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Convert ASPX file to PDF online & Open any ASPX File

Websites are complicated and they involve a large number of configuration files to operate. One of the configuration files is known as the ASPX file, which stands for Active Server Pages. They are used by web servers running Microsoft’s ASP.NET server-side web application framework, and they essentially tell the browser which elements (including text, images, and other assets) to fetch from the server.

Convert ASPX file to PDF online & Open any ASPX File

The ASPX files are entirely used for back end configurations – unless they are using them to configure a web server, users should not be seeing or interacting with the ASPX files themselves. If they are, it likely means that something has gone wrong with the server of the web page they are trying to access. This rare file extension is usually visible on a Windows desktop. So if you are not able to open the ASPX file then you can convert this file into a PDF. You can easily convert the ASPX file into a PDF by using several software or by using online converters. Since PDF is independent of software and is easily readable therefore people prefer it over the ASPX files.

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A Bit More About ASPX Files

Basically, ASPX is the source file of ASP.NET and it is an internet media type text or HTML code developed by Microsoft. ASPX is not an image file, in fact, it is an extension for active server pages.

There are some sites where you can convert ASPX to PDF files online. These files do not open in the HTML format and notepad. Converting ASPX into PDF files will be the best option for you. In this article, I am going to guide you throughout the whole process that how can you convert theASPX file into PDF, how can you open the ASPX file and which sites offer online conversion from ASPX to PDF.

How to open the ASPX file locally

First of all, I will tell you that how you can open the ASPX file locally.

How to open the ASPX file locally

With the help of a web browser you can open and ASPX file easily. Web browsers such as Google Chorme, Firefox and Modern version of internet explorer etc can be very handy to open and view the ASPX document.

But I will suggest you open any ASPX file in Google Chrome browser because from here you can also convert the ASPX file to PDF online. Follow the steps below to open ASPX file in your desktop.

Step – 1: Open the web browser that you use or you can select anyone from the above (try to select Google Chrome)

Step – 2: Now drag the file that you want to open to the tab where you type the URL.

Step – 3: Now drop the file there, the document will be opened automatically.

When you get the ASPX file in your desktop, just right click on it an choose “open with” option and then select Google Chrome from the installed program directory. If you are unable to find the “Open with” option in the right click context menu, just select ‘Open’, and you will see a screen like the above image. Just select “Select a program from a list of installed programs” and press ‘OK’. Browse and select Chrome from the given list. Then the ASPX file will definitely be opened with Chrome.

Now, I will tell you how you can convert the ASPX file to a PDF file.

How to convert ASPX file into PDF

Method – 1

At first, open ASPX file using Chrome Browser. After opening the file, follow the steps below:

Step – 1: Press Ctrl + P to open print page.

Step – 2: At the left plane you will find the ‘Destination’ option.

Step – 3: Select “Change it to PDF” option.

Step – 4: Press blue ‘SAVE’ button to save the ASPX document as PDF file.

Method – 2: By using Online2PDF (to convert ASPX into PDF)

Online2PDF is a web app that allows users to convert various files into PDF. Although it does not have any option to convert ASPX to PDF directly. You can follow this workaround to get that done. If you visit the website you will find a detailed guide. Just follow the steps which I have mentioned below.

Step – 1: To get started, open the ASPX file in Google Chrome browser. After that Ctrl + P procedure. You need to choose ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer’ from the list.

Step – 2: Now, you have to click the Print Button. Your file would be converted from ASPX to XPS.

Step – 3: Now you can use the Online 2PDF tool to convert the XPS file into PDF. Your file would be intact even after making two conversions. You will not face any problem while using this tool.

Price: Online2PDF is available for free of cost.

Pros: It is quite fast. You don’t need to wait for a long time to get the conversion done.

Cons: Unfortunately, this tool is available for Windows devices only. The only requirement for using this tool is Windows computer. If you are using Mac or Linux operating system, you cannot use it at all.

Method – 3: By using PDFelement

PDFelement is a desktop tool that lets you convert ASPX file to PDF with in a couple of moments. As its name defines, it mainly deals with PDF files. From creating, editing and converting – you can do everything with the PDFelement tool.

The user interface looks pretty modern and uncluttered. It has a PRO or paid version which has even more options.

Regrading price, you can download the trial version. However, that might not provide all the features as mentioned. If you want to explore all options, you should purchase the paid version costing $129.

It is very easy and simple to convert ASPX file into PDF.

Step – 1: You need to install the app and open the file first.

Step – 2: After that, you will get an option to save the file in various formats. Use PDF from the list.

The good thing about this software is that you can install it on Windows as well as Mac computer. Although, Mac users do not use ASPX format, you can still find it quite useful if you do that.

Final Words

In this article, I have mentioned some of the most easiest methods through which you can convert an ASPX file into PDF. If you have any questions or complaints then do let me know in the comments section.

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Q1. How can I open ASPX file in Mobile?

A1. ASPX files can be opened online with any Web browser. Please right-click on the ASPX and choose Open in Google Chrome.

Q2. Is it possible to open an ASPX file without using Visual Studio?

A2. Yes, there are various tools available that can help you open ASPX files without using Visual Studio. For example, you can use Notepad or any other text editor to open and view the contents of an ASPX file.

Q3. Can I convert an ASPX file to a PDF using Microsoft Word?

A3. No, Microsoft Word does not support the conversion of ASPX files to PDF format. You will need to use a dedicated online converter or third-party software to convert ASPX files to PDF.

Q4. Are there any limitations to converting ASPX files to PDF online?

A4. Yes, there may be some limitations to converting ASPX files to PDF online, such as file size restrictions or formatting issues. It’s always a good idea to check the website’s terms and conditions before using an online converter.

Q5. Can I edit an ASPX file after converting it to PDF?

A5. No, once an ASPX file is converted to PDF format, it becomes a non-editable document. If you need to make changes to the contents of an ASPX file, you will need to edit the original ASPX file and then convert it to PDF again.

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