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10 Best Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Are you tired of looking for sites like WorldStarHipHop? Have you been looking for the alternatives of WorldStar? Don’t worry here is a list of sites where you can find some awesome sites that are similar to World Star Hip Hop.

You will be wondering what WorldstartHipHop is? Let me tell you about it is a website which is so famous for its outstanding hip-hop and entertainment based videos. Due to its vibrant and outstanding content, WorldStartHipHop is considered of the best shock and crazy videos producing site. It is the choice of people who are keenly interested in some rich entertainment related stuff. remains of the most influential and significant site which has been entertaining people for a very long time. As you know the ocean of the internet is vast and deep. You might be looking for sites which are some good alternatives to WSHH. Let’s have a look on Top alternatives of

Best sites like Worldstarhiphop you should Visit.

There are plenty of sites like Worldstarthiphop, but I tried to present you the best among them.

The creation of goes back to 1998 and is among the best sites for hip-hop on the internet. The Essense magazine which is considered of the best magazines describes it as the “CNN of hip-hop world”.It contains news related to daily life, interviews of the people, multimedia. About five million people visit this site daily and are a fast-growing community famous for interesting content. Its website is a great source of promoting people and singers. so, if you are looking for some cool stuff you should give it a check.

Sites like worldhiphop


sites like worldstarthiphop

Poppinmedia is another site like Worldstar which is good in posting viral videos. It is not as famous as WorldstartHipHop but it has managed quite well in receiving the attention of a vast majority of people. If you have an interest in cultural and rural videos, specifically viral videos. This website is going to be an intriguing source for you.

sites like worldstarthiphop

Do you want some jazzy and leg videos, Boobootv could be the best alternative to Worldstarhiphop.if you are not feeling well or a bit out of sorts, Boobootv is the best option due to its genuine videos which focuses on happiness and liveliness. If you are addicted to Television, it is the best alternative to sites like Worlstarhiphop.

sites like worldstarthiphop

XXL founded in 1997 is an American magazine which produces and promotes hip-hop on a very large scale. It would be interesting to tell you that one of the famous rapper Eminem and XXL came together in 2005 and released a special issue titled XXL presents shade 45 .it is one of the coolest sites like Worldstarhiphop focusing mainly on providing cool videos for hip-hop artists and singers. The framework of this website is like a blog. It always updates you about daily hip-hop signers with their talks and opinions.

sites like worldstarhiphop

 SOHH(Support Online Hip Hop) 

SOHH is a news website that produces news about top Hip Hop. It has been declared as top hip-hop website among them all. It was founded by  Felicia Palmer and Steven Samuel in 1996. Samuel and Felica met in 1996 and decided to launch a website to show their love for Hip-hop. It recently got BET hip-hop website for online Site. It grabs 1.5 million a day which shows the quality of this website. So, if you think a day without hip hop news is a day wasted you should give it a try.

site like worldstarhiphop

This website may not look appealing to you but it can be added in the list of best alternative to Worldstar. it contains some nasty and creepy content within it but you will find some fine videos which are related to hip-hop, fashion, news, sports content in it. If you want some rib-tickling videos and fast hip-hop videos this website would be a good choice indeed.


Site like worldstarthiphop

As the name specifies, EveryoneLoveHipHope is a website which has everything that is related to hip-hop. It not only keeps you up to date with the current news but also brings you the hottest videos of the hip-hop world and fills your cravings for hip-hop videos on daily bases.

site likeworldstarhiphop

if you want to catch the latest urban news, interviews and new videos. Vladtv is the best option. It takes everything that you expect from a website which contains Exclusives, lists, Music, and News. It leads the World in exclusive interviews and producing local news. started in 1997 and is among of the top sites for Hip Hop and videos related to it.

Actually, it was started as a genre DJ sets from which the creation of Hip-Hop took place. It a versatile site that has some outstanding quality of Hip Hop artistry which transforms the newcomers of artists and turns them to real gems. These artists truly define the global culture of Hip Hop. It has deep roots in Boston. you can consider it home for serene and perfect Hip Hop from of art.

site like worldstarhiphop

Considered as a No.1 Source for Hip Hop News, Interviews, Music and everything you look for related to Hip Hop. Founded in July 1999. When it comes to Hip Hop culture and Rap music, no one represents it as HipHopDX does by bringing the latest albums, interviews, news and much more.

All these websites described above will definitely provide some cool stuff if you are a hip-hop lover. Please do tell us if you think there are some other websites which should be added in the list too. Also, do tell us which of the above you liked the most.

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Q1. What are some alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop for hip hop and rap fans?

A1. Some alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop for hip hop and rap fans include HipHopDX, VladTV, AllHipHop, HotNewHipHop, and DatPiff.

Q2. Are these alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop free to use?

A2. Yes, all of the alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop mentioned are free to use and access.

Q3. Can users submit their own content to these alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop?

A3. It depends on the specific site, but many of the alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop allow users to submit their own content, such as music videos and interviews.

Q4. Are these alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop safe and appropriate for all ages?

A4. Some of the alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop may contain explicit content and may not be appropriate for all ages. Users should exercise caution and discretion when accessing these sites.

Q5. Do these alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop cover news and updates related to the hip hop and rap industries?

A5. Yes, many of the alternative sites like WorldStarHipHop cover news and updates related to the hip hop and rap industries, including album releases, tour announcements, and interviews with artists.

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