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Best Apps For Samsung That You Should Install


There are several reasons to have a Samsung phone. If you look at Samsung’s latest phones, you will find incredible cameras, cutting-edge technology, and probably the most powerful processors. If you are looking for some less expensive phones, then the previous generations of Samsung phones still offer incredible performance at considerably low prices, and you can get medium-range or entry-level devices as well.

If you own a Samsung smartphone and looking for some best apps for it, then you are in the right place. Below we are going to collate a list of best apps for Samsung phones that you should install on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Best Apps for Samsung

Best Apps For Samsung
Best Apps For Samsung

Since Samsung is amongst the Android biggest manufacturers, some app developers have made versions of their apps specifically for Samsung phones, and sometimes also offer extra content to Samsung users. Below are some best apps for Samsung phones that you should have on your device.

Adobe Photoshop Suite

Adobe Photoshop Suite
Adobe Photoshop Suite

As we already know that Samsung features one of the best cameras, and if you own a Samsung smartphone, then you should make the most out of it. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best apps that you can have on your Samsung phone to make its camera more amazing.

These Adobe apps are totally free and may not have all the features as the original Adobe Photoshop, but for every Samsung user, it is a great thing to have. Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Express, and Photoshop Fix are a straightforward and user-friendly way to make your photos look professional.


Its best highlights include;

  • Reduce color noise, smooth graininess, and sharpen your photos to look professional
  • Customize photos with sticker maker, create captions and memes, use an extensive range of fonts to style your text, add frames and border, and more
  • Select from hundreds of effects, looks, and filters
  • Reduce blemishes and spots from photos
  • Adjust contrasts, exposures, and more automatically with one tap
  • Upload images from various formats and post pictures to social media from within the app

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher

If you want your Samsung phone to feel and act uniquely, then you should install a custom launcher. The Nova Launcher is amongst the best launchers and highly customizable of all of them. The launcher enables you to control the feel and look of your Samsung device, as well as organize widgets and apps precisely in a way you want.

Moreover, with Nova Launcher, you are able to add custom gestures that can launch your favorite apps, trigger actions, and more. The app is free and also offers its pro version to get various other amazing additional features at an affordable price of just $5.


Some of its best highlights include;

  • Support tons of custom themes available in the Play Store
  • Automatically turn on the night mode or leave it for a dark theme
  • Horizontal, vertical scrolls, page effects and cards in the app drawer
  • Snap icons and widgets in between grid cells
  • Switching device or changing the home screen setup can be done quickly by Nova backup and restore options
  • Highly customizable featuring smooth and snappy animations that can run on older phones as well

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

You probably have heard about the Amazon Kindle app. The app is the most popular and one of the best apps for Samsung phones for reading eBooks. The app contains about more than 5 million ebooks, manga, comics, magazines, newspapers, and journals available at your fingertips.

The app works a little unique for Samsung phones and offers a free ebook each month for a whole year. Moreover, choose your favorite book with audible narration or audiobooks and begin reading in seconds. Use search filters to search the latest additions, best sellers, genres, and more comfortably.


Some of its key features include;

  • Get notifications when your favorite authors have new releases
  • Switch between reading and audible options within that app for a better reading experience
  • Sync books across multiple devices
  • Zoom or hide definition color images
  • Page Flip to jump, skip, or skim, as well as provide a bird-eye view of a book
  • Bookmark favorite sections and take notes throughout your favorite book

Weather Alerts and Live Maps

Weather Alerts and Live Maps
Weather Alerts and Live Maps

Track weather forecasts on your way with this most accurate weather channel app. Get notifications for live radar updates and severe weather alerts, as well as view the current weather conditions while on the go. The app helps you to be prepared for what is coming ahead with local weather news, weather maps, and storm radar.

Get daily local weather updates, maps, and temperature info in springs to prepare for the day by knowing the weather forecasts. The app is an intuitive interface and makes it easy to navigate. If you are a frequent traveler, then you should install this app on your Samsung phone to get ready for every type of weather.


Some of its key highlights include;

  • Get a personalize live weather map and check weather forecasts in a unique way
  • Get real-time alerts for current weather, as well as severe weather updates with storm tracker
  • Discover visual of NOAA updates and track the GPS map of a storm development
  • Track weather forecast and plan outdoor travel activities
  • Daily temperature updates, wind speed, and weather updates allow you to decide whether you need a light jacket or an umbrella.



Gboard is another lightweight app that you should have on your Samsung smartphone. Adding the app to your Samsung device will give it a nice little touch and ensure that getting a much better Samsung phone experience. It does everything for you as your standard keyboard would do but has a few additional features.

Use emoji search, GIFs search, Google translate, voice typing, one-hand mode, and search and share unique gestures for straightforward text editings. The app is easier to use, and anyone can use it comfortably.


Some of its key highlights include;

  • Type super fast by sliding your finger from letter to letter
  • Dominate text while on the go using voice type
  • Handwriting for cursive and printed letters
  • Find your favorite emojis instantly
  • Share GIFs for reactions
  • Autocorrect and suggestion from the selected language



Hearthstone is yet another best app for Samsung phones. The app is also amongst the best virtual and biggest card games out there. You can play the game anywhere on your Samsung phone. Experience the magic, badness, and chaos with your friends. Encounter with friends and joins millions of players from all over the world to play the game.

Dominate your enemies, fight for honor, master your deck, and assemble mighty combos in a fast-paced card game. Dominate the battlegrounds of Azeroth and feel the experience of real-time PvP combat. The game will get three free card packs on your Samsung phone featuring unique artwork for your collection.


Some of its unique features include;

  • Exciting introductory levels carry you into the world of Hearthstone intuitive gameplay.
  • Duel pic heroes
  • Play the game from anywhere and anytime linking your Blizzard account to the Hearthstone
  • Jump into the Arena and duel other gamers for the opportunity to win incredible prizes in TCG
  • Hone your skills through practicing against computer-controlled heroes



There are numerous free video editing apps out there. Quik is amongst the best editing apps that you should have on your Samsung smartphone. It is quick and smart, and the software of the app is so intelligent for transitions, add cuts, and add effects and music to videos.

With this excellent app, you are allowed to create awesome creative work within a few taps. Create your videos and photos more enjoyable with this app for fast and powerful editing.


Some of its features include;

  • Add up to 70 photos and videos from the gallery
  • Choose from multiple themes with transitions and graphic designs for any occasion
  • Record, trim and rotate photos and videos instantly
  • Speed up or play in Slo-Mo
  • Share your pictures and videos to social media from right within the app
  • GPS stickers to see how fast you are going
  • Choose multiple formatting for easy sharing


Samsung phones are amongst the best performers, and to make them more incredible, you should install some apps that can enhance your Samsung experience. There are various apps that you can use, and some of the best apps for Samsung are listed above. The majority of these apps are free, so you should try these apps on your Samsung device.


Below are most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: What apps are must to have for everyone?

Ans: Some essential apps that everyone should have include Snapseed, VLC player, CamScanner, Dropbox, and Plex.


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