Is Kiss Cartoon Safe and legal to use?

Kiss Cartoon is one of the most popular websites that is being used for watching cartoons such as animated tv shows. The website’s interface is very user friendly and professional. But there are some problems that you may experience while using this website which is that when you open the front homepage of the website to search for an animated show or any cartoon, you will get a lot of popups and ads and there is also a possibility that your computer may get affected by a malware or a virus.

It streams unlicensed content, and that is why it is not officially legal because all the content on it is for free without having permissions of the owner of the content that is being shared on it. All the movie streaming websites that stream any unlicensed movies or tv shows without the permission of the owner are always considered to be illegal. But in some countries, it is fully legal to host such tv shows or cartoons without permission or license. It is also legal in the US if the streamed content is not stored on your personal computer and redistributing it unlawfully.

KissCartoon has a friendly user interface that the developers have arranged so that any user can easily access their favorite movies or the cartoon shows much quicker and faster. For this purpose, you are not required to have any special devices to stream such content or see it.

The website is powerful, and you can also stream with the help of your smartphone or any personal gadget in HD. Kiss Anime Network runs a lot of other websites as well, which provide pirated content to the users. The sites of Kiss Anime are available on the internet one decade ago, and yet they are still here to help most of the people who love to watch pirated content online. These sites have gained now millions of followers, and they rely on them to access streaming videos and tv shows for free of cost.

There is sometimes a bit of a problem with the Kiss Cartoon website that it is usually down because it has high traffic. So it gets laggy and slow too. It is not a paid website, so it gets bogged down with the increasing number of traffic, so it is not very stable and mostly not available to be accessed.

Is Kiss Cartoon Is safe?

KissCartoon is not a safe link. Such open-end websites are full of viruses, and they badly affect visitors. It is set to display ads and popups just to make money from this open-source website, and therefore, there is huge traffic on it. Hence, causing the website more dangerous for the users and harmful for them as well.

There is a great risk of threats and viruses as the ads are not controlled, and there is no security via any trusted network. There is a possibility that you can download a virus through ads or any file from the available server, so it is still not secure to be used without a firewall or a good scanning antivirus. Hackers are always looking to interrupt other’s privacy, and they can make a lot of changes to your personal info, so you should be very careful about that. When a hacker interrupts your system, or there is a malicious activity with your system, your system gets slower, and it creates a problem for you.

Is Kiss Cartoon Is legal?

Some people also ask whether it is legal or illegal? And as we have discussed about it above already, that it is not legal and considered illegal because of the pirated content on it without the permission of the owner of that content. The Kiss Anime Network hosts all the pirated websites, and they provide pirated cartoons and tv shows to the people. That’s why all of their sites have no right to share any such content that they host. For this reason, the websites are forced to close the business that depends on their location and their servers.

Kiss Cartoon has been shut down many times due to pirated content, but whenever their website gets down, they link up another clone version of this website to be used by the followers of this website. They use another server, and their services are back again, and the users can easily start to watch the pirated content once again.

Unfortunately, there is another problem that there are people who have developed many of the fake KissCartoon websites, which are increasingly acting like a virus or clone versions of Kiss Cartoon official. These websites are replica or the same clones of the original site, and nobody knows who is behind all this. All of these fake websites are using similar domain names, so you need to be very careful and sure about which one is the right one so that you don’t get attacked by hackers or malware and lose any important data.


In this discussion, we discussed about why kiss cartoon is illegal and why it is not safe anymore. We talked about all the things in detail, and we are sure this data is authentic. We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed in detail of this website and what it provides to the users. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Does the kisscartoon still exist?

Kiss Cartoon is one of the most popular sites for streaming cartoons, that was shut down in 2017. But it has alternative servers and mirrors from where it regenerates.

Can you download anything from the kisscartoon?

You can go to and then look for the video that you want to download. Copy URL of the video and then select its resolution and then click on the download button below to start downloading the video.







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