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What is Difference Between Deep and Dark Web?


In this discussion, we are going to discuss the Deep Web and the Dark Web and their differences. Most people don’t know what is deep web or dark web, all they know is that the internet is a source of information and they can surf through the web to get their required data. They don’t have any clue that the deep web mostly contains the benign websites, for example, email accounts that are password protected and some subscription services from the famous or widely used known sources. And those sites can only be accessed from an online form.

Before we start, you should know that the deep web has grown so much in the past few years that it is more 4-500 times much bigger than the surface web, and it is still continuing to grow. Let’s start a detailed discussion about the deep and dark web.

Deep Web

The deep web is all the data that is behind security or firewalls. You can take the examples of user databases, or business intranets, also the web archives, and your password-protected accounts and websites, etc. With the estimate, it is much larger than the surface web. Deep web differs from both the surface web and the dark web.

There is a massive number of those people who want to get benefits from the Deep Web’s approach of allowing anonymous communication and its uses. We have listed some of the people, groups, or individuals who are at a large scale benefitted by the services of Deep web in the past few years.

  • Anti-Censorship Advocacy Groups and Political Protestors
  • Journalists and the Whistleblowers
  • Residents of the Oppressive Political Regimes

Key Points of Deep Web

The Deep Web contains plenty of data, info, and a lot of possibilities, such as.

  1. It has the data related to the internal sites of companies, or associations, and the trade organizations
  2. It is also associated with the intranet systems of schools, colleges, and universities.
  3. Association with access to online databases
  4. Every info of password-protected websites with a members-only access
  5. Timed access pages
  6. Paywalls for the blocked digital content online
  7. Any individual’s personal account info for social media, email, banking, and more

Dark Web

The Dark Web refers to anonymously hosted and accessible websites that exist within Deep Web. You cannot access directly to these websites because they are not indexed through the usual search engines. In order to access dark web, you will need to use special software made for this purpose, which disguises the IP address. The Onion browser is one of the most commonly used software that is used to access the Dark Web, and it is referred to as TOR.

As compared to the deep web, the dark web is very small, and it consists of numerous sites that have an anonymous and popular marketplace. This place is mostly used to sell illegal or restricted products such as weapons, guns, or drugs, and most of people have the firm purpose of doing all this when they get access to the Dark Web. You may think that it is a risky place or very hard to find, but anyone can find it and deep dive into it with the right set of tools.

The dark web requires a browser to access, and it consists of websites which use public internet and those which are not indexed by the search engines to make sure the anonymity. Here on the dark web, only the stolen data is traded, or sold, and used for personal gains or for financial, political gains.

All the illegal services can be found on the dark web, which includes the fraud or selling or buying things through certain sites or stolen accounts or their info specifically. Some other data can be sold, such as credit card number or PayPal info. And the other sites on the dark web sell illegal weaponry or the drugs; some sell imitation and other stolen equipment or pornography. Here you can also find some fake passports and fake IDs or any kind of fake documents that can be used for a purpose.

Some of the major things that you can view or get access to using the dark web are.

Access Stolen information.

When there has been any data breach from somewhere, there is a chance to get access to the information from the Social Security numbers, or also, the bank card numbers can get in hand from here.

Illicit substances.

You can get illegal drugs and prescription drugs and other such pharmaceuticals that are added and sold on the Dark Web. You may also find toxic chemicals that can cause any type of damage to anything.

Disturbing items and services.

The ugliest thing about the dark web is, you can also get murderers-for-hire, and you may find human trafficking, child pornography, or cut down or stolen human body parts, counterfeit goods, and heavy guns for sale.


In this discussion, we discussed the difference between the deep and dark web and how they are very different from the surface web. We hope you have got the required info that we shared because all the info added here is authentic and true. We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed in detail about both of these webs and what they provide to the users. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Is it really illegal to be on the deep web?

It is not actually illegal to visit the dark web, but it provides an access to illegal activities. These websites on the dark web are encrypted that require a software to access to the dark web using a Tor encryption tool. That is also called the Onion Browser.


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