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Top 10 Cool and Awesome Texting Games to Play With Girlfriend

There are a lot of people who are not in a good relationship with their girlfriends just because they are boring or they don’t know how to really enjoy their time with their girlfriends. And as a result, they feel gloomy all day. If you have a girlfriend, you may also come across this situation or maybe you are currently facing this problem. You want to make your relation more interesting and loving but you just don’t know how to do it.

There are many apps available which will give you the facility of keeping your relation interesting but that’s not an appropriate way because such apps become boring too in the end and you don’t want to use these apps all the day. Don’t worry, I am going to tell you how you can play fun text games with your loved ones and have an awesome time together.

Amazing Texting Games to Play With Girlfriend

These games will not only bring you closer to your girlfriend but also have a good impression on your girlfriend. These games are fun in their own way. Your Girlfriend will feel good and will realize that someone really cares for me and is trying to make me happy. I have collected some of the best games to play with your girlfriend and have a wonderful time.

Romantic and Sexy Fun Game to Play with Your  Girlfriend

If you are looking for the Sexy and Romantic game with your Girlfriend. I am pretty sure you will like these games because these games have the ability to drive the mode of your girlfriend off.

Stripping Over Text Game

If I am to ask which texting game would you like to play with your girlfriend first, I will definitely search for a sexy and hot one.  This Stripping over Text Game is the one you would be looking for. It is an impressive game which you involve both of you in the game. According to the rules of this game, you ask some question from one another like where did you first saw each other or what is your favorite color?  The one who will give the right answer will be safe and the other who gives the wrong answer have to pay in form of stripping means remove a piece of their clothes. Wawo, that’s really cool. This game will simply start with a conversation and eventually ends up in a passionate and emotional way.

What If

It is another sexy texting fame or flirting game to play with your girlfriend. This “What if” game is an excellent game giving a choice to both of you. This is not only a conversational game but also a game where you can know about one another a lot. You start a question with “What if” and ask your girlfriend what will she do if a certain situation is given to her. If you want to enjoy at full peak, try to make you question naughty, creepy and sexy and you will receive some cool answers.

texting games to play with your girlfriend

Movie Lines

Your girlfriend talks all the time about movies? If Yes then this game is wonderful to be played. It is a simple game where you have to tell a line from a movie and the other person have to guess from which movie this line is. You can add a sexy touch to this game by adding a theme to this game. If a right answer is given, the other person has to do something romantic and sexy. Believe me, Its really fun.

Looking For some Flirty Game?

Are you looking for a flirty game which you can play with your girlfriend, I am going to tell you about it. Trying these kinds of games with your girlfriend will really help in having a good time.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

You probably have heard of this game.  if not, then I am telling you how can you play this game. You will pick three people and ask your girlfriend whom she would like to either kill, kiss or marry. These three individuals could be her favorite celebrities or even her friends. This game can be really fun if you give her such choices where it becomes difficult for her to choose. The more you make the game interesting, the more you will enjoy.

texting games to play with your girlfriends

I Spy

I Spy is another wonderful flirting game that you should try with your girlfriend, This game can be best applied if you are traveling with your girlfriend. In this game, you reach the next level when you guess the right clue that has given to you.  You will give a clue to your girlfriend about where you are and she will guess it. If she guesses it right, she will pass otherwise fail.

20 question that can be asked from girlfriend and A Fun Game can be Played

I  personally love this game. I have played this game a lot of times and I really love it. It is a very interesting game to play with your girlfriend. These 20 questions are one of the best questions and can be more interesting while playing the game. You have to ask your girlfriend to come up with the name of a person, animal, thing or food. Next to respond her with “Yes” or “N0” questions and tell her what she has just thought within 20 seconds. After doing this, Now it will be her turn and she will do the same. It can be really fun while guessing the righting thing.

texting games to play with your girlfriends

Fun Text Games to Play with your Girlfriends

Looking for some real fun with your GF? Here are some games which you can play using Whatsapp or messenger with your girlfriend.

Talk with Emoji

This game is one of my favorite ones because I love playing it This game can not only befriend with the girlfriend but also but also with relatives and close friends too. In this game, you send emojis to your girlfriend and she guesses what do you want to say. The emoji could be food items and or things related to your girlfriend daily life.

texting games to play with your girlfriends.

Personal Trivia – A must game to play with your Girlfriend

If you want to know more about your girlfriend, then you should play Personal Trivia, Using this game you can ask some personal questions from your partner and know more about her and her life. You should make your questions interesting so your questions don’t look like interview questions. If you are not sure how to ask interesting questions, then let me tell you how I asked my girlfriend when I was playing this game. I asked him If I give her one million questions then how would she spend this money. So, in this way, you can make your game interesting and intriguing. You can also ask her some sexy questions like what would be her response if you kiss her on her cheeks etc. But If you are not allowed by your girlfriend to ask such sexy questions, then my suggestion would be to stick to only non-sexy questions because the main intention of playing this game is to have not to have a discord.

texting games to play with


This game is also a good one. In this way, you can check the knowledge of each other and can even impress your girlfriend. Just give her an abbreviation and she will guess it for you. You can be naughty, sexy and interesting while playing this game. You would be thinking that how to make the abbreviation for everything. Let me tell how, If you want to guess her “HRU”? Then it means “How are you”, In this way, you can play in an interesting game. When I was playing this game. I would tease my girlfriend by even telling her abbreviations which would mean nothing. I would suggest you not to do this because I received a lot of anger from my girlfriend.

texting games to play with your girlfriends

Song Lyrics – Wonderful Game to play with Girlfriend

If your girlfriend is a music lover, and you also have a keen interest in music, then you should definitely check this game. Songs Lyrics is an awesome game to play. In this way, you can prove that who is more lover of music you or your music lover. Do play this, you have to send some music lines to your girlfriend and she has to answer the next lines of this games. The winner is decided on the base of the answer to the lyrics of the game. I always enjoy this game, because I share some really cool with my girlfriend when I play this game.

texting games to play with your girlfreinds

Best Texting Games

Here are some more games you should try out with your crush, partner or girlfriend.

Never Have I Ever

This game is for a group of people, but you can try with your girlfriend too and it will be really fun playing it. It was one of my best game during college time and I really enjoyed it. If you want to know something about your girlfriend and she is not telling you, using this game you can do this. You can ask some silly questions too like who you want to your future husband and make him blush. But keep in mind that you will also be asked by her, so be careful while asking such silly questions.

texting games to play with your girlfriend

Role Playing Game or Story Time

It is a great game for film lovers, then you will love this game. If you are a little creative then you can really impress your girl and will have a good impression. If you write, then you will play this like you are the master of it. To play this, you have to tell a story and then your partner will add to the story. And in the end, you both will make a great story.

The big advantage of this game is that you can know the top secrets of your girlfriend by observing the way she adds to the story.

Reversed Writing

This game could be a little creepy, but it is a cool game in which you engage your girlfriend with you and she will love solving this puzzle like writings. All you need to do is to send her a message in reverse order and see the response, you will have some amazing time doing this. Make it interesting by writing some cool stuff and let her reverse it and guess it.

Life may feel boring with the conventional testing method. But if you are lively, then you can make it more interesting and fascinating with the help of these sexy and flirty with messages. I hope you enjoyed these games and would be thinking to apply these cool stuff with your girlfriend. Keep in mind that you add your personal touch to it. Every person has a different personality and you should play these games according to your personality. Life is short, don’t waste it getting boring, try these awesome games with your loved ones and enjoy.

So pick your phone and open messenger or Whatsapp and give it a try.

I will be happy if you have some cool games in mind too. Tell me in comments and I will be glad to add it to the list of texting games to play with your girlfriend.

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Q1. What are some popular texting games to play with your girlfriend?

A1. Some popular texting games to play with your girlfriend include “Would You Rather?”, “20 Questions”, “Never Have I Ever”, “Truth or Dare”, and “Emoji Translation”.

Q2. How do you play “Would You Rather?” over text?

A2. To play “Would You Rather?” over text, you simply ask your girlfriend a question that starts with “Would you rather” followed by two options. Your girlfriend then chooses which option she prefers and explains why.

Q3. How do you play “20 Questions” over text?

A3. To play “20 Questions” over text, you take turns asking each other questions that can be answered with a yes or no. The goal is to guess the other person’s chosen item within 20 questions.

Q4. What is the objective of “Never Have I Ever” over text?

A4. The objective of “Never Have I Ever” over text is to reveal interesting and possibly embarrassing things you have or haven’t done. One person makes a statement starting with “Never have I ever” and if the other person has done it, they respond with “I have”.

Q5. How can you make “Emoji Translation” more challenging?

A5. To make “Emoji Translation” more challenging, you can limit the number of emojis you can use to describe a phrase or word, or you can use less common or abstract emojis to make it harder to guess the correct answer.

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