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Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch


Samsung Galaxy smartwatches offer a scope of watch styles that can suit various conditions. In any case, the capacity to download applications to redo your watch further is probably the best motivation to get a smartwatch.

A great many people grew up getting a charge out of tales about spies and their wide scope of advanced devices. Smartwatches like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line (earlier known as Samsung Gear) carry us closer to making them a reality. Controlled by very good quality equipment, Samsung’s Galaxy watches let you perform numerous tasks, for example, calling a ride directly from your wrist. However, you can do much more with your wearable.

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Watch applications and appearances that will cause you to feel like a spy. To introduce them, look for the application name on the Galaxy App store and hit Install.

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch
Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch

The following are probably the best applications you can download from the Galaxy Store for your watch.

1. Voice Memo

Samsung’s Voice Memo application permits you to take sound notes on ease. Since these smartwatches have a microphone, you can just raise them to your mouth and covertly record your contemplations while never getting your phone.

1. Voice Memo
1. Voice Memo
  • Moreover, Galaxy watches have some measure of inward storage. In this manner, you can utilize Voice Memos regardless of whether the watch isn’t associated with your phone.
  • The application will save the accounts locally, and when you later reconnect it with your phone, it will move the records over.

2. Find My Car

As a spy, you need to leave your latest vehicle in secret places to abstain from having it spotted. Your Galaxy watch can recollect those perplexing areas for you.

2. Find My Car
2. Find My Car
  • Samsung has a Find My Car application that logs your leaving areas and aides you back to them in case that you forget.
  • It lets you keep a record of where you left your vehicle, alongside a voice update and picture.
  • The watch application shows you the specific situation on a guide and how far you are from your vehicle.

3. 2000 Satellite

A watch face called 2000 Satellite causes it to appear as though you are distantly guiding a plane. Its structure is ruled by a plane’s diagram, the outskirts of which you can arrange as either white or red.

The fly’s head centers to the moment, and the hour is shown inside a hover at its tip. Furthermore, the watch face has gadgets for step check and battery level.

4. Pujie Black

Another one of the best apps for Samsung galaxy watch is Pujie Black, which is a custom watch face creator application that permits you to set and make the most remarkable watch faces for your Galaxy Watch.

4. Pujie Black
4. Pujie Black

Aside from highlights like watch face manager, custom presets, the client submitted library, and much more is there, and you can likewise include custom activities to your watch face, coordinate Tasker, include schedule, import climate, and substantially more.

  • In any case, the most interesting component of this application is that you can have distinctive liveliness styles for intelligent and default state.
  • The app is free, but you’ll need to buy out $0.99 for the Android Watch.

5. Sleep as Android

Despite the fact that Galaxy Watch has local rest following ability, it will not have a couple of highlights that Sleep as Android offers. It does a truly great job of attaching your rest pattern easily.

5. Sleep as Android
5. Sleep as Android
  • Sleep as Android offers brilliant alerts where you can set online radio, Spotify playlist, and custom tunes as your alert.
  • You get a CAPTCHA to explain when you wake up in case you’re a rest sleeper. Making it outstanding amongst other Galaxy Watch applications is programmed wheezing location and recording highlight.
  • You hear it out toward the beginning of the day and dissect the circumstance.

6. Gear voice Memo

Composing on Galaxy Watch isn’t very easy to use, and it would be outlandish to utilize a conventional note-taking application. Gear Voice Memo uses the in-constructed mic on the Galaxy Watch and records notes for you.

  • You can record a sound document of as long as six minutes for every note and move the accounts to the phone later on.
  • The Text-to-Speech highlight works, however, aren’t as cleaned as undeniable record applications, so we won’t depend on it excessively.

7. Spotify

The Spotify application for the Galaxy Watch makes your music streaming experience incredibly liquid. You can utilize it either as a controller for your Spotify portable application or as an independent application.

7. Spotify
7. Spotify

The far off mode changes your Galaxy Watch into a controller. The independent mode, on account of Galaxy Watch’s interior Wi-Fi, works immaculately, and you can get to every one of your playlists with simply the tap of a button.

  • You can associate a couple of Bluetooth earphones and utilize the Watch as a music player.
  • Unquestionably worth creation the best Samsung Galaxy Watch applications list.

8. Uber

You would now be able to book rides on Uber with simply your Galaxy Watch. The application fills in as a buddy application to your cell phone. You need to validate your Watch once with Uber to utilize it to self-sufficiently to flag down a taxi.

8. Uber
8. Uber
  • To do this, open the Uber application on the Galaxy Watch, set a pickup and drop area.
  • It will set up the course and give you the pertinent information, for example, assessed time and the course.

9. NPR One

Begun as a Radio application, NPR One has become a more customized application with curated reports, web recordings, and open radio. The Galaxy Watch form carries all the highlights to your wrist so you can find and tune in to your preferred shows with only a tap of a button.

  • To get the application going, you need to validate it by signing in on the NPR site utilizing your cell phone.
  • The application reads autonomously that, and you can investigate reports even without the phone.

10. Samsung Internet Browser

While it looks bad to read the web on a watch yet in case you need it, attempt the Samsung Internet browser. It is an app for the Samsung galaxy watch that works just in the event that you have a Samsung Internet Browser introduced on your cell phone.

10. Samsung Internet Browser
10. Samsung Internet Browser
  • You can look for pages by utilizing the Google Voice Assistant or choosing one of the bookmarks. We wouldn’t state the experience is terrible, but you can’t generally do a lot of surfing on the minuscule screen in any case.
  • It is ideal in case that you need to immediately look into a subject or watch a video.

11. Timer

Much the same as the Stopwatch, there is no clock application preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy Watch either. The official Timer application by Samsung is fairly negligible. It shows hours, mins, and seconds on the showcase, and you can edit the time by turning the bezel.

  • When you start the clock, it continues running out of sight regardless of whether you press the home button.
  • You can delay the clock by opening the application, and it will buzz when the time is up.
  • The Timer application is free, and you can get it on the Galaxy Apps Store, so you may need custom clock applications for the Galaxy Watch.

12. Map My Run

Map My Run is an especially helpful application when you exercise outside. You can pre-plan your courses while going for a run. It utilizes the underlying GPS to follow term, separation, pace, speed, and pulse.

12. Map My Run
12. Map My Run
  • Your information is consequently synchronized to the buddy application on the phone, so you need not convey it all over the place.
  • It permits you to edit your exercises, see point by point data, plot the sudden spike in demand for the guide, and make a diagram.
  • Guide My Run isn’t just a standout amongst other Galaxy Watch applications, yet in addition, wins focuses for the Android platform generally.

13. Camera Remote Control

This paid application is the best app that lets you snap a photo or record video from your Samsung Galaxy watch utilizing your cell phone’s camera.

  • The watch goes about as a viewfinder and controller for your cell phone’s camera.
  • You can set a clock, record a video, take a preview, zoom, and switch between the camera.
  • Camera Remote Control is especially viable when you have to take a group photograph, and the camera is on a stand.

14. Wrist Flashlight

Spies regularly end up in a dark place while uncovering the greatest secrets. An application named Wrist Flashlight is exactly what you need in those situations.

14. Wrist Flashlight
14. Wrist Flashlight

It illuminates the screen to its greatest limit with a white foundation. You have the alternative to modify the brilliance level and shading, if necessary.

15. Strava

Samsung has an incredible all-around wellbeing stage stacked on the entirety of its Galaxy smartwatches, yet a lot of that info remains in that biological system. Strava is one of the best apps for Samsung galaxy watch around with the capacity to record a wide scope of exercises and offer them to different platforms.

  • You can likewise interface with various clubs, companions, and adherents to share your progress.

16. Monster Vampire

By and large, messing around on your watch isn’t a lot of fun because of the absence of screenland. Notwithstanding, with Monster Vampire, you get the opportunity to play a game without the need to get to the screen ceaselessly.

  • There’s a pleasant story that consolidates your physical activity to advance through the game. It’s a success win, an engaging game, and some activity.

17. SmartThings

SmartThings is another best app for the Samsung galaxy watch that is supported by Samsung. With this application, you can control all the SmartThings gadgets in your House with the Galaxy Watch.

  • You can check the status of the clothes washer, set the temperature of the AC, switch on the TV, and so forth.
  • It offers a consistent interface for SmartThings viable gadgets in your home, and you can utilize it to streamline your life.

18. Stopwatch

Stopwatch is an authority application from Samsung, and it permits you to utilize it as a, well, Stopwatch. Considering the Samsung Galaxy Watch has endless highlights, the missing stopwatch was an astonishment.

  • You can download it from the Samsung Galaxy application store for free.
  • It incorporates a fundamental lap clock and a passed time clock.
  • You can record up to 99 passed times with it.


In this discussion, we discussed the best apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch and its features. Each of these apps is amazing and fun to utilize. The information included here is pertinent and real; we trust this data is valuable to you, and if there are any inquiries, you can leave a remark underneath.


What application does the Samsung Galaxy watch use?

The Galaxy Wearable application associates your savvy to a viable telephone; try to check if your telephone is on the rundown of viable telephones. Utilize the application to oversee and screen your watch’s highlights and applications introduced from the Play Store.

Are Samsung watches justified, despite all the trouble?

In general, the Galaxy Watch is an extraordinary case of sharing time by Samsung: it’s a fair looking wearable with great battery life, a brilliant OLED show, other spec overhauls, and huge amounts of programming highlights. Not to forget, by the day’s end, it’s as yet a smartwatch, which implies it has the entirety of the natural things.

How would I introduce 3rd party applications on my galaxy system watch?

To introduce applications on your watch, open the Galaxy Store application on the associated telephone, and afterward tap the Watch tab to peruse watch applications. At the point when you discover the application you need, tap it, and afterward tap Install. It will naturally introduce on your watch.

What is acceptable night mode on Galaxy watch?

Samsung has likewise included another “Goodnight” mode to the Galaxy Watch Active with this update, which changes the UI to only a straightforward advanced watch face during the night hours. Past that, Samsung has additionally made a few overhauls in the wellbeing and wellness office.


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