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Fix Avast Background Service Not Running Error

Being a Windows user, we are always worried about malicious programs like Viruses and Malware. And that is the reason why we install antivirus software. Antivirus helps us finding and eradicating the viruses residing in our computer system. But as we all know sometimes the Antivirus itself becomes a threat. It creates multiple issues for us due to which our computer system becomes slow and do not work properly.

If we talk about Antivirus Softwares, Avast remains as one of the best among all. According to a recent study by computer experts; Avast is the most preferred antivirus software among Windows lovers over the globe. The problem arises when even the best one has an issue also. If you are also facing this Avast Background Service not running issue, you have also fallen a prey to it. But you need not to worry anymore, I just found an awesome solution to this problem. Within a very short time, you can find a solution to your question: how to fix the Avast Background Service not running in Windows 8/8.1/10 operating system. 


What is Avast Background Service not running issue?

As we know, Windows have Windows Defender as built-in browser. But sometimes the viruses and other malicious programs are so powerful that windows defender cannot detect it thus causing harm to the PC. The user looks for an alternative and better Antivirus Software that will successfully detect and catch viruses on the computer. The try to install Antivirus Softwares that are the best third-party antivirus programs available for Windows 10. The reason people opt to use this third-party antivirus software is that they have additional and exclusive features in comparison to the default Windows Defender of the computer.

The reason why I choose Avast antivirus software to detect viruses on my computer was :

1: Avast is the most preferred Antivirus Software.

2: It has plenty of advanced features.

3: Easy to use Interface.

But, sometimes you might also come across a critical error which says:

“You are unprotected – Avast background service is not running”

When this error appears, you can see two buttons along with the error; “Start Now” and “Resolve all” and the surprising thing is that these buttons do not work even if you press those buttons. The reason why this error occurs and puts halt to your normal tasks is that when you update your Avast antivirus to the latest version. Your antivirus software stops working properly and shows you this  YOU ARE UNPROTECTED  again and again. If the Antivirus software is not working properly, it means your computer could be attacked by viruses. And this is the reason why you should resolve this error as soon as possible you can?

avast background service not running

How to fix Avast Background Service not running in Windows 10, 8, 7?

If you are looking for the solution to this problem then there are many ways to solve this error. The solution of the error depends upon the type of error you are currently facing. I have collected some easy methods for you people to get rid of this issues. All of these methods are tested and are very much easy to apply. Just follow these steps and I assure you will never see this creepy error again.

Try Reinstalling Avast Antivirus

One of the easy methods to solve your problem is to Uninstall and then reinstall the antivirus. If you are wondering you should do that is doing this will reset all the settings back to default. I am telling you how to do this, FOLLOW ME:

Step-1: All you need to do is to go to your PC settings and uninstall the current version of Avast from your computer. Go to settings and Select Apps. In the App section, Search for Apps & Features and Click on it. You can now see that on your right side, there will be Avast Antivirus. Click on Uninstall.

uninstall your antivirus

Step-2:  After doing this step, Now you have to Download the latest version of Avast from their official website.

Step-3: Just Install the file which you have just downloaded.

Set Startup type to Automatic

You can also solve your issue by Setting the Avast startup to automatic.

Follow these steps to make the settings automatic.

Step-1:- In this step, You have to go to services.msc from the search bar of the Start menu. Now from the list of the results, there will be Services; Click on it.

set startup type to automatic

Step-2: After going to the Service Window, Locate the service as Avast Antivirus.

Step-3: Now open it by double-clicking on it. You can easily see that Avast Antivirus Properties Window.

Step-4: Now just go to Startup type section and simply set it to Automatic.

avast startup service not running

Step-4: You must reboot your computer.

Run AvastEmUpdate.exe or Update Avast to start background services

When a lot of people were facing this issue. Avast finally came with an update to solve this issue of the people.

It is very easy to do it. Follow the steps I have given below.

Step-1: Go to file Explorer of your Windows and look for the following path:

C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\.

Step 2: In this folder, you have to locate AvasteEmUpdate.exe, once you have found it, simply run it.


Step-3: Reboot your PC.


There is also another method to update Avast Antivirus.

Step-1: Go to settings then to Apps and then to Apps and Features.

Step-2: Avast free Antivirus will be on the right panel. Click on it and then click on the Modify button. You will see a pop-up box. Click Yes to continue.

run antivurs update

Step-click on the Update button in the Avast application Window.

update avast

Step-4: Reboot your computer.

I am pretty sure that this solution will work If you are still facing the issue. Here is another one also.

Disable Avast Shields Control to Start Background Service

It may not be the permanent solution to your problem, but you can stop this error for the desired time by temporarily disabling avast shield control . Doing this will not show you the error until the next time you turn your computer on. If you want to disable the shield again, simply repeat this time after you restart your computer.

See these steps to stop the avast shield:

Step-1: Right click on the avast icon.

Step-2: From the Menu, select avast shield control. Then select Disable until Computer is restarted.

Step-3: Restart your computer check for the error now. I hope it won’t be shown.

I tried my best to solve this issue for you by giving some useful solutions to it. If, in case, the error still is not resolved. My suggestion to you would be to uninstall it and look for some other antivirus software for your pc. There is some other good antivirus also. All you have to do is to find a good alternative. I personally recommend Norton, Kaspersky,360 Total Security etc.

You can freely ask me any kind of question-related to your problem. I will reply you ASAP and will try my best to resolve your issue.

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Q1. How do I fix the Avast background service not running error?

A1. To fix the Avast background service not running error, you can try restarting your computer, repairing Avast through the Control Panel, or reinstalling Avast.

Q2. Why is my Avast background service not running?

A2. The Avast background service may not be running due to a corrupted installation, conflicting programs, or outdated Avast software.

Q3. Can I manually start the Avast background service?

A3. Yes, you can manually start the Avast background service by opening the Windows Services app, locating the Avast Antivirus service, and starting it manually.

Q4. Will disabling other security programs fix the Avast background service not running error?

A4. Yes, disabling other security programs that may be conflicting with Avast can help fix the background service not running error.

Q5. How can I prevent the Avast background service not running error from happening again?

A5. To prevent the Avast background service not running error from happening again, make sure to keep Avast updated, avoid installing conflicting programs, and regularly scan your computer for viruses and malware.

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