September 13

Top 10 Books on Information Technology and Computer Science


If you are not satisfied with your college or university studying materials only and seek some auxiliary books to boost your knowledge in Information Technology, and Computer Science, this guide is a must. We asked a team of computer science assignment experts from to provide the list of the most interesting books. Here, you can learn the top 10 books which have positive reviews and rankings among students involved in studying these disciplines. So, grab your notebook, and write down the options you liked the most.

#1 Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths

To have a better understanding of computers, and the technology behind their functionality, you have to learn algorithms. This book by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths introduces students to various constraints occurring in real life. You can understand how to use those algorithms, and implement particular programming techniques. A good thing about the book is that it features simple English aimed at simplifying complex terms. Real-life examples relate to theories and their understanding. Who may find it helpful? Those who need to apply algorithms in everyday working activity. 

#2 Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas. H. Cormen

The next book for your consideration is Introduction to Algorithms for computer engineers. However, it is also the same useful for only starting professionals who only discover the art of computer technology. You can refer to the Computer Science chapter to understand the fundamental aspects of our gadgets. 

#3 The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan

All computer science students understand that their primary focus is on the C programming language which hides many pitfalls. This book is like an instruction to learn the main benefits, and features of this language. It is ideal for beginners. It is structured the way you step-by-step answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the C. Beyond that, it helps further on understanding the science behind such languages as C+, C++ among others. There are real-life examples of the application of C. And, it is just one of the best-selling books taking into consideration the programming language.

#4 The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder

You will learn about the invention of computers, their explicit history, and their modern use. Students may use it to understand the steps behind the introduction of new gadgets, and how professionals referred to all machines in the past. Beyond that, it will help you understand the ethics behind the inventions of gadgets. 

#5 The Art of Computer Programming, Fundamentals of Algorithm by Donald Ervin Knuth

This is another must-to-read book for learning algorithms. You can get to know where to use one or another program, or software to run computers. It will involve analytics behind it all. Then, there are chapters on databases, and different types of memories in computers. Who may like it? Those who need to acknowledge the basics of algorithms, external and internal memories. 

#6 Superintelligence: Path, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom

Theories are fine, however, modern computer engineers should also possess superintelligence to run computers. In simple terms, a book is dedicated to explaining the brain of computers, how they work, and how they exceed our expectations daily. You may find key pros and cons of using gadgets, creativity when it comes to manufacturing computers, as well as an introduction to features you can use with your desktop today.

#7 Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable objects Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, John Vlissides, Richard Helm

This book is focused on introducing students to software manufacturing, and the patterns required to make that software run for a long period of time without lags and bugs. You can learn about key design features, specifications on how to make outstanding software. Otherwise, it is a table book for those students who want to know how modern software is just made today.

#8 The Computer Networking by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross

This book is all about computer networking. It explains why networking is crucial in a modern world, how it changed industries and societies, and how digitalization contributed to the world. You will learn about such helpers as protocols, networking processes, programming interfaces, languages as well as various layers of applications. It is ideal for computer engineering students who only start their path.

#9 Codes: The Hidden Language of the Computer Hardware by Charles Petzold

If you need some boost of knowledge on the functionality of hardware and software, this book is a go-choice. You can find information on all essential parts of computers, features that make them run. Moreover, the author tries to explain how computers transformed into the brains of societies that dictate how to live. Who may like it? Choose this book if you want to understand better why computers are not only machines but also our helpers in everyday life. 

#10 The Artificial Intelligence Technology by Stuart Russell

Last but not least, this Artificial Intelligence book will discover for you the world of AI technology. There are lots of theories as well as real-life examples which you can refer to during your studying time. Then, this book is ideal for beginners who do think alone on how to make AI-solutions that can help introduce innovations to the industry. Apart from that, you can use it again as a table book whenever you need to compare AI to other technologies of the future for various computer science disciplines. 

As you could see, the majority of books by specialists are focused on teaching you the essentials of algorithms, hardware, and software, as well as the brains of modern computers. You can choose any of them, and use them as a reference when you come across assignments because they all are considered valid and reliable sources. If you need auxiliary assistance with your computer science or STEM projects assignment or homework, you can also contact experts online. There you will be helped by experts on time, and at reasonable pricing.


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