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[Easy Method] How to Change Nat Type on PS4?


NAT is a Network Address Translation that is a method in which a network device like a firewall sets a public IP address for the devices that are connected on the same network. The advantage of the NAT type is the ability to hide the private IP address, which keeps the network secure. It reduces the number of IP addresses from any of the private network. This is good for the connections that are made internally, such as checking your inbox, browsing the internet, or joining a game. And as the connection initiated was from inside the network, so the data will flow in and out of the network easily.

If the NAT type tries to become overprotective then you start to experience problems over the internet and the connectivity, such as browsing or streaming online or playing any multiplayer games online, when all of the other internet activities are going just well with the surfing. The NAT type is naturally a security measure that can become overprotective at times for your network and may dismiss all the connections that are coming from the outside.

In this discussion, we are going to discuss what a NAT type is and what the solutions are to change the NAT type on PS4.

Types of NATTypes of NAT

There are different types of NAT that you can set up for your network.

  1. Open NAT: An open NAT type gives you the best experience with your gaming, but the drawback maybe that it will allow your connection to be totally open to all the public networks. This defies the sole purpose of the NAT, which aims to make it a secure and closed connection. So, if you want to risk your connection with the vulnerability in exchange for a smooth online gaming experience, you should choose this type of NAT.
  2. Moderate NAT: This is a medium level balanced security and connectivity NAT type for PS4. In this, the device will remain limited within a router and will also be able to receive the external connections. This type also lets you easily connect with the online games and you are also eligible to download games and other stuff without worrying about your connection security.
  3. Strict NAT: If you are actually having connectivity issues with the PS4 gaming, then your NAT type is probably set on strict NAT. This means that your console is behind the router and a firewall, and there are no network ports that are arriving in as a data sharing. You can connect to the games and the players online, but no one can connect to you if they want. For example, you will never become an administrator of an online game, or you cant host any games with a NAT type 3.

Checking NAT Type on PS4Checking NAT Type on PS4

You will have to turn on your ps4 to check the NAT type. Follow these steps

  1. First of all you need to go to Settings options.
  2. Then you need to select the Networks
  3. Then go to the View Connection Status option.
  4. Wait for the scan to finish first and then locate the NAT type on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Note your IP address first somewhere which will be your Default Gateway. You will need it at a later time if you want to change the NAT type.

Changing the NAT TypeChanging the NAT Type

On ps4, you cant change the NAT type Directly. The only way to change it is through the router’s options. Each router has its own specific options, so you will your router type first and then prepare a manual before proceeding.

  1. First of all, open your browser from the PC.
  2. Then type the Default Gateway address, which is your IP that you’ve written down.
  3. Then press Enter key to open your router menu.
  4. There, enter your credentials to access the settings.
  5. Search and locate the ‘UPnP’ option that is in the settings and then enable it. This means ‘Universal Plug and Play,’ and it allows different devices running on similar networks to recognize each other.

Step 1: Putting PS4 To DMZPutting PS4 To DMZ

A DMZ is a network that works between a secure network and an insecure network as an intermediate. This means that with the DMZ, your device is able to receive and access the connections from the outside, and it will still remain prone to the intruders and hackers for committing cybercrimes.

Follow these steps to put your console in the DMZ:

  1. First, locate the DMZ settings in the router menu.
  2. Then enable the DMZ and input the IP address of the PS4
  3. Save the new changes in the settings.
  4. Open ‘Settings’ from your PS4 and see if now your NAT type is changed.

Step 2: Forwarding the PortsForwarding the Ports

Forwarding ports is rather a safe method, but it may not work all the time. Follow these steps:

  1. Find the forwarding ports menu, from your router settings.
  2. The forwarding ports are the numbers and types like (either TCP or UDP). You should give it a name and IP address that was previously used, to each individual port.
  3. Then confirm the changes.
  4. Now check the NAT Type on your PS4.

Then after making the changes, your NAT type will switch to Type 2 most of the time regardless of the method. Of you want to switch to the completely open type, then you will need to remove the router.

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In this discussion, we discussed what is a NAT type and how you can change it on a ps4. We discussed different ways to do that and be able to use it as our will. We hope this info was helpful if you have more questions you can ask freely. Do leave a comment and reply with feedback to our mail provided to review this post. We will respond as soon we get notified about your email.


1. Is NAT type 2 good?

The NAT Type 2 means that your PlayStation is behind the router, and your router is aware of the PlayStation, and it is forwarding the incoming packets on some predefined ports to your PlayStation. In this way, your PlayStation is able to receive the incoming packets from the internet, including the connection requests from other players all over the world.


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