Best Apps for Shopping Deals In 2020

When you say the word Shopping, you know that you have to go someplace to buy something, which will be most likely to cost you your time, your effort, your money, and other related factors. Instead of wasting your time roaming in the market or searching for your product or anything that you want to shop for, you can now download any application related to the category of your product that will let you do the online shopping from a website or from a downloaded app of a trustable supplier. Downloading an app to help you shop might sound like a waste of time for you. But there are some handful of things that can really help you to save your cash and reduce the time spent scouring over the internet and circulars for looking at the best deals.

You may need to take a drive to your nearest local malls or markets to shop your local big box store for either picking up a Valentine’s Day gift or something for yourself. You need not to worry because the mobile apps give you the ability to handle everything from instant purchases to the kind of deal searches that helps you find the best in value for the lowest price deals.

These shopping apps can help you to ensure that you’re getting the best prices throughout the year, especially on the holiday shopping seasons. It doesn’t matter whether it is an e-commerce juggernaut, or the coupon collectors, or the deal finders, or price comparison tools, the best shopping apps can make your experience much better, easier and less expensive. If you are a shopper, consider using any of the apps that we are talking about in this article. You will know the difference. All of these apps are 100% free, and they work in various ways to save you money in your shopping or even after you are done shopping.

Some of these apps are useful as for displaying coupons or giving you online discount codes, whereas the others can load discounts directly onto loyalty cards to be applied when you are making the purchase. Few of these apps are useful if you are not ready to buy anything online and just want to stay connected and notified when something gets on sale, or if you need to see which stores offer the cheapest places to buy an item.

Best Apps For Shopping Deals

Talking about the best apps for the shopping deals, here we have a small list and their details about these apps.


Slickdeals can be considered as one of the best shopping apps. This app lets you set up alerts with Slickdeals to notify you whenever certain types of deals are active on any kind of products, and then you can get to the app for more details about that deal, to take advantage of them to save your money. e.g., if you want to get notified about the Microsoft Deals for sale of any product, you can add the word Microsoft into a new deal alert.

You can also browse through the deals on Slickdeals. There is a Featured, Frontpage, and a Popular section on the application’s home screen, and also a number of specific categories that you can find deals in, such as Crafts, Autos, Children, Books & Magazines, Graphics, Computers, Flowers & Gifts, and others. In addition to this, Slickdeals also offers coupons to some stores as well as several discussion forums in which the users can talk about the new and exciting deals that they have found.


Amazon is a retail store that is one of the most widely used online retailer known for offering a huge range of products, usually for a lot cheaper price than all of the other stores. This mobile app lets you buy things from it and also scans the physical items to see if you can get them at a cheaper rate through Amazon. It is a Built-in to the app function for a product search tool that can scan a physical object and search the whole Amazon for it, it does have a barcode scanner that does the same but only referenced by scanning the actual bar code. You can use these tools to see if an item or deal is cheaper on Amazon in contrast to the other stores.

Once you are viewing a product, the Amazon offers related items that other Amazon users have already purchased with that one. Because Amazon has a huge number of users worldwide, the app is also helpful in checking for user reviews of a product before you can buy it, even if you’re making the purchase in the stores. Just search for the items and then see what all the other people are saying about it.


Rakuten is a great retailing app for shopping that pays you back every three months. It pays you real cash on the purchases that you have made through this app. You are paid if you have made over $5 just by stopping on the Rakuten app before you are buying the things that you were already going to buy in the first case. You just have to sign up for an account, and then choose which store you are buying from, and then you complete the purchase as you do from a normal retailer. All the cashback details are processed and happen in the background, and then later, you are notified when you earned money for shopping.

Rakuten is also a great choice if you are shopping for deals without any specific store in your mind. The only bit of turbulence or the effort you have to do is opening the Ebates app before you can land on the website. For example, if you know that you can book a hotel through the Rakuten and get a 10% back, but booking without the Rakuten, the same hotel offers no deals, then you can use the Rakuten app to get your cash back. Rakuten also offers an in-store cashback that works by adding payment card info to the Rakuten app and then by shopping at discounted stores to automatically get your money back after you pay.


Honey is another good discounted deals app. It will automatically apply for the best checkout codes on any site when you are willing to pay to save your money. And when you shop from stores like Amazon, honey will also scour the third-party listings, and it will notify you about when you can buy the same product for a less amount from any third-party Amazon merchant.

Honey has a very unique feature on its cashback rewards for online shopping. Comparing to Rakuten, it gives you a flat rate reward back on your entire purchase, whereas Honey awards you a bonus that is depending on the products that you buy. The secret is that it is a mystery that which products will be yielding a cashback reward as each store has their different agreements with Honey. It is quite possible to earn anywhere from 1% to 100% from the Honey Rewards that are even payable as an Amazon gift card. You can sign up for Honey, which is super easy to use the app.

Brad’s Deal App

If you like the hand-picked promotions, or the sales and coupons, Brad’s Deals is exactly the thing that you want. This app started in 2005, and it covers a HUGE number of categories for shopping deals, so you are most likely to find good deals on all kinds of products here. And you can even set the deal alerts for whatever the thing you are looking for. You will be notified when their editors find those items which you mentioned for search.

You can use them on the internet, on an iPhone, or Android. Without wasting your time and energy, you can get to what deals you want to be taken at the best offers. So you are most likely to find the things on sale that you might not have even known before that you wanted, which could be a good thing or bad maybe depending on what you are actually looking for


Shopular is an app that pushes coupons alert at the right time for the right deals. It has a location-based technology, and it knows when you are in a mall and sends a notification for the best deals as you walk from the store to the store. The app works in the US for more than 1,000 malls, and the best thing about this app is, it runs in your background continuously but doesn’t drain your phone’s battery. It is a smart app for keeping all the deals in one place and never needs to remember the discount codes at a store checkout.


Ibotta is an app that has to scan your receipts to get money back from your purchases. There aren’t always the money-back offers for each thing that you buy, but it is rather quite a great app to use before you restrict yourself to anything else so that you can find the best deals.

The app is really simple to use in which you open the app and search for a store. It can be the store that you might have recently shopped from or willing to visit it soon, or maybe you are just scoping out the prices. You can find the deals that the store is offering to the customers, and then you can also add them to My Offers. After when you get the receipt back, you can scan it with the Redeem button to have your Ibotta verify that code for the product that you bought. Ibotta already works with some online stores. You can choose the website from which you are going to shop from and then open the website through your Ibotta app. Ibotta will monitor what you are going to buy, and then it will reward you or benefit you for using the app to make the purchase.


Flipp is a mobile shopping app that has multiple features for the users. You can browse for the shopping ads, and load coupons directly onto your loyalty cards, and then upload the receipts to earn rebate money from it, and you can even build a shopping list of your own. Flipp makes it easy for you to browse for the deals by searching a store or a category. For example, you can quickly scroll through categories to find the deals in the groceries stores and other such items like household products, or care products, baby products, and health products. Or, you can just pick a store to see all the deals in that particular store only.

In flip, you can use the Load to Card section that is in the app to find the deals that you can import directly into your loyalty card. With this, you can have them apply in the stores when you use that specific card info during any purchase. If you have chosen the rebates, you should use the Redeem Rebates button to scan their receipt and verify with your Flipp app that you made those purchases. You can also redeem rebate earnings through PayPal after you have made any amount.


In this discussion, we discussed about the best apps for the shopping deals that are available in the market for you. Each app has its own unique key feature for the ease of the users. All of these apps are most widely used for shopping purposes. We hope you get what you are looking for.


1. What are the best Price comparison apps?

Some of the best price comparison apps are

  • Trivago: Compares the Hotel Prices.
  • RedLaser: Gets the Best Price for Anything.
  • ScanLife: Compares the Prices from Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, and More.
  • ShopSavvy: Find Lowest Product Prices and Trending Sales.
  • Sell Textbooks for Cash: Compares the Best Prices for Your Old Books.
  • TripAdvisor: Find Low-Priced Hotels, Flights, Restaurants.



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