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[Qick Way] How To Erase Your iPad?


People change their handheld devices from time to time and shift with innovation in technology. But before doing that, they have to keep their data safe or shift it to somewhere, where the important may not lose. In this article, we will help you how do you erase your ipad. Before giving away your ipad or deleting the data in it, you have to back up the data or store it somewhere. Otherwise, your data may be lost forever.

So we guide through the following steps to erase data on an ipad for those who don’t know how to do it. There are two easy methods that can help effectively to erase data on your ipad

Methods To Erase in Ipad 

Methods To Erase in Ipad 

The explained methods below may work for you; just work your way and see which plan is most comfortable for you to delete the data from your device.

  • Erasing the data in the ipad setting
  • Erasing your ipad with a third party app or software

1. Deleting the data in ipad setting

In this method, you can wipe the data by going through the built-in settings.

  • On your ipad, tap on settings option
  • Go to the General and then select the reset option
  • Tap on Erase all content and settings option
  • The device will request you to enter the password, the password which you use to unlock the device.
  • Enter the password
  • Wait for ipad to erase the data and settings and let it finish the process
  • It will restart afterward, and everything on the memory will be clean

2. Erase you ipad with an erase software

Other ways to delete the data of ipad are using delete programs. If you want to wipe your ipad data quickly and efficiently, then Dr. Fone is an app that contains the erase tool. It scans the whole device for iOS users and analyzes the data stored on it. You can choose manually, what you want to remove from it. Remember, the data extracted through this app will be gone permanently. This is how this tool works.

  • Download the app on your computer first, then install it in your system
  • Connect your iPad to the computer
  • Open the app and click the erase button in dr Fone home page
  • It will display the option as Erase full data, or delete only private data. If you want to delete the phone, press erases complete data. And if you want to remove specific data, then press erase private data

Follow the instructions of the program, and you can also choose to scan your ipad and choose what you want to delete, and then you can wipe the data. This will allow you to remove the data entirely from your device. There are other general apps in the market too. But dr fone is the best of them all. It comes with a premium version, and you need to buy it in full version before you can use it

Alternative Apps To Delete The Data

iMyPhone Umate pro

IMyPhone Umate Pro is also a trusted app from the Apple store, which helps you wipe your information securely. It lets you choose a specified location or partition to clean and erase the data from your device. It is also a paid app. It scans and previews your data first that you want to delete or erase. Then asks for confirmation if you want to delete it still or not.

iPad data Erase

It is an online paid software available that removes the entire data from ipad and cleans all the settings as well according to the user’s choice.


Ishredder is the most powerful and popular data eraser tool for all types of operating systems such as windows, android, Mac, iOS, etc. It is a secure deletion software that has won many awards since 2010 onwards and is still being used by more than twenty hundred thousand users. It is globally available in more than a hundred countries. It is so secure, and even the govt agencies trust this app and use it for data shredding and data deletion. It wipes the previous data with secure algorithms and rewrites the empty spaces in the memory. It has different methods of use.

If you are using the ipad, it means that you have privacy concerns, and you care about everything related to your device because you pay a reasonable price for that. So it is necessary to take care of this device too. Once you feel like you should delete or erase the data in your device, you cant use an un-trusted app to mess with your device. It can cause any harm, which can cost you a lot. So to avoid risk, paid apps like iShredder, uMate are always available, which guarantee the sure safety of devices and data so that the user may not lose his useful data or the tool may not get corrupted.

Factory resetting iPad

factory reset

An alternative solution for every iOS device is to erase the data by restoring the device to original factory settings. This means, if you want to remove entire data from your phone, You can go to phone settings and go to the system select factory reset phone. Will it prompt a message saying wipe all the data and restore the phone? Click yes, and your phone goes into a reboot loop and then dries the data first. Then reboots again with a new restart like a new phone out of the company


There is a chance of loss of essential data, or sometimes the device may get corrupted. That’s why we always prefer to use safety measures before removing the data from a device. In this article, we provided easy tips to extract data from ipad. Or some software sometimes removes a necessary component from the device, which may affect the performance of the invention as well. So its always smart thought to use a trusted or paid software to deal with your issue and remove your problem instead of getting into more problems.

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1. How to wipe entire data from a locked ipad?

Locked Ipad requires a passcode before removing or erasing the data. Lock code or passcode is something that protects you from unauthorized access of unauthorized users into your device. It stops them from using your device in any situation at all. Passcode appears on the home screen without which you are unable to access the device if you don’t remember the passcode. So when you wipe your data on the device, it requires the same passcode to clean your entire information but first asking from you about your passcode to confirm that you want to do it.

2. How to erase the ipad without any apple id?

If there is a problem, you should call the nearest apple store retailer and get your device checked to see if there is an issue with your device or not. To remove or erase ipad data, you don’t need any apple id. It only requires your passcode. If, in any case, it asks for your apple id, you have to input it. Otherwise, you can go for the hard reset option that enables you to completely restore the device and remove all the components installed on it. In this way, you can withdraw your data from your ipad without using apple id. 

3. How to erase the ipad without passcode?

Ipad or any other device asks for a passcode when you have already set a lock on your device. You need to use that pattern or lock code to erase the phone too. But, if you remove the home screen pattern code or the lock code, then the phone won’t ask for your passcode before transferring the data. Try removing the code first then remove data.

If any of the above solution words, do provide us your feedback and tell us which solution worked for you. You can contact our online support through the given info. Try to contact me on the mail or the number provided for more details. Try these possible fixes and leave a comment to tell us whether this information was helpful for you or not. 

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