How To Use Your TV As A Computer Monitor

If you really have a large beautiful tv, you can use it in a dual way as well as like a tv. You only need to make the right connection, so you gonna make it. There you can also use the screen as tv as well as a monitor of the computer. This is going to be 3a fun because most of the time, people do have two separate entities like tv and computer. However, by uniting both of them, you are making things quite and great, and finally, you can utilize everything maximum.

How To Use Your TV As A Computer Monitor
How To Use Your TV As A Computer Monitor

Steps to Use Your TV As A Computer Monitor

Above all, you have to make sure that your tv must be compatible and for that, you have to see either the wires can be connected with it or not. Moreover, the HDMI cable has finished the problem because here, you can easily be able to connect the devices with each other with the help of these cables. All the recent TVs are equipped with at least one HDMI port that is most clearly labeled on it. Here in some cases, many graphic cards come along HDMI ports, but not all of them. You observe there that there are two types of options for the HDMI you may find on it. Amongst them, one is the basic male- to-male Hdmi link where you have a whole lot of cables from which you have to choose. The other setup is a mini-HDMI connection where the one device has a mini HDMI port that requires the min HDMI to HDMI cable. Amongst them, any option will turn your tv into a computer monitor.

Check the connections first.
Check the connections first.


Case of no HDMI

In case if you do not have any HDMI cable, then you can have to use some different ways to turn your tv into a computer screen. There are options other than the HDMI connection that you can try.

Initially, if your computer does not have any HDMI port, but it has a DVI port, this happened before sometime when the HDMI cables were not compulsory by the standards makers while these have A/V connections, and this was made especially common on the computers with graphics cards or the motherboards that were not just made with the min set of HDMI.

Connect via adopter

In this case, we have to explain that the users run into is when a computer has a display port connection, and it did not have any HDMI. This can be done on new computers that choose to prioritize display port or mini-display port. This is a standard that is common among monitors, but it is rarely seen with TVs. So here, there are adaptors of display port that can be helpful and really cheap and affordable. You can also think of the upgrading of the graphics card also so it can let you pick something with the port so that you can work with it.

Check Audio Setting

Here HDMI also supports the audio, but if you want to route the audio from your computer to the tv, then it must be a bigger task than you have routed the video to the tv from your computer. Then the main thing you should know is the main capabilities of your GPU. You should know that most of the GPU’s have their own HD audio codecs that are built in the graphics card this is a design that is specifically made for the HDMI and main port.

How To Connect Mac with tv

In case if you want to connect your MacMac with tv hen, in that case, I have to give you different instructions by following that you can be able to connect it. Some of the steps are given as:

Find what kind of cable can be connected to Mac.

There are four types of connectors that can be connected to your Mac or Macbook.

  • HDMI
  • Thunderbolt
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • Micro DVI

Find input ports on tv.

After checking the connector of Msc, then you have to check the connection port of Tv. that can be located on the back or along the side of the tv. Mostly these ports are HDMI, VGA, and DVI. If you are going to connect it with HDMI to HDMI, then you will need only one cable, and for all the other types, you will need audio cable separately.

Get a proper adapter.

Once you find the connectors of both the tv and the computer, then you can easily find the proper adapter that you need.

  • In case Mac and tv have HDMI port, you will need only one standard HDMI cable.]

Get a proper cable

Once you have your adapter, then you would be able to take the right cable. If your adapter supports an HDMI, then take the HDMI cable. The cheap HDMI cable will work as the expensive one.

Plug the adapter in Mac

After that, you have to plug your adapter into your Mac.

To connect the adapter with tv use a video cable

In case the tv and the HDMI port, then you can use a standard HDMI cable for that.

Switch your tv to correct input

You have to select the input through which your tv is connected with.

Click on Apple menu

Afterward, you have to click on the Apple menu on the Mac, and you need to select the preferences.


In this article, it has been eloquently described how a tv screen could be connected to the computer. Moreover, it is not really a problem connecting the computer with the computer is not hard at all.


What is the advantage of connecting the tv with a computer?

It can be said that one screen can perform two works it can also be said that the tv screen is two in one.

How can smart v be connected to a computer?

Smart tv supports the wireless so it can be easily connected with tv py pressing the f4 button and select the screen that you want on smart tv.



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