone exhibits a Whatsapp account. This module is specially built for Android devices, and it helps you to add more features to the well-known Android app, WhatsApp. This module also requires Xposed Installer to work correctly.

Key Features

  • Personalization of individual chats by adding wallpapers to conversations
  • Protection of selected chats with pattern lock
  • Options to hide message preview
  • Set reminders to answer contacts
  • Quick reply to chats from notifications

8. YouTube AdAway

This Xposed framework module is function-specific. YouTube AdAway removes advertisements from youtube videos so that you can watch them continuously without any interruptions. In order to use this module, you must have Xposed Installer in your device.

9. Screen Filter – Xposed Module

This Xposed module helps to decrease the brightness of your phone’s screen by putting a transparent view over the display, which is a bit darker than the original screen.
Once you activate this module, it will add a toolbox below the header of your status bar. This module is one of the best Xposed modules. It also allows you to switch the filter ON or OFF and also adjust the transparency of the screen.

This also only needs the Xposed installer to run correctly on your system.

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Q1. Can I use Xposed modules in Magisk?

The great thing about Xposed is that it is a massive library of modules that you can select from. When you install a module, you will get an app with a repository full of modules. Xposed is also available as a Magisk module, and it can even be systemless. That means you can use both Magisk and Xposed on your device at the same time.

Q2. What is an Xposed Module?

Xposed Module is a based system that lets you download and install modules, each of which can make specific changes to the UI of your device. For example, adding the three-dot menu to every app, or enabling the full 20MP sensor for Superior Auto in Sony cameras, or any manner of changes.

Q3. Does xposed work Android 10?

The Xposed Framework is now available on Android 10 in the ‘EdXposed Framework’ module. Xposed Framework can be installed on Android 10, Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo and Android 9 Pie devices rooted with Magisk. Because it is an open-source operating system, Android is highly customizable, too.

Q4. How does Amplify work?

Amplify is an Xposed module that helps users manage and extend the battery life of their Android device by controlling wakelocks, alarms, and services.

Q5. What is YouTube Adaway?

YouTube Adaway is an Xposed module that blocks all ads on the official YouTube app for Android, allowing for a smoother and uninterrupted viewing experience.


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