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Youtube Comment Formatting [Bold, Italic, Emoji]


The online world is too amazing. Every user of the internet learns new things every day. This learning process is based on mimicking other internet users and search engine research. Take the example of commenting. At first, comments were just simple texts. Then formatting came into the digital horizon and changed the whole theme of commenting. Due to formatting, users became able to express effectively. This article will tell you about YouTube comment formatting. After reading this post, you will become able to format effectively in your comments. That’s why you must keep reading to find out more.

What is YouTube?

It is a platform that enables users to upload videos. Initially, this platform was used to upload short clips. But later, the management allowed long-form videos. Now, it has become an essential part of everyday life. People listen to music on it, watch informational videos, watch TV shows, watch educational videos, and earn from videos. YouTube has a monetization program, which allows the channel owners to earn money by placing ads before or during their videos. You can earn $2500 if your video views cross one million. Moreover, you can also produce sponsored videos to earn more. Many people had already made millions producing videos for YouTube.

What is YouTube commenting?

YouTube offers its users the option of liking the video, disliking the video, sharing the video, and commenting on the video. Users watch the video and react by one of the above options. Most people do not react. But a majority of users express themselves through comments. These comments can be in praise of video, questions regarding the video content, opinion about the video content, and critical decision regarding the video content. YouTube commenting is another way to express freely and enjoy the freedom of expression.

What is YouTube comment formatting?

It is the practice of formatting the text in YouTube comments. You can make the words bold in the comments, italic in the comments, and crossed in the comments. The formatting is done by the use of characters, which we will discuss later in the article.

YouTube comment formatting is easy and a no-brainer. You only have to place characters before and after the word, and the comment will show your desired format. Asterisks underscore, and hyphens are used to format the words in the comments. Other than that, there are no other means of formatting the text in the comments.

Benefits of YouTube comment formatting

The following are the benefits.

  • You can put emphasis on a word by making it italic.
  • You can highlight a specific word by making it bold.
  • You can cross a word to showcase the correct emphasis.
  • Formatting allows you to convey your message with style.
  • Formatting allows you to express your opinion clearly.
  • Formatting allows you to put details in your text.
  • Formatting allows you to convey more concisely.
  • Formatting makes you professional.
  • Formatting converts dead text into a live one.
  • Formatting shows your effort.

How to do YouTube comment formatting?

You need to follow the steps.

  • Open the web browser.
  • Go to
  • Choose a video.
  • Go to the comments section.
  • You must type your comment.

Bold Youtube Comments

youtube bold comments

  • If you want a word to be bold, then enclose it in asterisks. For example, if you write *help*, then the word help will appear bold.

Italic Youtube Comments

Youtube Italic Text

  • If you want a word to appear italic, then enclose it in underscores. For example, if you write _help_, then help will appear italic.

Strikethrough Youtube Comment

youtube strikethrough comments

  • If you want a word to appear crossed or strike-through, then enclose it in hyphens. For example, if you write –help-, then the word help will appear strike through.

Other Youtube Comment Formats

  • You can also mix formats.
  • If you want a word to appear both bold and italic, then enclose it in both asterisks and underscores. For example, if you write _*help*_, then help will appear bold and italic.
  • If you want a word to appear both bold and strike-through, then enclose it in both asterisks and hyphens. For example, if you write -*help*-, then help will appear bold and strike-through.
  • If you mix the use of asterisks, hyphens, and underscore without the order, then formatting will never work.
  • That’s why you must use the proper order for formatting.
  • Now, you can use this YouTube comment formatting technique to beautify your comments.

Wrap up

We have mentioned the proper method for YouTube comment formatting.It is the only method that works on the interface of YouTube. There is no other way to format YouTube comments. We hope that this method will benefit you in your online interactions. You can also mix the formatting of comments with the use of emoji, which also contributes to the expression. This method of formatting will change the way of your engagement on YouTube.

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Frequently Asked questions

Q1: Did Youtube change its font?

Ans: Yes, the font is changed. The new font is Roboto. It was made for Android by Google, and it had made its way up to YouTube. The company tested the font with a group of limited users. After that, Roboto is rolled out for all users. The sources from YouTube has confirmed that Roboto is now a permanent font for YouTube.

Q2: How do you make comments on YouTube?

Ans:  The procedure is below described in steps.

  • You need to search for the video clicking the search box and entering the video name or keywords, and then hitting the enter button.
  • After that, you must select the video from the search result page.
  • You must scroll down to the bottom where the comments section is present.
  • You need to click “Add a public comment.”
  • After that, you have to write a comment.
  • Then you must click “comment.”
  • You can also reply to the other comments by clicking on the reply button under every comment.
  • Along with the reply button, there will also be an option of liking the comment, which you can recognize by a heart icon.


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