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Best Football Games For Androids


Nowadays, because of technological advancement, the world has become a global village. The basic reason for saying the world as a global village is the communication system of the world. The mobile phone has become the greatest thing of all for the purpose of communication.

Fifa soccer

It is one of the best games which can be played on an android phone for the purpose of killing your time. It is really an exciting game because it has most of the features which make it a real game. It gives you the best graphics which allow you to enjoy more. Moreover, this game is the best way to kill extra time. Some of the features of this game are:

  • It is one of the Powerful league that is under your command
  • You Can Join the league as a participant worldwide
  • It is 11 vs. 11 games where it is a war-like situation
  • You can enjoy 90-sec game-turning mode attack mode
  • You can choose a player from 500 teams
    Fifa soccer
    Fifa soccer

Football strike- multiplayer soccer

It is the best entertaining game present for the android you can make good use of your extra time. It will bring you excitement and fun. It is a multiplayer game that is available on the play store. Moreover, in this game, there are so many exciting features that make it very popular. Some of them are

  • You can play like a different team FC Barcelona Liverpool FC real Madrid
  • With the internet, you can enjoy free kick or one on one mode
  • Another entertaining mode is there in the game called scooters race
  • The gradual development of the team is possible
  • You can also enjoy it with friends as it is a multiplayer game
  • You can challenge your friends in this game which will increase the enjoyment
     Football strike- multiplayer soccer

    Football strike- multiplayer soccer

Dream league soccer

It is one of the best games that has the complete package of entertainment and fun. Moreover, if you want this fun on your mobile phone, then you have to be a member of the dream league soccer. This game is the most demanding game amongst many others. It is also compatible with the use of tabs. Even those who are not fond of such kind of games after playing this game they will be addicted to this. It has very good features to know some of them to have a look.

  • Can participate in 7 cups tournament
  • There are several options to customize the players that can be used to create more fun
  • You can design a stadium here according to your wish
  • Many live events you can take part in this game
  • Also, show leaderboard and ranking list
    Dream league soccer
    Dream league soccer

Score! hero

If you want to be a hero on the ground of virtual soccer ground, you can try it. According to many gamers, it is the best game among many mobile games. It is really entertaining and provides a lot of fun to the player. It also helps you to kill your extra time. It has the best features some of them are:

  • Exciting tournaments in which you can take part in the game of score hero
  • Smooth functions to control the game which makes the game relaxing
  • One of the best graphics includes graphics
  • It also includes over 500 level which is full of excitement
  • You can also win medals with your performance
  • You can customize heroes according to your wish
    Score! hero
    Score! hero

Real football

This is a game that can help you in releasing your stress and if you are feeling bored. This game provides you the graphics and moves just like the real game. I have rules and functions related to the game. This game can be enjoyed by every person, either they are kids, or they are elders. Some of the features of the game are:

  • Only available for the android devices
  • The rules of the game are very easily understandable.
  • You can also challenge the other players.
  • It also gives you the leaderboard and the list of ranking too.
  • It is a kind of game that can be said as a fantasy simulation game.
  • Here in this game, you can also build and customize your own team.
    Real football
    Real football

Soccer stars

It is one of the most versatile and entertaining games which can be played from your android devices to any part of the world. It is a game that has realistic graphics, and it has an easy user interface. This game allows you to challenge the different players. Some of the features of the game can be better explained as:

  • Provides you the opportunity to play with the community of the world players
  • You can play this game with your family and friends to enhance the fun.
  • It offers you the options which can be customizable completely and can be played with different teams
  • You can also play in offline mode here
  • It is integrated with very beautiful graphics
    Soccer stars
    Soccer stars



Theses all the games which can be played on the android devices are full of entertainment. You would not get bored because all of them provide different kinds of features, which can be helpful in killing your extra time. Moreover, all the games are having the best graphics and also provide you an option to customize the team and players.


What is the nature of football games?

Thousands of soccer games present on the internet, which can be played by people. The nature of the game is like original games where there are two teams, and they have to compete with each other to secure success.

Are these games are a good source of killing time?

To some extent, yes, it also depends on your nature. If you do not want to play soccer or any other game, then you will find something other than this.


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