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Health is the number one priority for human beings. Every person goes to a hospital or health care provider for taking care of his health. The health care providers charge the fees accordingly. But there is a problem faced by everyone, which is the bill payment. Every health care centre charges differently and collects payments differently. You have to spend time taking the invoices. Reading the invoices, then filling bank challans and submitting them. All this process is tedious, hectic, and time-consuming. No one wants to waste their time. That’s why brings the bill payment service for people of the US. Anyone can pay their health bills online. All you need is the internet connection and details from the health care service provider.

This article will tell you all about this convenient portal. Pay Your Health Bills Online

This portal is made by the parent company Athena health, which was founded by Janathan Bush in 1997. Its headquarter is in Water town, Massachusetts. The company is a pioneer in health billing. It created a network all over the US and connected the hospitals, clinics, and health businesses with a single database. Athena health made deals with all and made it possible to transact the health bills without discrepancy.

During the past two decades, it has served the American people with punctuality and streamlined billings. This company collects payments on behalf of health care providers. does not charge the people but charges the medical businesses.

Services provided by

This portal collects payment from people and pays the health care providers without a fee. The patient requires a quick pay code. This code is a 15 digit code provided by the health care provider on the statement. Following are the services provided by

  • You can pay all medical dues and bills through this service.
  • You can access all health records related to you online. The company has a database.
  • You can request appointments with the doctors.
  • You can reschedule appointments with the doctors.
  • You can update your personal information.
  • You can access the database of health care providers near you.
  • You can compare health care providers.

How to clear medical bills through

The method is simple and easy. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Other than that you also need quick pay code or access ID. These two things are provided by health care providers on the patient statements. Quick pay code enables you to find the accurate details of your medical record and bills. If you enter a wrong code, then you will get the wrong details.

To pay your medical bills, follow the steps below.

  • Start the computer.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Open the web browser.
  • Type in the address bar.
  • You will be directed to the home page.
  • At the homepage, there is a box naming quick pay code.
  • Take the patient statement out and get the quick pay code.
  • Enter the 15 digits quick pay code in the box.
  • Then hit the blue-colored sign.
  • You will be directed to a page with details.
  • These details will include patient info, paid dues, and remaining dues.
  • Cross-examine the details with your statement.
  • After double-checking, proceed to payments.
  • Choose a payment method. You will have more than five options.
  • The payment options will include Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, Bank Transaction, and Money orders.
  • Enter your financial details and hit enter.
  • Your payment will be paid in a few seconds.

pay bills quick pay portal code

Benefits of

This portal is becoming popular due to its undeniable benefits, which are mentioned below.

  • You have access to all your health record at one place.
  • You do not have to wait in lines for clearing your health bills.
  • Your payment is made in seconds.
  • You can compare health services.
  • You can get an appointment from the ease of your home.
  • You can reschedule your appointment through your computer.
  • Your payments are secure and tax writable.
  • You have multiple payment options available.
  • You can claim a refund if your bills exceed the charges.
  • All data of health care providers are available.
  • You can print the copy of the transaction for legal use.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is legit?

Ans: Yes, it is a registered business under govt regulations. And it is providing service for more than two decades.

Q2: How can I get the Quick pay code?

Ans: The quick pay code is provided by the health care provider on the patient statement. If you do not have it on the statement, then ask your health care provider for the statement with the quick pay code.

Q3: How much charges for the bill payment?

Ans: There are no charges or hidden fees for patients. The portal charges the health care providers, not the customers.

Q4: How long it will take to clear my bills?

Ans: Your medical bills will be cleared in a few seconds.

Q5: Can I use the portal statement for legal use?

Ans: Yes, the portal statement is valid in courts, banks, and other entities.

Q6: My quick pay code is expired. Why?

Ans: Your bill must be more than one year old. The quick pay code is valid for only one year.

Q7: How can I have the payment statement?

Ans: The portal will send you the payment statement through email. You need to provide a valid email.

Q8: How can I protect my health information?

Ans: You can secure your health information by securing your quick pay code. Do not give your code to anyone. Otherwise, your personal and health information will be compromised.

Q10: How can I claim a refund?

Ans: You need to contact the portal and claim the refund with the patient statement. You will be issued a check from the health care provider in the minimum time possible.

Q11: The quickpay portal is loading slow?

Ans: Sometimes, due to increased traffic, portal loads slowly. You must refresh the page frequently if your loading is slow.

Q12: Does portal share my information?

Ans: No, your information will not be shared.


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