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Best Open Source Android Apps


The android operating system is dominating 85% of the smartphone market and is the most powerful open-source operating system available out there. It comes in several shapes and sizes, and every vendor and smartphone manufacturer has its own take on the Android operating system. Since it is an open-source platform, it gives users the liberty to customize it as per their preferences.

Open-source offers various advantages. In addition to the Android operating system itself, there are thousands of open-source apps for Android. Below is a list of best open-source Android apps that you can check out. So, let’s begin!

Best Open Source Android Apps

Best Open Source Android Apps
Best Open Source Android Apps

1- Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best open-source Android apps and doesn’t need any introduction. The widely used web browser comes in different versions, such as desktop and mobile. The web browser covers all the standard basics, including bookmarks, add-ons, cross-platform syncing, privacy browsing modes, and much more. Mozilla Firefox went under a significant change recently, offering better and much faster-browsing experience to its users. Though Google Chrome tops the chart in terms of technical open-source, it is the real deal for open source web browsers.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android

Mozilla Firefox Functionalities

  • Only open-source web browser among widely used web browsers.
  • Allow developers from all across the world to contribute code to it and extend its functionality.
  • Extensive collection of add-ons that makes it the easily customized browser.
  • It features numerous tools that are capable of preventing malicious sites.
  • It is entirely free.

2- Sound Spice

Sound Spice
Sound Spice

Sound Spice is another best open-source Android app and one of our favorite as well. The app is an offline music player conforming to modern design language. Sound Spice features a useful and functional user interface. Since it is a lightweight app, so you can download and install this app even on the older Android phones.

Another major feature of the app is that it also offers dark mode, and you can use the app entirely for free. Furthermore, it allows you to look up real-time lyrics and get the lyrics of the song you are playing with just a tap. If you don’t use other online streaming services, this app is worth trying.

Platforms: Android

Sound Spice Functionalities

  • Lightweight, offline music player and can be used even on older Android devices.
  • High-quality sound using Android’s latest and powerful audio engine.
  • Lookup for lyrics of the song you are playing with just one tap.
  • It is entirely free.
  • It features the dark mode.
  • Beautiful and easy to navigate interface.

3- NextCloud


NextCloud is another best open-source Android app. The app is a cloud storage tool and works really great. To use the app, you just need to set up the app on your phone and the server on your desktop and then use your desktop as cloud storage. It also allows you to store your file with NextCloud by paying any other cloud service.

Whatever the case is, the app works like many other cloud storage services. It allows you to sync your documents, files, photos, and other data. The user interface of the app is clean and offers features, such as automatically upload photos and videos, multi-account support, and file sharing. Though you can’t compare it to other popular cloud storage services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, it works reasonably well.

Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS


  • Beautiful, easy, and modern user interface.
  • Share your files with others instantly.
  • Automatically upload your files on your NextCloud server.
  • Synced your favorite files and folders.
  • Instantly upload photos, videos, documents, etc. from your device.
  • Multi-account support.

4- Kodi


Kodi is another popular and best open-source Android media player app. The app offers uncountable to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, videos, and live TV. The app allows you to add add-ons and Kodi repositories to manage your collection and download or stream content efficiently. In addition, to stream and watch your favorite content from multiple sources, you can also enjoy retro games on the platform, as well as change the theme skin that suits your preferences. The app works on various other platforms and allows you to stream your content from anywhere and anytime.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, (TV boxes and streaming sticks)


  • Uncountable options to stream TV shows, movies, videos, and even live TV.
  • Efficiently manage your library.
  • Stream content from a wide range of resources.
  • Access your content from anywhere and anytime.
  • Change skin color that suits your mood.
  • Support various platforms.

5- Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager
Amaze File Manager

It is yet another best open-source Android app that allows you to manage your files efficiently. The app features a neat and clean user interface, as well as fast animations and the ability to select multiple themes. You can also color codes and apply them to elements individually. Moreover, it allows you to use its in-built FTP, or SCP, SFTP, SMB, etc. options or install other plugins to extend its utilities. You can install download and install apps on your device and create a backup for them in APK format.

Platforms: Android


  • Easy to use and fully-equipped file manager.
  • Neat and clean user interface.
  • Choose themes or select colors and apply them individually on elements.
  • Download and install apps and create their backup in APK file format.
  • Use in-built FTP, or other cloud transfer protocols, such as SCP, SFTP, SMB, etc.


Android is a powerful open-source operating system used widely around the world. It offers thousands of open-source Android apps that can be customized easily. If you want to know about what are the best open-source Android apps, above is the list. If you have such other apps, write us a comment below, so that we can update our list.


Q: Which operating system is better between Android and iOS?

Ans: Though Android has a massive user base and tops the chart of most used operating systems, iOS offers better third-party apps performance than Android.


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