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How To Restore Files From Time Machine on Mac


You can easily restore the files on mac from the time machine. Here you can easily get the things back or you can recover the previous versions of files. However, time machine can be used within many apps. There are different some steps given to restore the files are:

How to restore files from time machine on mac
How to restore files from time machine on mac

Steps To Restore Files From Time Machine on Mac

  1. Open a window for the item that you want to restore on your Mac.

You can see the example that if you want to restore a file that was deleted by you accidentally deleted then you will be required to open the documents folder. Then a recovery email will be sent to you so you need to open the email to check it

  1. Then you should use launch pads to open apps on mac

Now you will be required to open the time machine. Then you will see a message that will appear on your screen when the Mac will be connected to the backup disk. The time machine can also be opened up by clicking on the time machine icon in the menu bar. If there is no time machine icon in the menu then go to the Apple menu then go to system preferences then click on the machine then you need to click on the “showtime machine in the menu bar.”

  1. To search the snapshots and backups by using the arrows and timeline.

If you see a light that is pulsing then that is the light that shows that the backup which is still loading on the backup disk and also updating.

  1. Now you need to select one or more items you want to restore then you have to click on restore.

After restoring the files they will return back to their original location. For example, if a document was in a place before it will be returned back to the same place.

How to start up your Mac from Time machine

Fortunately, you can initiate from the time machine back up however if you have any issue with your system and you do not want to recover it for the time being and you are running the new version of the Mac operating system and also you want to keep the things present in it separately.

  1. Hold down the option keys when your Mac initiates.
  2. And when you are going to see the screen of the startup manager screen choose EFI as your startup disk.

Backup of an old Mac

The data on the old Mac can be backed up in case you have changed your Mac and you want to transfer your data from one Mac to another. You will not be able to back up the data on a new Mac without the original mac. You need to choose the option of inherit backup because if you want to replace the previous mac with your new one. You can preserve the past data which was present on your previous mac by plug in the drive into a new Mac so that you can back up your old data. This is the way in which you can preserve the previous data.

How individual files can be restored

The time machine is one of the basic things which allows you to backup all your data not only this but it allows you to get the data individually by selecting the different portions of data. Here we are going to guide you that how individual files can be backed up. There are steps in which we are going to explain how it can be done.

  • Step1: enter the time machine via the menu bar shortcut. If you are unable to see the option of menu bar. Then you have to click system preferences, time machine and then select time machine in the menu bar.
  • Step 2: once you are in the time machine and you are able to restore then you are required to open the folder that contained the file that you wish to restore.
  • Step 3: here you are able to navigate the item which you wish to restore. You can now decide to simply view the file or if you want you can restore it too.
  • Step 4: when the file which you want to restore is highlighted then you can click on the restore button which is present on the bottom of the interface to restore that individual file from back up.


It has been discussed in the outright article that items can be backed up on your Mac very easily. You are required to follow the steps defined in the article. Now it depends on you either you want to restore the file as a whole or you want a single item you can do them both.


How can be files backed up on Mac?

You can easily backup any file on your Mac which you want. You just need to go to the menu bar shortcut key and click on it. Then you can go to the file which you really want to restore. And then click on the button of restore so the file can be restored.

Does the Mac give permission to you restore the individual files?

Yes Mac does allows us to restore the files as a whole and also a single file can be backed up by just selecting the file and clicking on the restore button to restore it.


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