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How To Cast VLC To The ChromeCast


The VLC media player is one of the most popular players that can be used by many of the people for the purpose of listening to music as well as watching movies. Sometimes it gets less enjoyable for a person that it does not give thrill as a big screen can, so it provides a unique feature that will let you cast the video on your tv that will make you enjoy more. However, there are many other media players that are supporting the Chromecast. For some time, the developers of the VLC media are working on Chromecast support. Moreover, and that is finally available in the 3.0 version of VLC. That means now you are able to Cast VLC To The ChromeCast.

How To Cast VLC To The Chrome Cast
How To Cast VLC To The Chrome Cast

Requirements for Chromecast To Cast VLC To The ChromeCast

Here you will require a windows pc or Mac because it is available in the new version of VLC 3.0. so that means you need an updated version of VLC and Windows pc or Mac. Moreover, you will also require a Chromecast device like the NVIDIA shield or TV, in other words, smart tv.

Process of casting video from VLC

Here if you are going to Chromecast, the videos or audios that are running on your VLC media player, so you have to know a little bit about the procedure of doing so. As it is known that without a set of instructions, a person cannot get the things; moreover, they are ignorant without the knowledge. Similarly, here the knowledge of the Chromecast is obligatory if you want to go for it. For that dome of the steps are mentioned as.

Turn on the chrome cast.

First of all, you have to turn on the chrome cast so that you can be able to cast the videos and audios from the device. And also, make sure that the device is running fine. Moreover, if the device is not working well, then reboot it or do something to make it work effectively.

Open Vlc

Then you have to open VLC as you have to chrome cast the device, so you have to open the VLC because it is necessary to do so.

Click playback

After you opened the VLC, then you have to go further and then click on the playback. Once you have done this, then move to the next step.

clcik on the playback
clcik on the playback

Hover the pointer of the mouse on renderer to will show you multiple devices.

Then you have to click on the renderer that will give you multiple devices. That is going to give you multiple options for the devices among which you have to choose one.

click on the renderer
click on the renderer

Then choose the preferred device

When you find a list of the relative devices, then you have to go for the preferred device.

Cast Videos To The TV From VLC

Here all you need to do is that you have to click on the play button soon after that the video will initiate streaming on your TV. However, you should also know that Chromecast is capable of streaming in HD so that you would be able to enjoy your favorite movies, seasons, and dramas. In case you want to control the video, then you have to use the VLC widow to pause the video. Any type of changes with the videos that are done in the VLC will be reflected on your TV screen. Moreover, controlling the videos from windows is also a fun yo can also do this while your friends are sitting with you. In the time of Chromecast, your TV remote gets useless.

Alternative Method

It is no really difficult anyhow if you want to go through another you can go with the alternatives. There you go:

  • Confirm that the Chromecast and your window pc are on the same page
  • Then you have to install the latest version of it
  • Then you have to go to the renderer
  • After that go to the scanner then to the Chromecast
  • Then you have to accept the certificate to get started with
  • Then play it and enjoy

In most cases, there are different kinds of an alternative to many things, and you have to pick out the best alternative for yourself.


Here we have seen how to Chromecast your VLC as you have noticed that the world has become so much technologically advanced. Similarly, if you notice the world is called a global village just because of the advancement in technological advancement. Moreover, you have seen that it can easily be connected to the tv. Moreover, we have also learned the alternatives, and in case you have initiated a video, then you will require windows VLC to stop it or play it.


What is VLC?

A VLC is a media player that is used for the purpose of watching videos and listening to music. It is all about entertainment.

How can it be Chromecast?

It does not take so long to Chromecast the VLC for this you just need to go to the renderer and from where you can easily opt for the device to get started.


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