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Best Halo 5 Helmets

There are several different armor choices for you in Halo 5 to use, finding a helmet you like has never been harder. This list will cover the freshest, most amazing helmets in the whole gameplay. Rarity will also be taken into account.

What is Halo 5: Guardians?

Halo 5: Guardian is a first-person shooting video game. The game plot begins with two fireteams of human supersoldiers. The Master Chief leads the Blue Team, and Spartan Locke leads fireteam Osiris.

This game preferences most of the main features of the Halo Franchise’s gameplay experience. Players step into the MJOLNIR powered armor of a Spartan, and then they control that characters actions and moves. This armor provides deflector shields which diminish while protecting the wearer from weapons fire but recharge after a short recovery.

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Best Halo Helmets

1. Achilles

Best Halo 5 Helmets

This helmet is the most challenging and considers the best one in Halo 5. In order to get this fantastic helmet, you need to be in a Spartan Company, and you have to complete all the Company Commendations. It requires a massive amount of effort from the entirety of the company members, but it is not impossible.

2. Wrath Helmet

Wrath is one of the best, amazing and attractive helmet of Halo 5. Many players like it and this helmet are at the top of the list for a good reason. It is hard to gain this helmet as you need to unlock a lot of levels. But once you grab Wrath, then you will experience entirely new gameplay.

3. EOD

This helmet was firstly introduced in Halo: 3 and from that time this helmet is the favorite of many fans. The entire look of this helmet is fabulous from the visor to the jawbones. This helmet is rare, and you need to unlock many REQs in order to open it.

EOD is fielded by Spartans deep in enemy lines, allowing them to navigate the dangerous territory to disable or destroy the enemy mines before the UNSC correctly arrived.

4. Timmy

The creation of this helmet is unknown. This helmet is mainly used by the Spartans, many claims that it drives them to build and create.

In order to get this helmet, you have to gain a legendary REQ card that is awarded to the players who have at least 50 hours of playtime in custom games.

This helmet is the only fancy helmet available on the list. This helmet contains a military theme, and it has a warped metal look. This helmet includes the following features that make it more impressive.

5. Centurion


Watershed Division manufactured the centurion armor. The Centurion’s C4I2SR technology combined with Spartan warfighting talent is a game-changer for UNSC operational planning and battlespace shaping doctrine.

The Centurion set is the most refreshing series as compared to others as all the armor sets in the game, but the Centurian helmet is what that makes it so good. Its design does not contain any fancy plating, just a straight-up military-style helmet that looks absolutely amazing.

In order to get this helmet, your REQ status should be legendary.

6. Argus

The GEN2 Argus-class mirror armor is the most advanced human-centric information fusion system ever placed in a mobile combat platform. Combines passive cyberintrusion software with sensor cueing and filtering.

The Argus suit’s sophisticated battlenet control mode provides situational and threat awareness in all environments, as well as hardware-accelerated CyberLink connections for intelligence collection networks.

If you want to obtain this helmet, then you have o complete a Mythic REQ that will take either hundred of Gold Packs and in other words that means to achieve extreme success. But making this helmet is worth-it. You will look utterly different among anyone else.

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7. Scanner Halo 5: Helmet

This helmet is produced by the materials group primarily for search and rescue outfits. This helmet is incredible without even the feature above the visor. You can say that this one is one of the unique elements you have ever seen. It is exclusive to both the limited and Edition and the stand-alone war. Games Map along with the strider helmet and in-game Falcon Emblem.

The Scanner helmet features several sensor capabilities and user-adjustable settings that are not yet compatible with standard VISR hardware. This helmet is widely recognized as the best armor suit available for high-value target and hostage recovery operations.

This helmet is considered as one of the best without even the feature above the visor. This is one of the unique helmets you have ever seen. In order to fetch this helmet, you must have an Ultra Rare REQ that looks incredible.

8. Noble Valor

Noble Valor

The noble vendor helmets feature hardened battlenet uplinks and Chalybs latest kinetic mesh networking admin tools.

Noble Class armor integrates the best battle network management hardware with the latest GEN2 tech suit features and dissipative shields.

This helmet is a replica of Carter’s old masks, and it is spawned from the Noble team’s leader. It is a unique helmet, and many of the fans agree on it. You can gain this helmet in a Gold or Silver packs as a Rare REQ.

9. Mark VI GEN1

This helmet is unlocked by completing the first mission of Halo: Combat Evolved on Halo: Master Chief Collection, this legendary helmet is one f the most recognizable in the entire series. It resembles the look of the original Master Chief, and it is loved by the fans from all over the world, and it is one of the best helmets in the game.

It keeps all the designs of MARK VI armor, but now it is completely updated to modern powered assault armor standards.

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How do you get Mark V armor in Halo 5?

To earn this ionic piece of armor made by Halo 3’s campaign, you will need to receive the “Cairo Station” achievement in Halo: Master Chief Collection.

How do you unlock waypoint armor in Halo Reach?

First of all, you have to tab over to the left and look for “Waypoint Career.” From there open the next tab to the left to “Halo: Reach Armor” which will have all the armor you can unlock.

How do you unlock helmets and armor in Halo 5?

You can get the following unlock able armours only by completing the Cairo Station mission on MCC, as Mark 6, and Helioskrill in Legendary.

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