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Top 8 Best Anonymous Browser


If you have concerns about your security and privacy while browsing, the best is to use an anonymous browser that will help you to browse anonymously and browse safely.

Although having your personal data and login credentials online is convenient and allows you easy access to them so that you can access them from any device, it is also a fact that your data can be stolen by cybercriminals and can be misused.

The secret agencies, cyber-criminals, and even Microsoft want to monitor your online activities. Although it is not accessible for anyone to entirely remove themselves from the global grid, some safety measurements will surely help you to reduce unwanted surveillance of your online life.

Best Anonymous Browser
Best Anonymous Browser

The very basic step you can take to reduce your online data footprint is to start with your browser since it is the main element. It means you can use a secure and private browser to maintain your online privacy. It cannot be done by simply turning on private browsing in your web browser.

You have to consider installing a new web browser to browse anonymously and safely.

So, what are the best anonymous web browsers available out there that you should use?

Below, I’ve created a list of best anonymous browsers that allow you to browse without exposing your identity and are almost anonymous, if not entirely. So, let’s explore them!

Best Anonymous Browser

1. Tor Browser – Best Anonymous Browser

Tor Browser - Best Anonymous Browser
Tor Browser – Best Anonymous Browser

If you spend a lot of time browsing, chances are you have probably heard the name of the Tor browser. Tor web browser is one of the best anonymous browsers and has only one aim – ANONYMOUS COMMUNICATION. It is also the best web browser that you can use to access the dark web.

Tor Network makes sure that your location, identity, personal information, browsing history, and online chat are protected from both bots and cyber-attackers. Network Traffic Analysis is the most famous weapon that collects your online data. It has the ability to track your interest and behavior when advertising, which can also lead to cost discrimination on online platforms using location.

Moreover, this technique can also expose your identity to those who want to harm you or steal your online data. The Tor web browser passes your internet traffic through multiple relays and tunnels to deceive the traffic analysis technique.

In other words, instead of sending your traffic directly from A to B, Tor Network sends your traffic on a maze route using multiple locations. This helps to bet the sniffer to figure out the origin of the traffic and where it is going.

Now the question is how you can use Tor Network? Well, to do that, you have to use the Tor browser, which is extremely secure and private, that the US armed forces often use it for intelligence collecting. Moreover, it is also used by other law enforcement agencies who want to access websites without leaving their IP address in those website’s indexes.

Furthermore, you don’t have to go through the installation process as it is a portable browser app that you can carry with you in a flash drive. Regardless of whether you are using a public computer or private one, you just need to inject your USB, launch Tor, and start browsing anonymously.

Even though it is the most secure web browser, it also has a fair amount of downsides. For example, you will find its speed significantly lower than standard web browsers, and the reason is your data takes a twisty route to reach its location. Although it is regarded as one of the best anonymous browsers, it doesn’t guarantee complete anonymity.

If you are using it to access torrent links or for live streaming, it will leave you vulnerable. However, compared to other standard web browsers, it is the best option you can have.

Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows.

2. Epic Privacy Browser – Best Anonymous Browser

Epic Privacy Browser - Best Anonymous Browser
Epic Privacy Browser – Best Anonymous Browser

Do you love Chrome but not satisfied with its privacy and security option? Here is the Epic Privacy Browser. This is another best anonymous browser that has the ability to eliminate more than 600 tracking attempts completely. You will not see those annoying ads, fingerprinting, ultrasound signaling, data crypto mining, and more when browsing one of your favorite websites.

The best thing about the Epic Privacy browser is when you browse through it using an encrypted proxy, your identity and data will be encrypted and cannot be tracked by your ISP, Google, Microsoft, government agencies, and other data collectors.

Moreover, when you are done browsing the web and close the Epic browser, all of your browsing history, web, cookies, cache, databases, etc. will be permanently removed. It means you will browse without exposing your identity, and all of your online data will be encrypted, and when you close the browser, it will be gone permanently.

Platforms: Windows, Mac.

3. Waterfox – Best Anonymous Browser

Waterfox - Best Anonymous Browser
Waterfox – Best Anonymous Browser

Just like Chrome has introduced its secure Epic web browser, Firefox, in response, developed the Waterfox. It is yet another best anonymous web browser when it comes to private surfing. Its analogs that include Basilisk and Pale Moon are worth mentioning here.

So, what differentiates it from standard Firefox? Well, the developers of this anonymous browser have changed various security features, including your data will not be passed to Firefox by default. It will not integrate with Pocket, as well as it doesn’t support Media extensions well.

But all of that doesn’t mean it has compromised on its speed. You will get full speed on Waterfox that your internet offers you on Firefox. While browsing through Waterfox, all of your online data, such as cookies, browsing history, passwords, etc. will be deleted permanently and you will be undetectable.

Furthermore, it also has the ability to automatically block the hidden trackers, which also boosts the speed and improve your privacy.

Platforms: Windows – Mac – Linux

4. SRWare Iron – Best Anonymous Browser

SRWare Iron - Best Anonymous Browser
SRWare Iron – Best Anonymous Browser

Users who love browsing through Google Chrome will find SRWare Iron pretty easy to use and familiar. SRWare Iron is another Chromium-based anonymous browser, and that is the reason why its majority of visuals look familiar to Google Chrome.

However, what makes it different from Google Chrome is the privacy and data protection features. On the one hand, where Google Chrome depends on a UUD or Unique User ID, this is not the case with SRWare Iron.

It strips out the ID data as well as other Chrome privacy options that also include search suggestions. The main goal of SRWare Iron is to eliminate privacy-compromising features and usage tracking to offers you untraceable browsing experience so that you can browse the web without revealing your identity.

Platforms: Mac, Linux, Windows, Android

5. Idyll Browser – Best Anonymous Browser

Ldyll Utopia Browser - Best Anonymous Browser
Ldyll Utopia Browser – Best Anonymous Browser

Idyll browser is an in-built Utopia Ecosystem and an anonymous browser that allows you to surf the web without compromising on your privacy and data protection. What makes it stand out is its core advanced encrypted algorithms and Blockchain technology. In an attempt to provide users security and protect their privacy, it features P2P multi-functional environment and Elliptic Curves.

While browsing through Ldyll insider the Ecosystem, it is sure that no third-party will have access to your online data and browsing history as it doesn’t store your data on its main server. This also means that data leakage, privacy invasion, and espionage are impossible for identity thieves and other data collectors.

To register on the network, you will not be required to provide your personal information, contact, and email details. However, to use the Ldyll browser, you will be acquired to install Utopia first. It is secure, protected, and convenient for its users. Moreover, it also offers messenger, financial transactions, and a mailbox to make your work easy for you while maintaining privacy as well.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux.

6. Dooble – Best Anonymous Browser

Dooble - Best Anonymous Browser
Dooble – Best Anonymous Browser

If you are in search of an open-source, free and anonymous browser, try Dooble. The core aim of the Dooble anonymous browser is to enhance the security and privacy of its users. With QT for its interface, abstraction for the operating system and processor architecture, it makes sure that you can have it on your flash drive and use it on any system that supports QT, POSIX threads, Open SSL, QQ Lite, and more.

The majority of your online data gathered by the browser is stored in an authenticated encryption, and it doesn’t encode data files and its user settings. Moreover, it also uses temporary keys to offer you a session-based model, and the passphrase can be modified without compromising on data.

All of these security and privacy features make it one of the best anonymous browsers that you should give a shot.

Platforms: Linux, Windows, OS X.

7. Comodo Dragon – Best Anonymous Browser

Comodo Dragon - Best Anonymous Browser
Comodo Dragon – Best Anonymous Browser

Do you love using both Google Chrome and Firefox alike for browsing your favorite websites? Do you want to combine their features in another secure web browser and protect your privacy? Then you should try Comodo Dragon that is a Chromium-based anonymous browser with almost all the Chrome features. The thing that makes it better than Google Chrome is its remarkable privacy and security features.

While for Mozilla Firefox, it offers Ice Dragon, a Mozilla-based anonymous browser, and offers various security and privacy and performance features to give you a secure, private, and better browsing experience.

Both Comodo Dragon and Ice Dragon browsers offer unparalleled security features so that you can safely browse without exposing your identity to any other third-party or data collectors. Comodo and Ice Dragon feature that I liked the most is their virtual mode that separates the browser from the host system.

Using these browsers, you will be able to access all the Chrome and Mozilla features with better speed and much-enhanced security and privacy features.

Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows.

8. Brave – Best Anonymous Browser

Brave - Best Anonymous Browser
Brave – Best Anonymous Browser

Another open-source and one of the best anonymous browser is Brave. It is also a Chromium-based browser that sits at its core. You will find various security tools, and that is why I have included it on my list of best anonymous browsers.

It displays blocked ads and blocked trackers in real-time on the screen. With all the security features and enhanced privacy options, it doesn’t compromise its performance and speed, enabling it to load the web pages faster than analogs.

It features a new user tab that loads the sites as a new user, which also means that the cookies and cached will be created separately, and other open tabs cannot access that. This feature enables you to work on multiple accounts without worrying about data leakage.

Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android.

Wrapping Up

If you are running an online business and worrying about your data protection, the first step you should take is to change your browser. There are plenty of anonymous browsers that not only protect your password and online data but also allows you to the browser without exposing your identity while also maintaining your privacy. Above are some best anonymous browsers that you should give a shot. For further queries, leave a comment below.


Q: What anonymous browser should I use to access the dark web?

Ans: One of the best anonymous web browsers that you can use to access dark web is Tor Browser. It lets you surf the web anonymously and protect your online data.

Q: What is the best anonymous Chromium browser?

Ans: Chrome cannot protect your online data. However, if you want to have a similar Chrome browser that has the ability to maintain privacy and protect your identity, you should try the Epic Privacy Browser.


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